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    I would love to have uTorrent's awesome client without all the peripheral "features" that I don't (or will ever) use. Like "Playback". or "Antivirus". or Paired Devices/"Convert torrents for devices" or the social media/chat/etc. features. I'm sure that all those features contribute to the constantly increasing memory load. I just want a client that handles large (3000+) libraries, creates new torrents and doesn't try to break the memory bank. If it does those three things, I'm happy as hell. Just my two cents.
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    Playback and A/V are not there any more IMHO... As for the rest - just use my setting (@Sig) to block all adds. There is no chat/media etc after that...
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    As a workaround, right-click>Copy (on a magnet link). Then press uTorrents Add Torrent from URL button. In the dialog box, right-click>Paste (or Ctrl+V to Paste). Maybe that would work in the meantime.