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  5. I don't think that matters, but I will try to relocate the exe to %appdata%.
  6. copyright letter from my ISP

  7. copyright letter from my ISP

    If you know VPN details, enter them in uTorrent (Preferences>Connection>Proxy Server).
  8. copyright letter from my ISP

    I have a VPN and it is set to England. How do I set up a proxy service? Thanks so much for your help.
  9. copyright letter from my ISP

    I've never heard of that. In what version do you recall this? As far as I know, the only way you can "appear to be elsewhere" is by using a proxy or vpn service.
  10. 17133 has enhanced the DPI compatibility panel I don't see the UAC nags myself, though you have got it in the old program files location where as mine is in %appdata% location.
  11. copyright letter from my ISP

    My question had nothing to do with Opera's VPN. I want to know if I can change my location in the uTorrent App itself. I recall I was able to do this. Is that function still available? If not, what happened to it?
  12. This is me. Cannot live with constant UAC nags . Dialog seems a bit different tho(Win10 1709 B 16299.371 x86)
  13. A ) Utorrent has to be started before it can revert its own compatibility settings, so that first run of uT after changing the setting will have the DPI compatibility setting enabled. The next start will have it disabled. B ) Sorry, my bad, i meant the "Change settings for all users" button, this opens the compatibility window with the PC\Administrators account and sets compatibility in the HKLM area instead of the HKCU area. Screenshot of Utorrent at 120% dpi on windows 10 with Application scaling set for all users.
  14. Where from? How can you use it to keep this settings? I don't think it works if you have admin privs in your account...
  15. Ignore PiusX, the whole point of utorrent installing under the roaming user profile seems lost on him and a standard user installation is only 'broken' because the stub wants to also side load crapware which does require administrative elevation. Just install it under the admin account, navigate to %appdata% and then copy the uTorrent folder to users/standardaccount/appdata/roaming and make shortcuts or pin as required.
  16. The first start inherits the compatibility setting. Also setting it via the admin button means uT can't revoke them
  17. 3.5.x Beta

    Hi guys! What about local peers downloading? It seems the feature was broken since 3.5.1 build. Can anyone confirm this?
  18. copyright letter from my ISP

    I very much doubt you can use the vpn facility built into the Opera (browser?) for use with uTorrent. If you know Opera's vpn details, enter them into uTorrent's settings (Preferences>Connection>Proxy Server). Come back and report if you managed getting nowhere very fast...
  19. copyright letter from my ISP

    I have the uTorrent Pro and I have asked many times if I can change the Location of the App. Nobody EVER responds. I have been paying for Pro since it became available and I stated the question but they NEVER respond. Maybe someone here can help. I use the Opera VPN and it is set up for France and we used to be able to change the Country in the App itself. Thanks!
  20. RSS does not download automatically

    Glad it works for you Thunderflo But indeed disabling the smart ep. filter makes automatic download work again.
  21. RSS does not download automatically

    It works for me. I had some problems on Friday, but it was because i had "smart ep. filter" as soon as i disabled it, it started downloading again :/ So for me it works!
  22. Hey! I´ve been trying to google my problem for a few days but i cant find anything about it. I had a ubuntu server with utorrent, which i would access from my windows computer/when i was away through internet, and it worked great. For reasons unrelated to the problem i changed to windows 10, installed everything, but utorrent doesnt seem to let me connect to the webui anymore. The ports are opened both in windows (firewall) and the router, but whenever i try to connect to the adress i get ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_TRUNCATED in chrome. Ports are open (it worked before i changed to windows) Couchpotato is accessible the same way (works with couchpotato but not with utorrent) I use utorrent 3.5.3 build 44396, Windows 10 pro, id rather leave my isp out of this since i doubt its related. Couchpotato wouldnt work otherwise. I use a specific port for utorrent, same as for couchpotato, other than the default ones. That port is not being used by other applications as far as i know. Edge just says "HTTP 400 error it's not you, it's this link (it appears to be broken). I have tried accessing the external ip adress, not internal. ( but its the same, and it´s the external i need). I don´t use VPN, the only antivirus i use is windows (even tried disabling firewall altogether). I have also cleared cache, cookies, and what not (but since i've tried from different computers, different OSs, and web browsers thought it would be nice to also remove that possibility Any more info i can provide will be provided as fast as i can! Thanks a lot for your help Cheers!
  23. My Utorrent pane suddently went from 2 panes to one.. and I did every trick in the book to fix it, including deleting the settings.dat file and regenerating the default.  That didn't fix it. 

    What DID fix it was downloading Rafi's settings. dat file.   That fixed the problem and also improved other things quite a bit.  I am now tweaking Rafis settings to suit my own needs. 

    What puzzles me is.. I have no idea what settings are in Rafi's settings.dat file that make it work right.  I don't see anything about pane controls.  I have seen dozens of people posting about the same problem for years.  

    I would like to know how to fix that problem instead of having to replace my settings with a transfusion of Rafi's settings. 

    1. rafi


      Glad to hear it helped you. Screenshot (including menu->options)? Usually F4->F7 control the panes. Two monitors setup can sometimes be an issue...

    2. joshace


      Thanks for the tips, but it wasn't any of that.  

      One of these days I will compare the defective settings.dat file with the one you posted.  You made some other improvements in the appearance that I can't find in the settings.  I backed up the defective one.  I think my cat screwed up the settings when he was stomping on my keyboard.  

      One setting you have set, which I did not like is that torrents don't start downloading automatically.  

    3. rafi


      >One setting you have set, which I did not like is that torrents don't start downloading automatically.  

      I like that  since I start them automatically using RSS downloader or using Medusa TV app . But I think you might be right, it is better to set to auto-run for other users. I'll make a note to change it on that file... 


  24. 3.5.x Beta

    This was already mentioned 3 days ago...
  25. 3.5.x Beta

    Not that I guess anyone would know.. but 44396 has been released as stable.. I still have issue with how they deal with version numbers.
  26. How did you check that in fact it does so (since uT is disabling it now)?
  27. problem with upgrade to newest version 3.5.3-44358

    settings.dat and resume.dat
  28. It does resolve DPI scaling blur on text and glyphs in the window, without having to modify system behaviours using third party tools This compatibility setting simulates XP style dpi scaling on a per application basis I think you shouldn't speak when you don't have any idea what you're on about.
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