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  2. Sorry maybe I should have given some context, it's mostly batches of shows, like 1 series to another, where one type is doing fine and the next dips so extremely in download speed. Only downloading magnets means nothing as well, I assume?
  3. What is the listed availability on the torrents? What setup guide did you follow to configure uTorrent?
  4. The above indicates next to nothing in regards to your issue.
  5. Thanks, I think either my cable or drive is failing. ugh.....and this is my newest drive. Oh well.
  6. The above indicates poor torrent seeder availability most likely, right? I looked at the ISP throttle page, mine doesn't seem to. Also the fact that I added like 50 torrents at once shouldn't necessarily affect anything right? As far as download speeds are concerned, it's all the same how many are queued up? It seems to do it when I add 5 or 50, so. Cheers lads.
  7. Some explanations on these results: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=error+the+semaphore+timeout+has+expired+utorrent+site%3Aforum.utorrent.com
  8. I am on the lastest release and am getting a strange problem where my downloads won't finish and I get an error: the semaphore timeout period has expired. (preallocate). I can't seem to get anything to work. If I force a recheck and then start it, sometimes it will download a little and then back to that error. I searched the forum and didn't see anything, has anyone come across this and resolved it? I have not made any changes to anything in a very long time. All directories are accessible and have plenty of space. THanks
  9. fixed it, when you mentioned it as the external I tried again but it was not selected when I hit download. I had to put it back in as the destination. thanks again for the help.
  10. I thought so too but its hooked up and still doing it. I'm at a loss, thanks for the reply
  11. External hard drive missing is the most common cause of this error.
  12. everytime I try to dl a torrent it says " error: former volume not mounted" can anyone help me with how to fix this? I haven't changed anything and now my laptop is doing this. no problems at all on my desktop,
  13. Yesterday
  14. Let me start off by saying I'm not the most tech savvy person around. I didn't really configure utorrent that much, just made all uploads cap at around 10kb/s, and that's it, I don't even know what the hell half of the options mean. Also, doubt it's my internet connection, downloads through the browser and just general loading of pages is just fine, the same speed it's always been (most downloads cap at ~50kb/s) Also, this is my first post here so... please do tell if something I did was wrong. So, I don't really know why this happened. Yesterday, I was downloading an anime series and decided to do it season by season. The first 3 were fine, my download speed isn't really fast, sometimes it maxes at 170kb/s but the fastest I've had it is at 340kb/s. Then, that night, as I'm playing something while waiting for the fourth season to finish, I notice the speed quickly decreasing, then maintaining itself between 1-7kb/s, sometimes even stopping altogether. So, I'm asking, do I need to configure something or it's just that the world hates me? I really wanna finish that series. The torrent has 53 seeds and 250 leeches. I should probably mention that, when I restart utorrent, the download starts off with ~150kb/s, and then quickly plummets to ~5kb/s. Also, in the picture, notice that my download of Eminem is at 77.8%, that download also slowed down (I stopped it because I wanted the other to finish first) that one has 196 seeds and 70 leeches.
  15. As there is no 3.5.x Stable thread: available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A424B55AB7942B8E3C9D0578FB56A548540C208B Or try the stable links in signature below. No changelog at time of posting (although most likely same as beta in post above).
  16. Last week
  17. They are stored in the application's andorid-issued data folder.
  18. uTorrent places all Add New Torrent windows "on top of each other", so you can only deal with one Add New Torrent window at a time (i.e. OK or Cancel). You HAVE to move each window (by clicking & dragging), so just how difficult is it to click on OK or Cancel as well...? So it sounds like you added a whole load of magnet links then just decided to File>Exit without viewing the contents as your intention was... Anyway, each user chooses how they want to use a program. Maybe someone in the know can confirm whether adding un-downloaded magnet links to Labels>Hidden is an actual bug or by design...
  19. Hi guys, 'tis a pretty straight forward question, that, to my surprise, i could not google an answer for; Where on my android device (samsung protab) does utorrent store the actual .torrent files? Because unlike on Windows, there does not seem to be any way to actively set folder for the .torrent files, so i'd at least would like to know where they are stored by default, for deletion purposes and such. An answer to this would be highly appreciated, thanks im advance.
  20. I clicked on a bunch of magnet URIs because I wanted to see the file listing, so I had a bunch of "Add New Torrent" windows open at the same time. Instead of clicking "Cancel" on all of them, it is way easier to File > Exit. The bug only affects magnet URIs. If you try the same with a torrent file, the torrent does not get added to the torrent list, which I think is the correct behavior when exiting. Clicking the "X" button or File > Exit should be analogous to cancel.
  21. vpn

    Mike thank you so much. These are questions I had never considered and the information provided via this link is comprehensive. Much to consider. Thanks again.
  22. vpn

    Best is subjective. Start here though: https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-anonymous-review-2017-170304/
  23. "The user" didn't click Cancel either. But why would you do File>Exit after adding the magnet link when the Add New Torrent dialogue window was open? That doesn't make any sense at all. So unless you click Cancel, uTorrent must assume you WANT to add the torrent. "OK" is just for confirming your file selections/options within the Add New Torrent dialog window after torrent data has been retrieved, and then for the contents within that torrent to then start downloading. I do wonder why it is under Labels>Hidden though. Under Torrents would be more appropriate.
  24. vpn

    Hi all, I have been a uTorrent Pro user for some years now. always been relatively smooth running - though not used excessively. I prefer to use a VPN but having used a few free trials I am ready to buy, but not sure which is best for me. I am based in Switzerland but I do travel a lot. I run windows (10) and would probably like to also use with my iPad (however that appears to be dead at the moment!) Which is the best? And please forgive me if I do not at first understand any abbreviations... I am no expert Thaks in advance...
  25. Thanks. I didn't know that it would be added to hidden label. Very weird. Why should exiting result in adding the torrent? Shouldn't the expected behavior be to cancel? It makes sense because the user didn't click "OK" in the "Add New Torrent" window.
  26. You can remove it via the Sidebar column. If not already visible, then Press F7. Alternatively, Options>Show Sidebar. Check under Labels>(click on) Hidden. The torrent (magnet) will now be showing in µTorrent's main window. Right-click on it>Remove, or Remove And>Delete .torrent/Delete torrent & data + Data/Delete Data.
  27. macOS 10.13 will have a cutoff date of 2019 for all 32-bit applications. They will cease working some time that year. uTorrent for Mac is still a 32-bit application. Are there plans to recompile it 64-bit so we can continue to use it?
  28. Hidden stuck torrent bug after exiting while magnet URI still loading 1) Click on a magnet URI (with 0 peers and 0 seeds for best result). 2) While the magnet is still loading (cannot load with 0 peers) with "Add New Torrent" window still open, go to File > Exit. 3) After µTorrent exits, re-open µTorrent. 4) Try to add magnet URI again. Impossible because torrent is already added and hidden from the torrent list and cannot be removed. µTorrent 3.5 43804 32-bit
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