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  3. Then you need to contact the VPN as they probably has some upload limit setting on their side affecting uploading.
  4. PiusX

    How to unblock utorrent.

    That isn't a utorrent issue that is between you and your ISP to resolve.
  5. If your not going to contact the torrent host site then there is nothing utorrent can do with bad torrents. This is also simple utorrent follows how that torrent is set and created and if the host site is wrong or bad trackers then it's up to the user to contact the site to fix the bad torrent.
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  7. mike20021969

    3.5.x Beta magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8166716B69EFEC326D2265A808EB324347B53C08 Binary size: 1.90 MB (1,999,288 bytes) / MD5: EDCB7DB5B838A48031CCB3DE8D9C3CDA
  8. ex58

    3.5.x Beta

    As there's no stable thread... available: (multiple tries may be required...2.84 MB) or No changelog at time of posting.
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  10. kamyogi

    Which Version To Pick?

    HI, I am on Ubuntu 18.04.2 (64-bit) LTS. Which version of uTorrent should I install? Thanks for the reply.
  11. icebox

    Download specific file(s) from multi file torrent

    When a torrent is created, the files are divided into pieces that don't necessarily respect file boundaries. So to get all of File 3, you may get some of file two that's in the piece with the beginning of File 3, and some of File 4, which is in the piece with the end of File 3. You can't do anything about that, except delete the unwanted stuff after you stop seeding. Don't do this while seeding, or the program will just download them again, as you'll be missing data.
  12. It's a utorrent "issue" because "working" is a message the client displays. The client will display this message in certain situations. I'm trying to figure out what those situations are. I don't think the program is malfunctioning. I'm asking about normal program behavior. This is a simple information request, nothing more. I don't know why this is so hard, but no one with knowledge is answering.
  13. Not sure if this is posted in the right place - you guys seem pretty competent so I am sure it will get moved if need be... ...So. Sometimes I want to download just a specific file from a large collection of files. I like VST's and sometimes they are very small (sub MB) buried in a file that is multiple GB large. I realise I can select 'don't download' from the preferences (and options), but it still seems to have trouble. It ends up getting a bunch of partial downloads from lots of files (either side of the one I want?). Sometimes it even says download done, but my file hasn't been downloaded at all. I have to restart utorrent and let it have another go where it starts downloading partials again. And still manages to miss my file? I realise this might be a hard problem (as apparently, Utorrent doesn't respect file boundaries or something?), but I can't be only one having it? What is the solution? Is there a...
  14. Ryrynz

    3.5.x Beta

    There are alternative ways around it sure, might just set the WaitToKillAppTimeout higher than normal, 20 seconds ain't enough obv.
  15. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Set reversed active hours in Windows update, so it will not re-start when you are asleep?...
  16. Ryrynz

    3.5.x Beta

    Ticked it.. What's the best way to avoid torrent rechecking when Windows does it's updates and decides to reboot the computer? Maybe uTorrent could be more forceful in not letting Windows shut down?
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  18. I can't able to use utorrent at all .Since its been blocked in my office by the ISP . So how to unblock .
  19. mike20021969

    µTorrent Setup Guide Error

    More often than the speed test will fail. Choose another location if you like but don't be surprised if the result is the same.
  20. vze2mp9g

    µTorrent Setup Guide Error

    Hello I just installed Windows 10 Pro, and I installed µTorrent and when I ran the Setup Guide and I received an Error. Can anyone assist me with getting rid of this error? Thank You.
  21. mike20021969

    3.5.x Beta available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:20A8BC03F5F9BD3EC6B8E89439F84081993F8004 Binary size: 1.92 MB (2,014,904 bytes) / MD5: FDB5B705FF8A26E840BE60919C323744 No changelog at time of posting.
  22. The stateful IPv6 firewall running on a router blocks inbound connections in the very same way as IPv4 NAT. There is a solution to this and that is to support "WANIPv6FirewallControl" call (UPnP IGD v2). uTorrent currently supports UPnP for IPv4 where both port forwarding and firewall rules are created on the router but does not make a request for IPv6 firewall on the router and hence is blocked to unsolicited inbound IPv6 traffic. There is a related thread here on the Transmission client forums I will also add that miniupnpd daemon can be compiled with support to receive these requests as this is the daemon that runs on a lot of SOHO routers. IPv6 is not exposed to the internet as you may initially think, which is why this is required. The user would need to manually disable IPv6 firewall as it is usually on by default (undesirable). The key thing to remember when implementing this is that, when IPv6 is configured as slaac with privacy extensions enabled the Temporary address will change every few hours... therefore uTorrent will need to either periodically refresh the pin-holing or I think the better solution is to use the permanent address for UPnP Pin-holing and reporting to torrent trackers while the temporary address should be used for outbound connections to other clients.
  23. Hi guys, as title I have a VPN (ipvanish) and using his socks5 proxy credential) The download is very good but what I'm asking is for upload.. I have some torrent with for example 18 and 10 peers.. this torrent won't upload to peers or upload very slowly..I setted up a up limit of 500 KB/s but I can't see this bandwith reached..
  24. gjm

    3.5.x Beta

    I really do appreciate the numerous updates and tweaks you're working so hard to deliver, but what are they? Small things (I'm a perfectionist so know exactly how they can be important!) or something more significant like a security fix?
  25. mike20021969

    3.5.x Beta available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BBAF30E7D5C92E687BDB3F50F3DBDFE7CEE9561B Binary size: 2.16 MB (2,273,976 bytes) / MD5: EDD04B2094B0FF643DD2E11489C263EC No changelog at time of posting.
  26. Where are you seeing that? Is it a uTorrent dialog, or a Windows dialog? If it is a Windows dialog, then you are probably loading the machine too hard, and need more memory. There is a chance that you have encountered a memory leak, either in uTorrent or elsewhere; I would suggest using a tool like RAMMap to diagnose this, although it is a rather advanced utility.
  27. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    This has effect only if you set some limit in the first place. It is that limit that may effect your DL speed (can be also upload limit). Why not just adjust/increase it?
  28. TanyaC

    3.5.x Beta

    Because it kills downloads on some VPN providers. I had this issue with Private Internet Access. As soon as I unticked it my speeds increased from a couple of hundred KB/s to up to 10MB/s.
  29. PiusX

    Automatic handling of finished downloads 2.0

    What version of utorrent are you using? If you looked at your preferences you can make settings on what it does to completed torrents.
  30. And those telling you to go v3 is also feeding you more garbage....a simple online search and you will see why. My 2.0.4 works just fine no adware no spying no tracking.
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