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    My mistake, I was looking at the official (full) file... BTW, I am trying now a new RSS downloader "replacement" - called: Medusa - https://cdn.pymedusa.com/ It's actually pretty nice. I've added to it some new uTorrent related changes/fixes, that were embedded into the next release. Also, added locally a min/max smart-file-size filters too... Works great
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    Either: 1) Tinker around in the settings.dat file using bencoder (as to which particular entries store the different statistic info, I don't know) or 2) Create a new (empty) settings.dat file (i.e. starting from scratch)
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    Do you mean a) ".torrent" files I shared on my computer? (The files I share are only the ones in the torrent's download list (queue)) or b.) The files completed or downloading?
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    There are no binaries... all python sources, and yeah, the easiest way about it (first time) is to use the installer you mentioned... Then you just update from the software. It is out of date, since it fetches for you the latest release from github (now should be 0.2.4). No need to update the installer for that... BTW, my mods are included only in their next release... So I can send you a copy of the changed files...
  5. 1 point available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:AA5E2E7EC4BED5F1452D1EDD191E7694A9BD8F70 Changelog: Updates to the Privacy Policy for GDPR and adds additional Privacy tab in user settings to manage privacy settings.
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    I tried that torrent (using the HASH from your image) before replying earlier. I got the exact same Avail. @ 0.104 on the download - I still reckon it's a dud. For a test, are you able to download any of these slackware torrents at all?: http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php All are well seeded and should start downloading almost immediately...
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    hi, after i have deleted an old downloaded file by clicking the bin icon ... it does not delete the .torrent file from/in the program folders ... is it possible to do it simultaneously/@ 1 time ??? becoz i found a lot of those .torrent files in that program folder ... thanx
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    VPN can create additional problems, especially when not configured properly, so before doing something with VPN try doing it without it and check free VPN window 10 to be sure you've done everything right.