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  2. @PiusX I installed it to the default location as I have with every other PC I have owned. This PC is actually my old setup with a fresh Windows install that I gave to a friend when I upgraded. I had zero issues with the program when I had the PC. @rafi I tried uninstalling it and deleting the settings.dat file when I found that suggestion in a forum. I have had the same issue with bittorrent and utorrent and tried that same fix for both.
  3. Screenshot of that queue list settings?
  4. Torrents dwn/upd are based on torrent swarm/seeders. Your ISP speeds aren't related to torrent speeds. And since there is no screenshot of the issue no one can know what is happening.
  5. Go back to the site where you first found it. Otherwise you will have to use the file name if that is what it is and search online to find it again. Once you delete associated torrent file and file it's gone. Unless your setup has a folder where deleted or complete torrents file are then you could find it otherwise if there is none then you won't be able to find it.
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  7. @sdimishev Its not bad to check forum for similar reports to avoid duplicating threads. Anyway... welcome to the club... ive not received the tokens back.
  8. Thanks, I will try and upload the results.
  9. That's because the exchange has been down for over a month now. Restart your client a few times for the tokens to return and don't try to withdraw before they announce it's up.
  10. Thank you for the fast replay. One more question. In the Windows Home version Defender has "App and browser control" option disabled by default. Is it enabled or disabled in your case? Thanks. It looks like this when disabled: And like this, when enabled:
  11. I like to use it implemented in a browser. Just wondering if anyone with the Web version has the same issue; whether there are crashes in the Reliability History each time uTorrent Web is closed from the system tray (right below corner)
  12. Last week
  13. Version 2.0.18 still isn't ver 2.1.1.. Also according to their release info there isn't 2.0.18 version at all - what's listed there is ver. 2.0.8 which could be taken as 2.0.18 but ain't accurate.
  14. I make 2 transfers from BTT in-app to BTT on-chain my token disappears. So far i am missing 2240 BTT. In history status is completed but in my BTT on-chain balance there are missing. My publik adress is TRGDoLfECwkmDHBhumVrrXY7jp8ThJr43K
  15. i think the 1.9.0 is the UI.... I think they are reffering to the lib.. that is 2.0.18
  16. Well... Even the version thing is confusing, beacuse according to the published versions on bittorrent website. It doesn't match the actuall versions. They say that new wallet has been released and on improvements it says that transfers to arbitrary addresses should be working - that ain't true tho'. They are pulling some Pro Confusion moves, can't wrap my head around it.
  17. the important thing is still not withdrawing BTT
  18. check this out, wallet 2.1.1 was apparently released but my version is still 1.9.10
  19. My version is Windows 10 Home, I upgraded from Windows 7 (on disc) to Windows 10 back in 2015. Thanks for encouraging me to clarify!
  20. Let me help you guys . STOP SPAMMING @techster оr ask whether the exchange service will be restored .... There is a section called "ACTIVITY" - click it before spam or create another useless topic ...
  21. What is your Windows version (Pro, Home, etc..) ? Thanks.
  22. Solved! I only had to make an exception in Windows antivirus, now it works again!
  23. a 12/24h window to withdraw something would be highly appreciated!
  24. That's just a bad joke, nothing works properly. Also, if you try to message him on facebook to point out the obvious problems of BTT Speed, all you get is an automated standard response. They took our little gains and filled their pockets. They don't care about the people, all they're interested in is their own personal gain.
  25. @techster Isn't it time to finaly share some news with us ? Please share some updates regarding the payment system and when the dev team planning to bring it back online. It's getting annoying to play hide and seek with refresh button , checking if there is some changes in wallet. It's been a lot of time that you didnt show up and share, so please give some information.
  26. And now they took everything. Today I have literally 0 BTT in App, I should have more than 18.5 K. Give me back my hard earned BTT, THIEVES!
  27. WoW. If you seed torrents just for the sole reason to earn some BTT - then the smart choice is to stop. Withdrawal of tokens is currently disabled, there isn't any official info since 18th of March and price is constantly dropping. There is some actual code push, that looks like Binance integration on the way. However there isn't any clear indicator that it will work properly or work at all in the end. So if you seed only to earn some BTT, it's better to stop your clients from running, at least until they enable the exchange service and transfers to on-chain. As far as I could dig into the code, there isn't anything unusual about it - however that doesn't guarantee that those few lines of code will ever be integrated and released, it could just be some automatic order generation to dump their tokens onto BTT/BNB pair on Binance. - This is just speculation tho' I'm not putting my head on the table. I'm still seeding, however the option for Speed Initialization is turned off. Where I'm from torrents are widely popular - so there is always Need for Seed. I seed for the benefit of others. BTT earnings were just nice bonus for my effort. This ain't the case anymore but whatever.
  28. Hi there! I downloaded a file using its torrent file but I delete it(I delete the file and its associated torrent file) and now I want to download it again, I can see it in the uTorrent interface but when I trying to download again nothing happen. I don't have the associated torrent file either, but I can see the file in the uTorrent interface list. Any idea? opacheco.
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