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  2. It's not what you just said... Anyway, good luck,
  3. The thing is this torrent is 100% completed, but somewhere along the way something changed in a few files and μtorrent doesn't "see" them. I have no idea what it is that changed though. They certainly weren't edited.
  4. What you ask can not be done. You can't fool µ Torrent (or other torrent client for that matter) into thinking a torrent is 100% complete when it is not.
  5. The torrent is huge, about 260GB. I cannot edit the torrent, but is there a way to edit the files then? Maybe recreate some fake files based on the code in the torrent, so that the latter would be finally 100% recognized? They are very small files (and I'd rather have a 100% completed torrent with a few non-working files than a 99.9% completed one).
  6. Wait up... It's a widely shared torrent yet no one has all the data except you? It can't be that widely shared then. And it appears you possibly have "corrupted" data also. Regardless, even if a single files hash has changed it will/can affect the data of adjacent pieces. You cannot recreate missing or corrupted data by editing the torrent as everyone has to have the exact same data for it to be shared correctly. If the torrent is <2GB in size, pm me a magnet link for it.
  7. That won't do either, because the torrent is already widely shared. Isn't there a way to, I don't know, re-create the files so that they match the hash from the torrent? I wouldn't even mind those files being corrupted, as long as the torrent is 100% verified. I don't know how to read the code inside the .torrent file, but I notice for each file there is a "path" and a "length".
  8. In that case, choose Create New Torrent in µTorrent (then share the *.torrent). This is the easiest solution. You seem to have everything needed to create a 100% torrent. We've established that µTorrent can't verify the original .torrent 100% against the files/folders you have. It seems that somewhere along the way, some of the files' hashes have altered for some reason hence them being skipped during a check. So again, the easiest option is to create a new torrent and share that instead.
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  10. The problem is that no one else has the completed torrent. I am the first seed.
  11. You can't force µTorrent to mark them complete. What I would try is re-downloading the problem files. Add them to the existing downloaded torrent folder (overwriting if necessary). Then re-add that .torrent file to µTorrent again and let it do it check to see if all files are now 100%. To save any nonsense though, I'd probably just download the whole torrent from scratch.
  12. I must have not made myself clear. Here's the situation: On one side I have the original .torrent file. On the other side I have all the folders and files that the torrent refers to. I open the torrent file, choose the corresponding location from my computer, and μtorrent checks all the files, and recognizes almost all of them. Some of them, for some reason I don't know, the client doesn't recognize and it treats them as if they weren't there. But they are there, with the same path, name, and size as the ones from the .torrent file. I'd like to somehow force μtorrent to mark those files as "complete", so the torrent would finally be 100% downloaded. To "tell" μtorrent that those files are there.
  13. fusk

    3.5.x Beta

    UI hangs and becomes unresponsive as long as bandwidth usage is above ~180mbit, webui stops responding, crashes. IE: Just now, the UI hung for 5 min straight until speeds dropped below 100mbit. And then it crashed. Another bug. Even if connected to cached peers ie: 97/146, it will not download anything if utorrent thinks tracker is reporting 0/0. Have watched cached peers go from 0 to 60% without being allowed to download anything. When utorrent displays tracker status as 0/0 why is the "update tracker" button greyed out? Edit: 1 hour and 14 min, UT has managed to download 8mb. Still can't update tracker. UT thinks the tracker has reported 0/0, while there's 0/163 peers, and it is connected to 63. In reality the tracker reports 660/63 and any chance there was seeding anything on it is now gone. Because it has downloaded 8mb, i now can't just delete the torrent and have to download the remaining ~23.4gb.
  14. Good look with that request. "No changelog" has been a regular guest since at least June 2012 making 114 appearances. If you're not used to it now, you never will be.
  15. Why? Simply add the original .torrent file to µTorrent and set the download location folder to where the content resides on your computer. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I'm guessing that you don't have the original .torrent file? If you're trying to "put together" what would appear to be the complete torrent (using previous and newly downloaded files), then it's highly likely that file hashes won't be identical (even though name and file size are the same). This would explain why µTorrent doesn't see them.
  16. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    What does "Unstable" mean ?
  17. fusk

    3.5.x Beta

    Latest beta 45309 is equally as unstable as latest stable version, even at slower speeds ~170mbit it becomes highly unreliable.
  18. I don't see such a thing in AppData\Roaming\uTorrent.
  19. thexfile

    3.5.x Beta MB MB MB yikes.
  20. I believe µTorrent usually creates a dump file after a crash. If it did, upload it for the developers to look at.
  21. Installed it today, and it runs horrible. It's lags, crashes a lot, is unresponsive whenever there's a slight bandwidth usage, ~20mb/s basically kills it. Cache settings are default, no dht, pex etc. Not sure what else, app uses ~216mb memory, ~96 active torrents, disks are bored. I can almost hear their yawning. Machine is a 200ge w. 8gb & win10p. While ut is brought to it's knees the rest of the machine is strolling along just fine, no other app behaves like this. Suggestions?
  22. Ok, what's up with the constant crashing, is it really that unstable? V3.5.5. I'm barely downloading at 20mb/s and it's sooo unstable. Click anywhere in the UI and it take up to 10 secs for it to respond.
  23. I have not used utorrent since 2014, but was more or less forced to switch. Was recommended utorrent, but before installing i did research alternative clients. Many trackers are really bad at whitelisting new clients which limits the pool, and maybe the support isn't as good as larger "brands". Was a bit surprised by the lack of any file management features in utorrent.
  24. How did you do it when you ran µTorrent 2.2.1? It's most likely a similar if not the same way.
  25. So i just installed utorrent. The thing i can't seem to figure out is how to make utorrent organize my stuff, it's only capable of watching one directory. It'll just download everything into the same folder, so basically max disorganization. I have looked at other clients which are capable of sorting torrents from different directories into different download locations and i assumed this was a standard feature. May be i am missing something or utorrent has no organizations options? Edit: Just realized how dead this forum is.
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