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  3. WSAEnumNetworkEvents error (10038)

    Are you sure yours saves are going to right location? Usually that error means the save location is in a area with Windows doesn't permit you to write to or the drives that it saves to is not working or disconnected or Offline somehow. What are you talking about unlocker utility?
  4. download speed limited to 600 kbps

    That could be limited to the bandwidth from the other side as well. Download one of the files listed in my signature for the slackware and post a screen of it and then we can tell what is at least going on.
  5. I am on a tiny 56k line so I need to pause my downloads when I am using the internet ... (the same could be true even for fiber as it can be resource intensive) so it would be nice if there was a screensaver - that would resume (and pause all downloads when the user comes back) maybe there is already some customization way to do that? or some screensaver that can do it? or some hack / work around? I can not find a way to pause / resume via a command line so we are working on a script to do it as a hack here - and advice and help would be very much appreciated thank you ...
  6. download speed limited to 600 kbps

    Provide a screen shot of your bandwidth settings (Preferences>Bandwidth). If this has just started happening out of the blue, maybe your Internet Service Provider is the culprit...?
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  8. RSS Downloader Help

    Hi PiusX, I know how to receive RSS from their site with utorrent. I just need to know what filter to use in utorrent to auto download the correct version that I want, eg, those from AMZN. Thanks.
  9. Hi I'm using utorrent 3.4.6 and my download speed over the past several weeks has been limited to 600 kbps. i have no speed limiters set and my ports are open. any help would be appreciated. thank you!
  10. I'm getting a ton of these errors repeating. The program still seems to be working though. This may be connected with a torrent that is stopped because it encountered some sort of locked file in a large torrent. That torrent gives a "Access is denied (write to disk)" which I don't get at all, I'm downloading a updated torrent update over the previous version's content, and I can access the data through explorer (win 7 this is) without trouble. I have the unlocker utility, and it says the only program on the file is utorrent. What is going on?
  11. Flags|UA
  12. Complication. I tried installing an old version of the software by turning off access to the internet before running the old installer. After it was done, (seemingly) all past torrents were included, although many were not listed as active. I thought: "Problem solved!" But it wasn't. When I closed the old version and reopened it, it went back to the behavior of only showing the 4 lonely torrents that never completed due to lack of seeds. I tried opening the current version and it showed everything. Closing it and opening it again, it went back to 4. Opening the old version worked and then didn't. They seem to ping pong like this without either repeatedly working. I ended up going to: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/uTorrent/ There, I noticed that there were copies of all the old .torrent files, which is presumably where they were populated from? This is not marked as the save location, so I guess this is the default save location if you do not have a save location marked. I had just assumed that they were loaded from the folder where I opened them (i.e. Downloads folder) There were also .dat files: dht_feed, dht, resume, rss, and settings There were also the same files with a .old at the end. Both have been updated today. I originally updated due to wanting to use with a SOCKS5 proxy server, so that may have something to do with it. Or it might be from having multiple copies of utorrent. It seems like I need to figure out which copy of the dat files is good and create copies of them and add the .old to it. I kind of want to delete all of them except the settings.dat and see what happens. Pity I didn't do a time machine backup before undertaking this. Deleting the .old set of .dat files did not help. Still ping ponging between versions to get it to load in the whole torrent list. I guess that I need to delete both? Maybe I need to get rid of one of the utorrent versions first?
  13. The 1.8.7 build 43796 will not seed. The torrents disappear as soon as they are finished. The setting in the bottom status bar is set to "Seed Forever". When I try to re-add a torrent for seeding, it says "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" If I click yes nothing happens; if I click no nothing happens. So I can't add torrents back into the list of active torrents to seed either. There is nothing in the settings that would seem to affect this behavior.
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  15. Download Problem

