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  3. Well Justin Sun sayed in a live Q&A like a week ago or smth like that. That fixing the withdrawals is on top of his list for Q4 of the year so lets hope for the best.
  4. Oh, i see. As i sad i have MacOS... Thanks anyway!
  5. You can check their withdrawal account history they are many take the btt from previous main btt account within the “maintenance time” I think daily 2m btt is use to lying us can take btt
  6. At random time of a day you can see 2mil btt coming in and out in a matter of minutes.
  7. Is it at a certain time of day? At what address can it be seen? Thanks
  8. There is 2 000 000 BTT available for withdrawal daily and bots are withdrawing all of it in a minute or two, so there is no luck for regular users right now. Devs don't care.
  9. Hello, I do not understand if it's just me, i can't withdraw BTT from in-app to off-chain for months, has not worked out yet? How can it be that you distribute BTT for free to people "Golden Wallet Sweepstakes" and my BTT I can not withdraw ??
  10. Should be right beside the utorrent.exe file.
  11. Last week
  12. Thank you rafi, whre would I find that file? I have searched in the ytorrent "package contents"...but it aint there... Thanks!
  13. MalDai

    64 bit?

    Using a 32 bit client which quite often than not, becomes nonresponsive. Is there a 64 bit version? Or is there a work around?
  14. On my home network, my Android UTorrent app starts seeding immediately after a download finishes. Same network, Windows 10 laptop: I just had a download finish. Seeding is green but it's at 0 percent. While I was downloading I was connected to about 14 different seeds. I just added outbound connection rules to Windows Defender to allow UTorrent to connect. No change to seeding on Windows. I'm looking at the Firewall rules in Windows Defender. My outbound rules are not listed, nor can I add them. UGH WINDOWS, I absolutely hate it.
  15. John1957

    Not connecting

    Uploading 3 files , in Status bar is has connecting, but nothing happening.
  16. Hello. I am using MacOS, version 11.5.2 (20G95). I have installed uTorrent Web, version and having issues with it. For sometime (few months) after installing it for the first time, everything worked fine. I added magnetic links, they downloaded fine with best possible speed. Then one day I suddenly ran out of disk space, and everything went bad after that. I cleared the disk space, but torrents wouldn't resume. I restarted the uTorrent Web, but the torrents went into Queued state, and no matter how many times I clicked resume, or force download, they wouldn't resume. I checked logs, and found the below error message: This error wouldn't come continuously in the logs, but would come from time to time. So I uninstalled uTorrent Web, deleted all the files, partially downloaded torrents too, and re-installed the application. Same version number as mentioned at the starting of this post. After re-installing, things became fine, torrents started to download with top possible speed. Then suddenly, after few days, the speed died for no reason I checked bandwidth usage as the speed was dying, there were no transfer happening. And the speed reduced to few bytes per second. Note that there is no limit of bandwidth in the settings. Also I was able to download large files (greater than 5 Gb) with top speed, so bandwidth is not an issue. Waited for a couple of days for the speed to pick up again, it didn't. Tried to quit the app, it would hang, so I had to kill Force Kill it. Started the application again. For few seconds after starting I would get top speed, then again the speed would die. Logs didn't have any other error than the one mentioned above. Again tried to quit the application, it would hang, so again Force Killed it. On starting again, again I would get top speed for few seconds and then it would again die. What do I check here? How do I solve this problem? Note that I don't have bandwidth or speed issues. I downloaded a CentOS iso file and got speed greater than 27MBPS (megabyte per second) continuously till the file was downloaded.
  17. Hi, everyone! I have a very strange problem. There are a lot of topics about "killed connection" but my case differs a little bit. When I turn any torrent client on (no matter if its uTorrent or e.g. game launcher that use torrent client), I can't access any internet resource. Doesn't matter if download is in progress or stopped... And the strange thing that downloading works good at any speed (up to 200mbit), but other applications and browsers can't reach any page, no matter how many peers connected and what speed limit is. Important note: if I'm playing online game or e.g. wathing twitch stream - it continue working but all new activities are not working anymore. If I turn torrent client off - browsers and other apps work fine. The same problem occur when I connect to radmin VPN - in that case internet is not working too. I have this problem for many years. Since that time I've changed my router from DSL to GPON, totally changed PC configuration, switched from windows 7 to windows 10 -> this issue still existю And it shouldn't be internet-provider issue cuz lot of friends use the same provider with similar tariff-plans
  18. I recently had to do a fresh reinstall of utorrent and since the install I can't reduce the window size. It only goes down so far which is still 90% of the screen. I seen somebody has asked this before but never got an answer and the post was archived. Before the reinstall I was able to reduce the window to a size I like. Also now the start/stop torrent buttons on the tool bar are now hidden. Any help would be appreciated. One other thing... Before the reinstall Firefox would automatically open uTorrent and start the download, now I have to go into my downloads and double click to start.
  19. Force-check everything. You can delete your resume.dat, but if you do - you will loose you torrents' list. And always close uTorrent BEFORE you shutdown Windows to minimize the risk of further corruptions.
  20. so i just have to delete the resume.dat file, because it got corrupted and now probably even redownloads everything on every launch again?
  21. sometimes i need to limit the seeding speed but since this morning, even if i have set a limit, utorrent 3.5.5 doesnt put the limit and continue uploading at full speed, this problem start today, yesterday and other day work good
  22. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    46090 < 46096 so, an older version...
  23. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    New 3.5.5 stable build 46090 - no changelog
  24. Hello newbie here welcome to me
  25. Not sure were to post this so I put it in General, it's just kind of a curiosity or a heads up. I use a VPN called VPN Unlimited. It has 3 torrent streaming servers (use to have more but something changed), and then several other servers. Some of these servers are streaming servers. When I go to watch something on Amazon prime the servers I normally use don't work. Amazon can tell I'm using a VPN and won't let me play anything. So I switch to one of the streaming servers called Amazon Prime Video. Here's the strange part... After I go back to my torrent server, or just turn off the VPN all together uTorrent will no longer download or upload torrents. It's still connected, status bar updated I can add new torrents, but they remain in "Finding Peers" mode and the torrents I'm uploading say Seeding but are red. I can't find any reason for this. First time this happened I had to reboot my PC, second time I had to go in and change somethings (delete some files or something, I can't remember), this last time I had to do a complete uninstall and reinstall to get it working again. All I can figure is the Amazon VPN server is changing something in uTorrent. To me it seems a little odd that a VPN server can attack a specific program like this, it seems intentional. Has any one experienced anything like this? Any you computer gurus know what's going on? I'm just going to steer clear of the Amazon VPN server.
  26. hi I still have the same problem even so I have changed some things in utorrent and the disk cache overload message does not stop coming out pre allocated all file is ok X Override automatic cache size is 1024 diskio.use_partfile false any suggestion, the pc is a hp last generation premium with 1gb internet connection???
  27. Can you observer a large RAM / memory consumption before that happen? Can you try with my 46096 "release" with the LAA flag set (like is below, @sig)
  28. You can try coping you resume.dat file to your utweb location (replace the file in there) and see what happens...
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