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  3. uTorrent stuck on Connecting to Peers

    Went thru the thread and used his settings.dat file (finally!) but didn't help. I did notice that you said earlier in this thread that you 're-entered the proxy' info....but what was that info please?
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  5. Is anyone going to address the WebUI issues

    At last this bug is fixed in the latest μTorrent 3.5.4 Beta (build 44488)!
  6. WebUI Not Reachable Using Computer Name

    At last this bug is fixed in the latest μTorrent 3.5.4 Beta (build 44488)!
  7. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    At last this bug is fixed in the latest μTorrent 3.5.4 Beta (build 44488)!
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  9. uTorrent stuck on Connecting to Peers

    It's in his signature!
  10. uTorrent stuck on Connecting to Peers

    Tried finding it in the Rafi thread....just couldn't. Either its glaring at me and I am missing it or....
  11. Encryption and Socks 5 Proxy

    Help Please: IF I am using a Socks 5 Proxy in uTorrent, do I need to have the Encryption Option on or can I turn it off (Disable it)??? TY....
  12. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    So you did not try with disconnecting the Internet connection? Another test is to just move away your resume.dat file, and try with an empty list (instead of 16K). You can copy it back after .
  13. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    yeah same This is strange, i removed all active downloads, leaving 3 downloads and yet its still crashing. I decided to use qbittorent as my manual downloader and utorrent as my sonarr + radarr downloader. Because i read on reddit qbitorrent has issue with grabbing episodes. Thing is, only utorrent v3 works, but the issue with tha version is that sonarr labelling doesn't always works.. (strangely radarr seems to work) Is there any version above that where this issue is noticed and fixed ?
  14. add an exception for utorrent on windows firewall

    Once uTorrrent is added to the firewall's "whitelist", it should then allow uTorrent both incoming & outgoing access to internet
  15. What is the meaning of add an exception for utorrent on windows firewall ?
  16. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    This is not it... Pay attention... But I don't believe it will make any difference...
  17. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Same even with that version
  18. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Seems OK too. And no, latest is 3.5.4. 44488 from yesterday... (See the beta thread.. .)
  19. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    That's using the latest beta, A bit difficult cause i'm remoting it, i'll try it later and let you know. here's the dump file Queue
  20. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Seems OK. >Post screenshots of the queueing -? Why aren't you trying the latest beta? I have a feeling this maybe related to some issue with specific/fake peer being connected to (see the log). Try disconnecting the PC form the Internet, then - start uT, so it will not make any connections during startup.
  21. Utorrent Crashing randomly It's worse than earlier version, now it's crashing after checking 1-3 torrents. i didn't change any settings on disk cache..
  22. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Post screenshots of the queueing & advanced disc cache to make sure. But than, anything is possible with 16K torrents...
  23. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    I'll upload a video later, i replaced the original settings.dat, with your setttings.dat Tried newest utorrent, crashed shortly during checking process tried other version mentioned here. 44440 same error, Crash during checking file process I even deleted the file that causes the crash, but the issue still persists. Only earlier version works, but then it seems to be incompatible with sonarr's auto importing feature.
  24. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Impossible... Unless you've changed some queuing/cache related settings, or using another copy of settings file (local vs in %appdata%.). BTW latest now is 3.5.4 beta build 44488.
  25. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Well seems like v3 has problem auto-importing with sonarr, so i'm looking at the latest 3.53 I tested it with rafi's settings.dat But that dreaded out of memory error is back as soon as i open utorrent Anyother ideas? thinking of switching to Bittorent ..
  26. 3.5.x Beta

    just check the date of that old exe file, see when it was installed...
  27. 3.5.x Beta

    Interesting... The whole updates area is greyed out. Automatically update is ticked, update to Beta versions is blank (so why would I receive a Beta???), and 'Notify' is also blank. Previously I have always had 'Automatic' blank, update to Betas ticked, and (most definitely!) 'Notify' was ticked. However, I did download @rafi's config file, so perhaps that has had this effect?
  28. 3.5.x Beta

    You maybe the victim/lucky recipient of an auto update: Preferences>General>Updates...?
  29. 3.5.x Beta

    Just checked the app. And (as far as I know) I've not updated anything today! Very strange. Oh well. I'm not complaining!
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