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  4. I have a new install of v3.5.5 on my system - when I downloaded my first torrent, I accidentally unchecked "create subfolder" and intentionally unchecked "Don't show this again". I need to be able to get back to the "create subfolder" command but can't find it anywhere. Can anyone assist please?
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  6. Hello all, This is a problem that has been tormenting me for some time so I hope someone can help me. Is there a way to get utorrent to find a partial download that has been moved? I was in the process of downloading about 100 files. I ran out of room on my hard drive so I tried to move the files over to a bigger hard drive. All it seems to do though is download to the same hard drive or overwrite the existing files on the new hard drive. All I want utorrent to do is find the existing partial download and finish downloading it. That doesn’t seem like a complicated ask. I tried moving all the files, completed and incomplete, to the new hard drive but this totally screwed me because I don’t know which files are completed and which ones are only partially complete.
  7. @SergeyQA, thanks for checking. For the sake of documenting my progress for others, I was able to download a different torrent without experiencing this issue. The issue still persists with a few other torrents, and I don't have a solution for it. This is the first time I'm seeing this in more than ten years of torrenting.
  8. Suddenly started seeing this error message ("Error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (WriteToDisk)") on the progress bar of every torrent I've tried to download since last night. Not finding any documentation around this in these forums or on Google. Running uTorrent 3.5.5 (build 45704 32 bit) a Dell laptop with Windows 10. Screenshot is attached. Anyone know what's going on?
  9. I like to keep my torrent files a little more neat than uTorrent tends to do when it's set as default. So I have a folder inside my download folder titled "Torrents" inside this folder are two other folders one is labeled "Torrent downloads" this is the folder I use for the actual files I download, while the other is titled "Torrent Files" which is where I store the .torrent files. We won't worry about this one. Inside the "Torrent downloads" folder are two more folders one is labeled as "Incomplete" which is where I store the torrents that are actively being downloaded, then another folder titled "Complete" probably self explanatory, but this is where I have the files moved to when they are finished downloading. I have all this set up in the directories section of the uTorrent preferences, so that it does it automatically for me. Now a while back if I made a folder inside the "Incomplete" folder titled "T.V. Shows", and had another folder inside the "Complete" folder that was titled the exact same way, (I would normally also break it down even further into "name of show" and another folder for the "Season #", but we're going to skip that for now, as it is already confusing enough.) uTorrent would put the downloading torrent into the folder titled "T.V. Shows" like I told it to, and then once it was done it would move only the file over to the exact same named "T.V. Shows" folder under the "Completed" folder, while leaving the original folder of "T.V. Shows" in the "Incomplete" folder. But for a while now, I've noticed it no longer does this. Instead of moving only the file from one folder to the exact same named folder under "Complete", it moves the ENTIRE "T.V. Shows" FOLDER from "incomplete" over to "Completed", and not out it in the folder named the exact same thing anymore. Does anyone know why it won't leave the "T.V. Shows" folder where it is in the "Incomplete" folder, and only move the actual file itself over to the "completed" "T.V. Shows" folder like it used to? It's very annoying that once it's done I have to open the file browser and manually move the folder into where I want it to be, when it used to move it all by itself. Not to mention the fact that I end up having to go back to "Incomplete" and make the "T.V. Show" folder all over again, because it picked up the whole folder and moved it, instead of only moving the file itself. Please help/let me know if you have an answer!?!
  10. I'm having trouble with uTorrent 3.5.5 build 45704, The UI is hanging after a few hours on a Windows 10 Pro system (build 19041.329) with a large number of torrents, forcing me to terminate uTorrent. I went back to build 45341 two days ago on that system and haven't had the same problem with it. Build 45704 is running fine on a Windows 10 Home system (build 18363.386) with a few dozen torrents. Hope someone can look into this.
  11. look around this forum? qBittorrent
  12. Hello, I just got a server that'll be running all the torrents I currently have on my desktop. How do I transfer all of them to the server with the least amount of hassle? I do have all the .torrent files in a folder. Getting all the files over there is no issue, I'm more concerned with getting them into the µtorrent application on the new server.
  13. Where can I find a version that runs on Catalina? Currently running 1.8.7 on an older Mac that has about 2 days before it goes away, need to get it running on my new iMac quickly, but can't find any that will run (every download says it's incompatible)
  14. Disregard...wrong area. Sorry
  15. Where can I find a version that runs on Catalina? Currently running 1.8.7 on an older Mac that has about 2 days before it goes away, need to get it running on my new iMac quickly, but can't find any that will run (every download says it's incompatible) Thanks!
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    3.5.x Beta

    @devs: new text " Peers • *" fails to translate --> problem with the • sign. BTW, the exe indicates as beta, the changelog as stable?
  18. It supposed to stop and set a torrent to "finished" status, once I reach my set 200% goal. But it just keeps on seeding. What gives? It's annoying, especially that I still have few torrents which haven't reached my goal yet.
  19. Hi , did this ever get fixed, I just swapped my default torrent provider for a while at least.. all this stuff about the amount of info they want us to agree or disagree to was pretty daunting and the fact that utorrentie.exe is calling the server all the time for an unknown reason wasnt great. No dev wanted to be open about or explain what was going on within the code to cause this. it all seemed a bit dodgy as I worked on open source stuff where this would have been fixed simply and urgently as it is a very bad user experience
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    3.5.x Beta

    2 in 15 seconds.......
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    3.5.x Beta
  22. No seeds for 3.5.5_45710 magnet link
  23. You can set your ratio in preference->queuing->minimum ratio, and also override this in a torrent preference.
  24. Sure, just r-click "Force start" on that torrent to initiate Forced-seeding. It will be forever...
  25. re 45710, new search has bug, drop-down menu appears way off to the left and up in corner of screen rather than at the down-arrow location. This is in win 7. Also it's rather distracting sitting smack in the middle of the tile bar, looked better right justified as before.
  26. Hi Forum, When running the Setup Guide, I get the Network Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download) The dedicated PC that is running uTorrent is also running the PIA-VPN client with port forwarding enabled on the same port that uTorrent is using: 28899 Checking the same port on (and similar tools) they all report that the port is open. Does anybody know why uTorrent would not be able to see the open port when all other tools do? And I'm having problems with upload speed which is near Zero when I'm not downloading. uTorrent: 3.5.5 (build 45271) 32bit Listing port: 28899 Enable UPnP: On Enable NAT-PMP: On Add Windows firewall exception: On Enable bandwidth management (uTP): Off (To force TCP protocol) PIA Client: v2.1 (build 04977) Connection type: TCP Request Port Forwarding: On Provided port: 28899 Antivirus: Avast: All shields temporarily disabled during testing : not change in result. Windows Defender: Not running, disabled via reg
  27. 3.5.5_45710 magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C28EEC9778068AA781020E58CD7B7EE7513D0B74 File size: 1.84 MB (1,936,624 bytes) / MD5: 43EB36979CC4A0B940B308EB941174F9 Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 26 June 2020 21:43:34 Changelog: Integrate Bittorrent Speed crypto wallet Fix crash when adding magnet link Avoid crash when checking torrent using data structure not fully initialized Avoid crash by range-checking _advanced_selection before use in indexing _advanced_settings fix thread list leak
  28. Thank you DreadWing, for giving attention to my post. I have downloaded AirDroid on desktop and device, and have been able to accomplish the task. Last time I played around with apks was a few years ago, and fell out of touch with the process. It is now coming back to me. Thank you again.
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