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  5. YuriPet

  6. Right-click the column headers you have to enable the ones you don't.
  7. TrevElvis

    Missing dates

    I usually see how long I have been seeding torrents but for some reason its disappeared from my torrents list, does anyone know how i can get them back as always keep torrents open for 2 weeks and its difficult to do so without this, Thanks
  8. My uTorrent screenshot is here You can see the ratio is way over 105%.
  9. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Feel free to 'copy, move and update it (it cannot be edited anyway) ...
  10. sumdumugy

    3.5.x Beta

    rafi, can you move and update your list of known issues, please? it's now 2 years old
  11. Works for me with the latest 3.5.5 45271 stable. Screenshot of your queuing pref. WITH the torrent?
  12. Yes not stopping at all, they just keep seeding. With my min ratio set at 105% my torrents should stop seeding at 105%, they don't. My current version is the latest, 3.5.5 b45231 32bit.
  13. Earlier
  14. OK, using Task Manager would prevent uTorrent from doing a save - I didn't think about that. So I've just done another test because my last test torrent had gone over 300% upload and was removed. After the new torrent had downloaded and was seeding, I closed utorrent (the usual way) and rebooted the PC. This time when uTorrent opened, the new torrent was fully there. My trouble therefore has to be a file-save error on closing /shutdown. Windows always displays programs preventing shutdown and possible lost data. I HAVE noticed uTorrent in the list sometimes preventing shutdown. I usually just leave the list alone and Windows eventually clears it. I'll have to investigate that further.. There is still one other issue: why does a recheck take so long? uTorrent used to complete a check in seconds, but now 20 - 30 minutes Thanks so much for your help.
  15. I don't do that. i DID do it this time, but only to emphasis I was certain uTorrent was no long operating. It would be a waste of time to close a program doing that - so please forget about it. My problem has been AND STILL IS newly completed torrents in seeding mode have to be rechecked upon a PC reboot. Old seeding torrents are never a problem
  16. Why would you do that? µTorrent writes/updates files when it exit's. Abruptly closing with TM it won't allow it to do that.
  17. Have you exited uTorrent (file->exit) before rebooting ?
  18. I downloaded a complete new torrent and it was seeding. Then I used Task Manager to close uTorrent. When I restarted uTorrent, the new torrent was still fully up and seeding. Then I rebooted the PC and when uTorrent restarted, three old torrents were seeding, but the new torrent was down and performing a recheck . I'm using Windows 7 64bit service pack one.
  19. Thanks, rafi, for the answer - I'd given up on getting one. When I started having the problem, I went for the latest uTorrent with no help. I'm currently using 3.5.5 I don't know if just closing uTorrent would be different. Currently I'm seeding only old torrents which are never a problem and can't try checking. ASAP I'll load a new one and see what happens. montel
  20. Version? Does this happen also when you exit uTorrent (not closing it by Windows shutdown) and just re-start it (or your PC)?
  21. No sure if mass-deleting all related torrents/files is a good idea...
  22. +1ץ I suggest using the same format as in the RSS downloader filters
  23. HALLELUJAH!!!! I was close to despair.
  24. ex58

    3.5.x Beta

    Must try several times......size of Build 45271 is 3.01 MB.
  25. might be better to keep the kids away from torrents altogether
  26. We are going to release new version to support MacOS soon, stay tuned....
  27. Mentions version 3.5.5 (Build 45231) when installing?
  28. (Stable): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E9D5AD5D63A51B1991BBF5E0998C8FBB86549EDE Binary size: 1.73 MB (1,818,352 bytes) / MD5: 909051ECBF6D7E9B74067D8593666D37
  29. ex58

    3.5.x Beta

    3.5.5_45271 stable available: No changelog at time of posting.
  30. Hey-ho! MacOS 10.15 is at the door, and 32-bit uTorrent has been thrown out right while installing. Bittorrent, Inc has voluntarily become a part of yesterday...
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