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  3. Won't download new torrents anymore

    I have phoned my internet provider to see if they've blocked me, and they said everything is working as it should be. So can anyone help? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still nothing works!
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  5. My torrents are not visible in uTorrent

    Hey man i'm sorry but i don't understand what you actually said. Can you please explain what you meant? Thanks in advance
  6. How to enable the cache?

    What are these?
  7. 3.5.x Beta available. Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2447D9D4E117A35F2EB6DF7C59A488D0E533E789 No changelog as of yet.
  8. How to enable the cache?

    High activity pieces get loaded into cache. All others are read from or written to disk as needed.
  9. How to enable the cache?

    Various sizes. 2 - 5 Gb. Need to comply with certain conditions, to load a files into memory firstly?
  10. How to enable the cache?

    And how big and how active are the torrents you're using. (This is ignoring the fact that a 1800mb disk cache can cause crashes)
  11. How to enable the cache?

    Hi. My settings (all cache options is enabled and cache size is big): But µTorrent (3.4) continues to use ~ 60 MB of memory and constantly writes data to disk.
  12. My torrents are not visible in uTorrent

    Right-click the column header bar in the upper pane and reset the columns.
  13. Can someone help me fix this bug/glitch? Every tab I click (downloads, uploads, finished) I can't see the torrents that i'm downloading or seeding. It happened out of nowhere.
  14. Alternate upload rate

    If you the only one uploading or downloading it the speeds will just be you. So unless more are sharing or downloading or sharing just one person won't change the rates.
  15. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    Never had to portforward utorrent since using it and my speeds are just fine, thank-you. I use a proxy setting and I haven't had any problems with my downloads speeds. I only made a few setting change without portfoward and a permission to run in firewall changes to permit utorrent to run and that was all I did in Windows 10 as in Windows 7 of which I didn't have to make changes in the firewall. And my speeds have always been the same and also I am utorrent version not v3 because of v3 problems. Haven't had any security problem from the other utorrent and don't needs ads wasting my bandwidth either.
  16. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    WOW! Thanks DWK for such a thorough article on the subject! I will follow the suggestion an open my port.
  17. Quick Port Forwarding Question I would say that PiusX is WRONG on this case.
  18. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    Thanks for the reply PiusX!
  19. Alternate upload rate

    I have an alternate upload rate of unlimited set for when not downloading but after a download has finished and is seeding, the upload rate keeps changing between the limit I have set for while downloading and unlimited. I'm guessing this is because while seeding there are small, sporadic download rates of less than 1KBps. Wouldn't a more desirable behaviour be to not count anything under 5KBps?
  20. Stuck torrents

    No, if your dead torrent is a active not stopped or paused torrent file it will keep looking forever.
  21. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    I would say no unless utorrent is slowing down I keep as it for now. And also stay away from prohibitied torrent sites as downloading from such sights will peak the interest of you ISP to throttle your utorrent usage.
  22. uTorrent not honoring ad-free payment

    Hello, Please contact support at They should be able to help you with the activation. -Synx
  23. Stuck torrents

    Thanks...kinda understood that. Because I have a headless dedication torrent box, I was just wondering if there was a way to automate the process of stopping dead torrent(s) after a set period of time of inactivity as I have 60-70 in the list at one time and sometimes one torrent brings a halt to everything.
  24. Current VPN Status?

    Some info here:
  25. Current VPN Status?

    I would just like to ask the community for their current recommendations regarding VPN with uTorrent. I believe Opera's VPN is useless for the purpose? Is there perhaps some new app somewhere that is now the 'best thing' ?
  26. Nearly a month ago I renewed my ad-free status with a payment to Cleverbridge ("Your cleverbridge reference number: 119766926"), but a week or two later it reverted to showing ads again. How can I bring this to the attention of someone who can fix it?
  27. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    I currently have 50Mbp/s service and installed uTorrent yesterday. My downloads a blazing fast (to me) without any port forwarding! My question is will I gain anything by laboring through that procedure??? Thanks in advance!
  28. Stuck torrents

    You stop it so it will download the next available torrent on your list. Nothing more you can do if a torrent does nothing or is dead link. Worse comes to worse just delete the torrent and remove any files it downloaded to clear up space and continue with other live torrents.
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