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    Glad to see some text corrections which have been outstanding (yes, it's already 2018 ) Would be nice to see the corrections on uTS too!
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    Well, I'd do that in three simple steps: First - make sure you have defined *all* your have .torrents and downloads paths in the settings, to avoid confusion. Even if they are now empty (default) set it to the exact/local paths. Exit uTorrent. Secondly - copy the folder where the exe (and all setting files *.dat) plus auto-created subdirectories to where-ever you like. Thirdly - rename the original utorrent path to say _utorrent (as a backup). Theoretically, when you will run it in the new location, it will just run as before, since it will take the local settings, and still use the torrents/downloads as before. Good luck!
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    Whenever uTorrent is not closed properly it will ask you to recheck all downloading torrents. This is extremely annoying, especially on my unstable machine where uTorrent lags once a while whenever I forgot to open it with the 'Run as administator' option or accidentally pulls down my power, and a recheck takes approximately 1 hour for my 400GB torrent. However I believe there's still much room for improvement in this feature, including: 1) I believe it is possible to start downloading/seeding before the full recheck is complete, though this may require a bit of complicated coding. For example, mark the unchecked pieces as "Skipped" internally and restore them to the original priority after checking. 2) Make backup of the progress file onto the hard drive periodically and restore from the progress file directly, and at the next startup, read the progress file and check the modification date of the files. If the modification dates are not changed, pop a warning and then assume that the files are untouched, skipping the downloaded part. Then perform recheck on the remaining part whose state is unknown (or maybe allow the user to skip it, consuming more network traffic). If combined with (1) strategy, the recheck will progress simultaneously as downloading goes, effectively causing almost no delay even if shutdown was not completed gracefully. 3) Pausing rechecks. It could also be annoying if at some point I have to shut down my computer or plug out the hard drive for other reasons, and the recheck has to start from scratch upon next start. With those features added, I am sure that uTorrent will show a huge improvement in stability and become much more competitive in terms of downloading huge torrent files.
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    uTorrent = BitTorrent. BitTorrent is the parent company.
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    A *mandatory* second word - *prelim*second* An optional one (or-er phrases) *prelim*|*second* PS: There is an rss guide in the help (f1) with an example
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    If the sidebar is not showing, press the F7 key. The torrent in question could be under Labels>Hidden.