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  3. So, why aren't you sharing the non zero dmp file? By overall do you mean - ACTIVE/downloading torrents?
  4. The latest it provides on download page is 45660. I have tried it and it preserves the language selection. Thanks.
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  6. What do you mean "history? And why do you need the torrents' *history*? They used to keep it in settings.dat, and the current state in resume.dat, not sure it is still in setting.dat. Anyway, just backup all the *.dat files near settings.dat.
  7. Hi rafi, thanks, will do, do you know in which file the torrent history is stored, I would like to be able to keep a copy of that file so I could replace that but am not sure where it is kept. Thanks
  8. Just backup yours and try using my setting file (it's clean from any "history"...) , if it solves the issue, tune it to your needs (port/directories/etc) later on.
  9. Hi rafi, thanks, will look into it. I agree it does seem like an issue with something like settings.dat I have been losing all my settings at times. Where is the history of downloaded torrents stored? If I can replace that I can do a clean install to try to fix the issue. Thanks, Chris
  10. Have you tested if your port is open for access from the outlside (green network status icon)? You are welcome to use my setting file (below in my sig) make sure the port you define is open (no firewall no router NAT blocking it)!
  11. schnurlos


    That's already in the flags.conf ... and you can edit your previous posts too.
  12. Hello I have a problem everytime i finish download file using torrent, my created time become 1 Jan 1970. But this problem only happens if i download to drive D. If i download to drive E. the create time is normal. i already do few test. i download file to D, and created time 1 Jan 1970. And i move the file and move to E, created time become normal for a while. And it come back to 1 Jan 1970. i download file to E, and created date is normal. And i move to drive D, created time is normal. This already happens since last year, at first i think oh maybe it's my HDD problem. I already try defrag hdd, and do many thing, but it still 1 Jan 1970. And then a few month latter suddenly i can't run the window, and it said my HDD is corrupt. Learning from that, every time i download and get 1 Jan 1970, i always instant delete the file. Maybe can you tell me what should i do ? or anything ? Thank You
  13. After a system reboot the privacy notice still reappears again so the issue is not solved for me.
  14. Hi, Sometimes, Torrent Web will download a torrent, mark it as completed, even mark it as seeding. Using the console the torrent also appear on my local stroll But when I try to locate the folder either by clicking on the "Show folder" or using Spotlight search, It's nowhere to be found. So I wan to know the following: Did the files got downloaded and lost somewhere? If so can I recover them (I'd rather not download again that 27gb torrent) If I can't get it back, does it impact my disk space? And will to delete it? Note that that weird behaviour also happened when I tried to download each files of a torrent at different time (i.e selecting the files you want to download when adding the torrent). I'm not sure if I should post in bug or troubleshooting. Thanks anyways :)
  15. Hello Sergey, thanks for your response. I do not know why but I just upgraded to v again and this time the message is gone I still have no idea why it happened but am happy that it has somehow fixed itself.
  16. Sorry for bad experience. By the law we should show that message. If user accepts or declines the message, we do not show it any more. If user just clicks on {x} button we have to show it on every restart until clear answer is given. Again that is by the the law and we have no control over it. But if you do declined or accepted the message and it appears again - that is a bug.
  17. That is a bug. We are working on fixing it. Check your private message for fixing instructions please.
  18. I paid for the Ad free version and ran the downloaded uTorrent(btkey,https^3A^2F^^2FJl-Sse8V).exe file but I still have these black advertisement boxes. How do I get rid of them?
  19. So how do I make the download complete? or how can it be seeded?
  20. The torrent isn't seeded, nothing wrong on uTorrent's side.
  21. hi Pingu, yes, I am wondering if it is just a case of changing a setting in a file like settings.dat to keep the change you made sticky for me. Hopefully someone who knows will help out, until then I'm back on version .45449 . All the best
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  23. zdnko

    3.5.x Beta

    uT build 45648 I have this alert twice every time I turn PC on, then after two OK uT finally runs. No alert if I stop and run uT again.
  24. Well, too bad you haven't provided that extra/important info... Seems like you have your answer... Don't use this tracker... Case closed...
  25. Slackware torrents connect normally so it must be an issue with the private tracker as I noticed the tracker status is "Updating" when torrents are added. When it finishes updating is when I start connecting. I spoke to the support team of my private tracker and they said the tracker had been updated a few weeks ago which is when the issue started
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