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    @techster When will the exchange be working again? We cant whitdraw from in-app to on-chain. We have 2 months waiting for a clear answer. Please check this post:
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    nice post! sadly, nobody will come and challenge your statements: this forum has been dead since last May
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    It's been 56 days and it's still not working. How long do I have to wait patiently? I also want to know if you are testing the upgraded version of Exchange.
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    Speed is a dwarf compared to the 2nd biggest decentralized storage space platform. Which against begs the question, who are these thousands of people who rent for free and have been renting for free for the past 2 months.
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    If you do not see, this project is thrown to the trash ... Seed if you want to help the community but throw away all your hope to try to get out the earnings via so called - BTT SPEED. Proof for my words - go check the last 2 weekly reports - not a single fucking word for BTT SPEED. Says enough from TRON
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    And yet they claim they have more BTFS nodes than ever. Who the hell keeps renting out space for non-tradable tokens.
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    Justin Sun is more into BTFS scamm nowadays, if you check Bittorrent's Medium and Twitter you will see that they don't give a fuck about Bittorrent Speed....
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    Ждать не нужно!Расходимся народ нас наебали=)И я не удивлен
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    @techster Some news? When will the exchange work properly again? Why not just deposit a sufficient amount of BTT to be able to make our withdrawals? It's really frustrating that a big project goes nowhere besides the lack of communication and transparency
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    Finally found the culprit to be the new ReFS.sys driver... It has been updated in KB5003690 to the version 10.0.19041.1081... I've installed the update on July 3rd, and that's when the weekly memory leaks started... It happens every week at the same time, right after Windows performs its scheduled maintenance, and creates a restore point... Surprisingly, I don't see this issue on a different machine with a similar ReFS volume... 7 effin' gigabytes!.. The registry change to uTorrent did help with the RAM usage a little bit, but the main problem was not that...
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    Wrong forum I guess. can be deleted
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    In general, this hat has not brought me anything for 2 months now! I decide to remove this feces from my computer while cheaters!
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    BTFS also uses BTT speed to reward users and BTFS users also can't withdraw for 2 month already.
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    I miss the full features of BTT speed too, was great in they very short time I spent being able to utilize despite like many have commented a pretty rough beta experience however it did indeed work showed and imo there is lot of promise down the road far as the future of protocol being bigger, brighter and more legitimate than ever.. potentially game changing. I doubt tron/btt are going to 0 and be out of top 100 on coinmarketcap and become history anytime soon. Having a fully working, more stable system than before with all the features online when it comes back is pretty important to regain faith for early adopters with bad experience and bigger picture the peer to peer file sharing community universally embracing and adapting it into the future. On the plus side I definitely noticed last couple of weeks... spending, earning and the in-app balance are all much much more consistent and stable with no week to week troubleshooting like deleting bthelper local files or client restarts required for any reason :)
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    It looks like Justin Scam waiting when we'll write an article on Medium about this shitty attitude towards us and so that it goes further on all the news
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    My son told me to download a game, no mans sky, so for the last 36 hours its been downloading and is now seeding, what does this even mean and can i play the game, i click on lots of things but nothing happens it just keeps seeding, i have NO idea
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    is it true that government check people who are using torrents? I'm using VPN and I just want to make sure that I'm safe. I heard a lot of rumors about that, but I never met someone who was fined by government. Thank you
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    Latest beta: -- May 8th, 2017 Get the 3.5.0 beta here! Changelog here. uTorrent Beta Changelog - Bump version to 3.5.0 / 7.10.0 - Fix a bug that could have caused the webui to set an invalid port. - Update uTorrent Pro Antivirus key. - Remove old OpenCandy integration code. - Introduce a new uTorrent Pro payment partner: Nexway - Fix broken in-client pro info page. Help ->My Pro Account - Fix bug that would cause ad audio to incorrectly play when user is not using the client. - Allow muting of ad sound when moving mouse outside of ad window - Fix potential crash when activating a uTorrent Pro license - Disable Install Teredo button for Win 7 and higher. We no longer support Teredo on these systems - Fix a potential XSS when attempting to pair remotely - Fix memory leak when activating a uTorrent Pro key - Fix a bug in the WebHelper process that would cause it to crash repeatedly - Fix a connection handling bug that would cause torrents with webseeds to stall while downloading - Fix a status reporting bug when a torrent with webseed peers disconnect - Add missing support for Windows 8 internal version checking - Fix a DHT bug that would cause uTorrent to count and prioritize IPv6 ips improperly - Fix an onboarding bug that sometimes allowed the tooltip to persist even if uTorrent was minimized - Add better handling and error reporting for activation server errors http://download-lb.utorrent.com/uuid/34a6f05a-c080-4d93-be78-e495bf961769
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    I believe ".46063" was just a typo for ".46036", which _WAS_ re-released around June 30th in a new "large installer" form, but the "carrier.exe" inside was the same 036 from back in May. Here in the forum we're on ".46038" from a day after that, so we're ahead of the curve still... FWIW .46038 has worked just fine for me since its release...
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    All requests should be accompanied by a static-sustainable link to the build...
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    Can't withdraw BTT even if this wallet:TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a has millions of BTT in it. F...c...k
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    Dear users, Exchange is down until further notice, be positive. Wait like lamb in front of slaughterhouse, while we eat ass. Sincerely yours, Dipshit DEV Team.
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    Hello everyone, Please note that we do NOT support Pro (Paid) Members on the Forums. For Pro support please open a ticket at http://help.utorrent.com/customer/portal/emails/new Make sure to include the email you used to purchase your subscription and also your purchase reference number to ensure a fast response. Keep in mind that only Pro users will get support. The Ad-Free upgrade does not include Premium Support, those still need to post their questions at the forums. EDIT: If you have not been responded by at least 48 hours of contacting us at the link above, please PM me with your email and reference number so that I can reach the appropriate team to respond to your request as soon as possible. Regards,
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    hi admin @techster my btt stuck 4days ago, please fix, thank you wallet address: TX6swL2T8n7e6wMcvwDnNFd9gyA3pbAprH
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    Interesting. Please update with your findings. BTW, this has been mentioned in the forum 6 years ago already...
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    Looks like this is exactly my issue, at least partially... I have many huge 4K torrents active, and according to RamMap it quickly leads to up to 4 gigabytes of RAM used in the Mapped File category, especially if the upload rate is high... I'm trying to use this advice right now to see if it helps... Also, there seems to be a different source of leaks since I've updated to Windows 10 21H1... I ran out of memory this morning without uTorrent running... Happened for the second time this morning...