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    Beta magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7A9E735AAAC15DEF36CF05DFF483790BEE046285
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    It is possible that what is going on is that the torrents you are trying to download that are not completing are fake. For example... someone might decide to post a torrent for a movie "Star Wars: The Final Jedi" knowing that a LOT of people will try to download it. Instead of being the actual movie, the file might be gigs of garbage. Then, to prevent people from realizing that the file is garbage, it is incomplete. Partial avi, mp4, mpg, etc. files can be viewed with wares such as Videolan's VLC. However, if a file is a ZIP or RAR and is incomplete, you can't tell if the file is an incomplete download of a REAL movie, or an incomplete download of a FAKE file which was made incomplete intentionally to waste your time. I would suggest you try downloading some torrents from OTHER sites, and see if you have the same problem. If not, then the problem is not related to utorrent.
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    As there is no Stable thread: (1.89 MB): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BFF13D6A11B52A0EE966A7E87608CC4E2F3310CE (or 2.71 MB installer via stable links in signature). Stable Changelog: – Fix a bug that could cause the “You’ve just been upgraded” page to display when the user has not updated – Fix a crash – Save Pro/Ad-free license key to “Documents” upon activation to allow for future re-activation =========================================================================================== Beta Nightly: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D701F14F92A41AF140D75D9F60117CA4E2679F54 Note: Beta Nightly updates are no longer available for download.
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    I doubt that is true. Why would they use it if they have no problem. Proxy is used for users themselves not University they don't need a Proxy for their internet access. More like if they detect Proxy usage as torrent usage and block such access to their internet is why your getting the results your getting. Their internet and their TOS that you agree to-it's like ISP throttle.
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    And if you don't use a proxy?
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    Actually before the transfer you could name the Old drive to L: as well before this all starts and the rename the new drive to H: but the drive letter designation won't matter til after your done and getting it ready to rename to H: so utorrent sees the right drive. Just don't use utorrent til this is done. So you can do it now or later it won't matter to the computer itself only to utorrent when the time comes. Just remember which drive is which when you doing this.
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    Ok, if your drive is failing during this process just copy a limited amount of files at a time that will insure not data bits are lost in transitions. This will take longer but will insure no bits are lost inbetween the transfer. If the problem is happening to often power down everything unplug the failing drive and let it rest to cool down for a day or so and then try again this way you insure the drive is not so stressed that it starts to corrupt the data when transferring. This also will make the transfer time longer but will at least help get the data move in a safer setup.
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    Not possible if you lost all the saved data file related to the torrent then it is gone only chances are if you found the original torrent online somewhere it might be able to resume but otherwise data file gone no torrent will start. Is there a reason you can't find a updated .torrent or magnet to download of that file or one that matches it to restart it? That what you should be doing first here.
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    @catch Please check your email. -Synx
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    No. You'll need a magnet link or .torrent file before anything will download.
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    Are you able to download any Slackware 14.2 torrents via this link: http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php Is there a reason DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange are "not allowed" (disabled?).
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    Here's what I would do since that is a external drive if you have another match size drive or close to it. 1. Stop utorrent from running. Don't no run it again til end of replacement and only then. 2. With Explorer and both old and new drive attached copy and move all the files and folder from the old drive to the new drive. 3. Do nothing with the computer while it is doing this to prevent further problems 4. Assign the new drive with the same name as the old drive. 5. Unplug old and new drive 6. Power down and plug in new drive and then reboot. 7. Confirm in Explorer that the new drive is now H: and if not go to Device Manager and change the Drive letter to H: and save 8. Then confirm with Explorer that is is now H: drive 9. Then start utorrent and it should find the new drive and continue as nothing happened. How I know this well I replaced a 1TB utorrent drive with a 3TB drive and did what I just instructed and utorrent didn't protest this change and went about it business as before. Never delete the appdata/user/utorrent folder doing so will be at your own risk cause that will see the new drive thinking it's the same drive and will continue from where it last stopped. You need to take you time when doing this this is not a 1 hour finish project. Mine took 1 whole day to slowly move the files/data from the old drive to the new drive it was a slow and tedious process but all your data will move from the old to the new if you do it right.
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    Where did you read 64 bit is faster? 64-bit means it can access Ram above 4G limit of 32-bit system that is all there nothing about it being faster but you can load more and do more in 64-bit environment. Never heard it was fast that comes down to CPU and RAM that determines load speed and boot time. And if your CPU is 64-bit as they are all now that help increase more CPU processing but doesn't mean faster that is based on CPU Ghz the fast the quicker it does it process jobs. To get faster torrents means more swarm and more sharing that will get downloads faster but that all depends on the uploader bandwidth and less they have the slower it is as well as the less uploader as a whole the slower the torrent and time of day factors in a work day means alot on the internet and it slows down at night there is less and bandwidth is free to speed up more. But now that internet is 24/7 that is no longer the case. The only real way to make it fast is to have Fiber internet to the source where it is downloading from then that might be faster but it's bandwidth that will determine what speeds ares.
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    Looking at the URL on the screenshot, you're downloading the current stable. What you need to do is go into the Windows Defender Antivirus settings. Somewhere in there you should be able to create an exception, possibly on some sort of white list, for uTorrent.exe. Once done, uTorrent should download just fine. The uTorrent installer contains offers (nothing new there) which could be seen as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) by some AntiVirus software. So simply disconnect your internet connection before running the installer. Re-connect once installation is done.
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