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  3. What A/V or firewall is installed? If it never did that in the past and suddenly now did you check if something was update?
  4. You shouldn't install from the Limited user account that should be still done from the Admin so that you don't get the UAC password install even if it's in a D: drive.
  5. Utorrent and mapped drives

    I have utorrent running inside a VM thats running a VPN so it doesnt interfere with the bandwidth I have gigabit vpn connects at 200Mb or so. The files that are downloaded are moved by utorrent when complete then post processed by another script running on the main server. This is why I choose to use the network drive so utorrent moving completed files around on the same network drive we be instant. I've noticed sometimes when utorrent loads up when I click on the directories it doesnt see the network drive so usually when I restart utorrent and try again it can browse to them. Anyone know why utorrent would be having this issue? I've configured the drive mapping with the following to ensure it wasnt disconnecting. net use /delete:* net use I: \\\i /persistent:yes net config server /autodisconnect:-1
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  7. 3.5.x Beta

    Yes, I'm aware of that. But the changelog date, on the release notes page, should reflect that of the digital signature - the changes weren't made after the binary was compiled and signed.
  8. 3.5.x Beta

    Here is written January 15, 2018 ...
  9. 3.5.x Beta

    Really, the changelog should be dated for the release itself. was signed 14 February 2018 00:53:06.
  10. 3.5.x Beta

    Now there is a changelog (with wrong date in my opinion, so here is "my" correct date). -- 2018-02-15: Version 3.5.3 Beta (build 44352) - Point Remote "Learn More" link to better URL - Multiple security fixes. Thanks to Tavis Ormandy for the report.
  11. uTorrent doesn't open torrent files HELP

    I have changed anything
  12. uTorrent doesn't open torrent files HELP

    Screenshot of preferences - directories please.
  13. Hello Guys, A few days ago I wanted to download a torrent. I clicked on the magnetic download (as always), it opened utorrent but did not download anything. After closing and reopening utorrent from the windows processes I downloaded the link. I opened it and told me that the file was in downloading and asked me if I wanted to add the trackers. There was nothing in the downloads! the file was in "Label" -> "No label" with the error "Can not Open .torrent file". I searched on the internet but I did not solve the problem. I reinstalled uTorrent and restarted the pc. Now the problem is getting worse because I open the torrent and nothing comes out. I'm going crazy, please help me. uTorrent 3.5.1 (build 44332) 32-bit
  14. Duplicate !ut Files After Download Complete

    Paths are all on the same drive (screenshot attached). The drive is a USB HDD that's connected to the computer.
  15. What are the paths of your temp and complete? Might be an issue (bug) with renaming/deleting the !uT file to the complete path if those are on different drives, especially network ones.
  16. 3.5.x Beta available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C5DFA20319B9B8BF571059D0E50424F05AE7AECE No changelog at time of posting.
  17. Duplicate !ut Files After Download Complete

    Thanks for the replies PiusX and mike20021969. Comments below. The issue hasn't recurred since I made the change suggested by rafi. To help narrow things down, I'll undo the setting change and see if the .!ut files start appearing again. I don't think so. I've been downloading the same way and from the same sites for a long time. This issue with .!ut files just started happening recently. The files in question were definitely complete though. I have uTorrent set to download to a temp directory and move completed downloads to another folder - and they were in the completed folder. The !.ut files were also the exact same size as the video file (.avi). I could also play the video file through Plex streaming to my TV.
  18. My UTorrent application has "crashed" about 15-20 times over the past 2-3 days. Prior to the last couple days, it crashed maybe 5-10 times over 3-6 months. Something has obviously changed in the last couple days. Any suggestions on what might be causing this? It CANNOT be the Active number of Torrents uploading or downloading because that hasn't changed at all. I am wondering if it is possibly the total number of torrents "stored" in the program which obviously would include any and all past downloads not removed from the application. Is there some upper boundary number of total torrents beyond which the program can no longer function properly and repeatedly crash?
  19. I already have working (in non-admin mode) environment with 3.4 (with D:\uTorrent). And now -- when I put new version into the same location -- uTorrent raises that UAC dialog for admin. And no: no options to "install for all users".
  20. Duplicate !ut Files After Download Complete

    .!ut means incomplete files.
  21. Help! utorrent wiped clean!

    FYI, user forum have a life outside of the internet and we get busy and respond back when we can not because we don't want to respond. Only other way to restore you torrents is if you remember where they came from or had a safe backup of the previous data otherwise those damage files can't be fixed.
  22. Are you sure you didn't download one as torrent and one as magnet to because to have files with .ut means something else was downloading into the same folder.
  23. Did it give you the option to install for all users? And did you install utorrent in it's own folder not in Programx86? If so you might want to make in the root of C: ... C:\utorrent or on D:\utorrent and then from there it should created a shortcut on the Limited user where you can run it without having to always use the admin login to run it? If this wasn't tried you might try this and see if it works different. Remember this will create a appdata for the admin location and one in Limited user account. And when you create the folders to down to keep each task separate name it different like D:\utorrent\user1torrent for torrent and the same D:\utorrent\user1download for downloading torrents and then so one with the user1 as the separator so when you go looking for the torrent or files you know where to look and now have them all massed into one big jumbo folder that you will have no idea what is what and what is completed.
  24. Finished Downloads moved into wrong folder

    The folder that it appears in is named Downloading Put New Downloads in: C:\Users\Chris\Videos\Downloading Move completed downloads to C:\Users\Chris\Videos\Fully Finished But it goes into C:\Users\Chris\Videos\Fully Finished\Downloading It creates the extra Downloading folder and when it does it for multiple files in a torrent it no longer creates a sub-folder. Had no problem until about a week ago. Downloaded 3 audiobooks with multiple files and it put them all in the same folder. Makes it hard to sort when over 170 files to sort. Have tried resetting the pathways but when I downloaded a show it did the same. Am on Win 7 using uTorrent 3.5.1 (build 44332) (32-bit) Thanks
  25. Hello, my version is 3.1.3 build 27498 and i am really like it, please do not tell me to update because i am using it for a long time and all i set-up how i like it. Only problem which i have without any reason it starts when i log in in win10 it won't to be minimized into tray but i checked that in options. How can i fix this?
  26. Finished Downloads moved into wrong folder

    What's the sub-folder called? And what's the Move completed downloads to: path? Or try re-setting the Move completed downloads to: path again using the browse button to see if that corrects things.
  27. Hi all, When my torrents finish they get moved into the folder I have selected but a new subfolder is created and all the files are mixed together. The settings seem fine any help appreciated

    In fact, I've heard of some users that if I added ner trackers, that would solve. So i did.
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