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    heavy seeding

    One more w/a (lowering memory priority of utorrent in Windows cache), let me know if that helped over time: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\utorrent.exe][HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\utorrent.exe\PerfOptions] "PagePriority"=dword:00000001
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  4. So, you are complaining about slow speed, not that it does not obey your set limits... You are aware, that these are LIMITS, not promised maximum, right?... In this case just set DL limit to 0, and upload limit to, say, 80% of your *UPLOAD* connection rate and try test with this: ->
  5. First, see the screenshot. In both places the speed is indicated in kB/s. If I set 80,000 kB/s why does it swing at a speed of 2.3 kB/s and not 12800 kB/s? Secondly, 100 Mbps is 12800 kB/s, which is already within my scope. Since 80000 kB/s is more than 12800 kB/s. Thirdly, if I put a value of 1,000,000,000 kB/s there, the speed will be just as slow.
  6. Speed / BTFS Maintenance starting 05/12/2021 It will be only 2 hours.
  7. You screwed up your set limit, setting it in Mbit/sev instead of MByte/sec which is what you suppose to. I suggest you read about your to convert B/sec to bit/s ...
  8. Hello, withdrawal not working long time ago. [{"id":1627647509278,"amount":16804000000,"created":1627647533,"type":"Withdrawal","status":"Pending","message":"calling interface [TransferAsset2] error, reasons: [rpc error: code = PermissionDenied desc = Forbidden: HTTP status code 403; transport: received the unexpected content-type \"application/octet-stream\"]"}, When fix this ?
  9. in your pictures you try to limit up/down stream to 80000 kb/s wich is roughly 80 mb/s the downloads running only run at a rough total of 10 mb/s so the total upload of the seeds/peers is lower then your set limit, so in this case speed will never reach 80 mb/s
  10. Yes. It works well there. I am more than sure that this is not the working code of the torrent itself.
  11. limit the speed in steam, you mean steam as in the gaming app ?
  12. Why the hell can I limit the speed in steam and it works fine, but here it does not work?
  13. it depends on multiple factors. one of them are seeds and peers, your download is limited by thier upload
  14. Ждать не нужно!Расходимся народ нас наебали=)И я не удивлен
  15. I'm getting a "Windows cannot access the specified file" error on the $4.95/year uTorrent download. Other downloads open without issue on the computer, and I'm the Administrator. Any ideas? Something wrong with the current build/bundle perhaps?
  16. Doesn't matter, even if you were able to earn some BTT, withdrawal is unavailable for last 2.5 month, and probably forever.
  17. I have a problem with the setup installation. After doing all the following and accepting the conditions the installation icon appears for 3 seconds and leaves and the program is not installed.
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  19. Well, at least now after a new hardware upgrade and fresh windows installation, I was able to restore properly my In App ballance from the previous windows installation, all in all it is "ok" for now, I'm waiting to transfer my little gains like the others...if that's even an option, whatever, whenever, fine by me.
  20. I have 78 seed but can't get BTT for a month?
  21. whenever i want to download a torrent and open the file it says: cannot access the specified path, device, or file. you may not have the correct permissions for the item. does anyone know how to fix this im new to torrents
  22. I just started using uTorrent Web, it was working for a bit and now they all have gone to 0/kbs but there are Peers online. Why could this be?
  23. i have an issue where my utorrent started to redownload everything, so now i dont even have a clue what was looking for more seeders and what was already finished... so is there any way to fix this at all, because the only reason i kept lots of stuff in the program was to seed them to everyone else also... (it is a portableapps version, so it probably updated itself also at some point...)
  24. All my downloads live on an external drive that's used for nothing else, and over the last month or so torrents have started randomly stopping with a "Device not ready" error. It only ever affects a few at a time, it's not always the same torrents, sometimes it'll run for days with no issue, and sometimes they'll fail every few minutes. I would assume that if the device temporarily became unavailable all of them would produce the error seeing as they're all on the same drive, so I'm at a loss! Restarting them fixes the problem, but I would like to stop it happening in the first place - if it's ones I'm seeding it's not too bad, just a minor inconvenience to anyone connected to me, but when it's stuff I'm downloading it's a pain to realise it's been sat idle for hours... (All settings at default, drive utilisation is fairly low.) Edit: it happened again, screenshot attached.
  25. Likely a driver issue, try to update it. Regardless, it is a bad idea to download directly to a network drive. You should better to some temporary local drive, and auto move it after (there is a special setting for that).
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