    @mcullet New threads belong over there --->
  16. Download Problem

    Hi folks I updated my subscription about a month ago. It never crossed my mind that anyone could EVER think a single use key was a good idea. It's right up there with fly screen doors on a sub. I appreciate getting regular updates but using these to slip crappy 'offers' is deceitful, misleading and annoying. That's the best appraisal I can submit. In reality this is a very disturbing misuse of our personal information provided in trust. I am unmoved by a misplaced attempt to earn money from your customer list and I am incandescent with rage over being taken for granted. I have always paid to use this product because it is the right thing to do and it funds product development. If the subscription fee is inadequate then increase it over time or {my preference) look closer at your life of product pricing model. Links for support go nowhere. But I did end up at what could only be described as a malware paradise. [CAUTION - CHECK THAT YOU HAVE GOOD MALWARE PROTECTION BEFORE GOING TO UTORRENT / UNKNOWN LINKS] 1) - Displays as uTorrent Support 2) - Really NexWay I have been trying to reinstall uTorrent Pro without success (single use key), 404 error on link to a form which is supposed to email 'new' key, and an underwhelming absence of support emails. My mood didn't improve when a support link took me to a lame game site. It's similar to unwanted redirects to porn sites ... except it didn't have porn to distract you. Norton's always quarantines update files named 'BUILD NUMBERS.EXE' (Pua-openCandy malware. malware). See . I've treated these warnings as false positives but now ...? PLEASE RECONSIDER THE ILL CONCEIVED SINGLE USE ACTIVATION BECAUSE IT'S BROKEN, NO-ONE RESPONDS AND KICK THE NEXWAY SITE INTO THE GUTTER. And please stop trying to slip 3rd party software during the install process. You risk the unintended consequence of driving paying customers away. And please , please, pretty please help me install uTorrent Pro just like I paid for. Be nice to change my expiry date after the huge wasted effort expended in chasing this problem down. Here is what you get while trying support: Kindest regards Mike (Australia - WIN 10 PRO 64)
  17. Thanks a lot. I believe the fake idea is behind the posts because it is hard to conceive how a torrent can be downloaded at an exponential speed and it abruptly stops just before a few seconds its completion then it remains inactive for more months without any more seeder to complete the remaining infenitesimal part! Indeed the problem is not with uTorrent.
  18. Sending a large file to someone via uTorrent?

    Create a new torrent with your file. Assuming they have a torrent client also, email either the the .torrent file uTorrent created, or the magnet link (you should be able to get that by right-clicking on the seeding torrent itself and copying the Magnet URI).
  19. I would like to use uTorrent Mac to send a large file to a friend. Can this be done? I've found several instructions on how to do this with uTorrent for Windows, but the instructions do not seem to work on uTorrent Mac 1.8.7.
  20. new SSL don't works for new SSL protocols. Pleade update SSL library. What library You use? Don't works example:
  21. When I start up utorrent, my C: drive is always there, so there is no problem with files that are on my C: drive. However, I use an 8TB external drive to archive my torrent files. This can be a DISASTER if I turn on Utorrent, and that external drive is NOT connected. Utorrent goes nuts trying to find those files, and tags them all as being missing. Then, when the external drive is re-connected, all those tagged files are then forced into an extremely lengthy process of forced re-checking. It would be nice if Utorrent would not automatically import external drives which might not be connected at the time. Here's one idea for a solution: "Files stored on Drive E: are not detected, do you want to exclude Drive E: for this session?"
  22. Allow changing the location of .torrents

    I change the locations of torrents all the time! Right-Click on the torrent Click on ADVANCED Click on SET DOWNLOAD LOCATION
  23. Disabale recheck feature

    If not disabled.. it would be nice to PAUSE a re-check instead of being forced to wait for all the re-checks to complete.
  24. It is possible that what is going on is that the torrents you are trying to download that are not completing are fake. For example... someone might decide to post a torrent for a movie "Star Wars: The Final Jedi" knowing that a LOT of people will try to download it. Instead of being the actual movie, the file might be gigs of garbage. Then, to prevent people from realizing that the file is garbage, it is incomplete. Partial avi, mp4, mpg, etc. files can be viewed with wares such as Videolan's VLC. However, if a file is a ZIP or RAR and is incomplete, you can't tell if the file is an incomplete download of a REAL movie, or an incomplete download of a FAKE file which was made incomplete intentionally to waste your time. I would suggest you try downloading some torrents from OTHER sites, and see if you have the same problem. If not, then the problem is not related to utorrent.
  25. Hello, Press F7 on your keyboard to display the sidebar menu so you can navigate away from this window. -Synx
  26. I updated my uTorrent today and when the app reopened, it had uTorrent Pro in the top left and there was a big white screen that has the ad free option for $5 and the pro version for $20. But there is no cancel button or place where I can choose the free version. I then uninstalled it and redownloaded the free version and installed it. Same white screen with only paid for options. Is uTorrent now forcing users to pay?
  27. Delete job from list after it's been downloaded

    No, it isn't.
  28. Yes, when downloading finished and the job is still in utorrent with green status seeding I need it to be removed automatically without me. )
  29. Delete job from list after it's been downloaded

    sorry i misunderstood you and i am not that clever to do remote stuff so but mike20021969 states this "I think ka81 is looking for an automatic option to remove the torrent (once it's completed downloading) which there isn't" i cant add to that as i said i am not familiar enough with that stuff.
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