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    Hello in the latest release "Playback" column can't disabled. Last release version without bug is Please fix it! P.S. I don't use the beta version.
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    Changelog is available: -- 2018-11-27: Version 3.5.5 Beta (build 44876) - Fix broken string in the failed update verification failed dialog - Fix vlc player crash when vlc is not initialized properly - Fix crash when upgrading to Pro and .btinstalls install
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    Are you referring to Most likely is reading the updates.dat file and detecting 3.6.6 and not taking the build into account also. For me, updates.dat is not (really) necessary for uTorrent to work as it should. It basically just stores every version of uTorrent you've used. Personally, I disabled updates.dat years ago (now an empty 0 kB, Read-only file). Take the plunge - replace the binary and enjoy the latest "slimline" Stable before it balloons again