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      On June 6th, 2016, BitTorrent was made aware of a security issue involving the vendor which powers our forums.
      The vulnerability appears to have been through one of the vendor’s other clients, however it allowed attackers to access some information on other accounts. As a result, attackers were able to download a list of our forum users. We are investigating further to learn if any other information was accessed.Our vendor has made backend changes so that the hashes in the file do not appear to be a usable attack vector. As a precaution, we are advising our users to change their passwords. While the passwords may not be used as a vector on the forums, those hashed passwords should be considered compromised. Anyone using the same password for forums as well as other places is strongly advised to update their passwords and/or practice good personal security practices.

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  2. I have one RSS downloader that isn't working. The rest of them work fine - it's just this one that refuses to download any content. A screenshot of the downloader settings is attached. The RSS feed that provides the source for the downloader works fine as well and I can even double click shows in the RSS feed and have them start downloading - it's only the auto downloading that doesn't work. So far, I've tried: deleting and recreating the downloader deleting and recreating both the RSS feed and the downloader Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it might not be working or further troubleshooting steps that I might take?
  3. Thanks! And yes spam is always an issue, without proper routines a forum can be hit hard.
  4. Small installer available for magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A0774E7F38C37528D8BBC0858EC1F80228EBF6E8 Or http://llsw.download3.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent.43223.installer.exe
  5. You're awesome thanks, can't believe it was that simple to fix.
  6. TL is not down at all and this is happening for every single torrent I download. Any ideas?
  7. Nothing we can do if your proxy breaks or the site is down.
  8. I check the feature it does not quit application when downloads complete. Only tries to exit after they are removed.
  9. I tried before, I saw it in another thread a few days ago. The download never starts, even when I have 2 active seeds and 1 active peer.
  10. Ok... so wondering if anyone can help. I'm very new to all of this, not sure whats gone wrong but hoping to get a solution going! I'm using Torrent Leach with the latest version of Utorrent and the latest version PIA as a VPN. I had everything set up and its been working for almost 2 years without any problems. Just the other day I put a torrent into utorrent from TL and I get the following error when it tries to download : Proxy error : Connection closed by peer (With a RED arrow). This happens now for EVERY torrent I try and download from TL. I've included screen shots of my settings, hoping there is someway around this??? Maybe Ive got it set up wrong but its weird that it all of a sudden stopped working.
  11. What if you download my slackware link and the slackware files what happens?
  12. Did you boot in Safe Mode to install utorrent? And did you try to install as "Admin install" option to see what happens? What version are you using and how long have you been using utorrent? Screen shot of the error message?
  13. Put in a bad proxy.
  14. Thanks that worked, so what had I done?
  15. Go in to your settings and set your proxy type to none.
  16. pic
  17. Yesterday
  18. hi to all of my utorrent friends, Iam krishnam kothari frm india and iam suffering from an error"Some software prevents utorrent from installing.this may be caused due to other dlls*(well theres no list given) so basically iam suffering frm this problem since 2 months.first day i thought it was normal but it continued on.....now plz dont tell me to reinstall the app caused i have done it several times but to no avail it didnt work i have an dell inspiron i5 5558 8gb ram 1tb hdd 4gb nvidia gt 920m graphics(which is enough for decent gaming) and 1920*1080 pixels screen resolution aand i dont have an antivirus yeah and one more thing this is causing utorrent to crash after every 2mins or so
  19. I want create label for files with extensions: *.fb2, *.epub, *.pdf, but i can create one type file for mask. How created more one type file "Contains" for "Label"?
  20. The tracker status of the actual tracker is relevant here because you're likely dealing with a ratio enforcement site. If you stop ALL your torrents and only download one or two from http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php do you get activity?
  21. Hi, I have started a new post as I haven't been able to find any actual answers to the problem although seems as though its happening a fair amount. All of a sudden the other day my torrents turned "red" and weren't seeding. Since this occured, I haven't been able to download a thing. All it says under trackers is DHT Not Allowed Local Peer Discovery Not Allowed Peer Exchange Not Allowed *** name Access denied The status is "finding peers 0%" They are all active, live torrents with thousands of seeders. My ISP apparently changed their DNS server the other day. I have no clue what a DNS server is (not computer techy at all) however torrents seem to download on other bittorrent clients (but they won't seed) with utorrent I can't even get it to download in the first place, let alone seed. I am using version 3.4.9. Windows 10 Any assistance for a completely useless computer user would be great. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi. I'm having this problem since at least new year. I don't use torrents that much so I don't know exactly how and when started. I can't connect to anything. I find seeds and peers but can't connect to them. The Bandwith test sometimes says "Server does not support this client" (I tried every server, and my client is 3.4.9 b43085) Sometimes says (is in spanish for some reason) "Connection failed error: No se permitió una solicitud para enviar o recibir datos ya que el socket no está conectado y no se ha proporcionado ninguna dirección, al realizar el envío en ", I can't read further. It's something like "You are not allowed to send or receive data because the socket isn't connected and it hasn't give any direction". Sometimes says "Failure reading message body" The Network says Port (51878) is not open but I'm able to download. I have forwarded that port but message stills the same. I have created exceptions in the Windows Firewall, I have disabled it, I have disabled my Antivirus (Panda Free), I have deleted the settings file. I have reinstalled. I have tried other torrent clients. I don't know what else can I try. What should I do? I don't know if it helps, but I can use uTorrent on my android just fine.
  23. Apparently the problem soved all by it self... Now everything is fine and i did litterally nothing... Must have been a problem with isp working on the line... Although seems odd that the p2p connection was the only one slowed....
  24. Thread starter AdamK might have done a runner. He's not been seen since March 2015. Anyway, it's easier to see when a thread has been updated with latest replies if you use (bookmark) this link: https://forum.utorrent.com/discover/unread/?&view=condensed You can then also marvel at the amount of SPAM that's allowed to flood the forum on a daily basis, too (which could be stopped immediately by moderating every newbies 1st post).
  25. Lots of results regarding red stop sign here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=utorrent+error+red+stop+sign+site:forum.utorrent.com
  26. Would it not be much better to update the first page with the latest update? I thought this thread was abandoned before i realized its being updated in the end. Thanks for the updated
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