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    don't use the installer. Use Rafi's LAA version that already has utorrent extracted from it.
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    New beta build - 45916 , with LAA flag (updated in my sig-links). Supposedly - should be including a new A/V for the Pro version..
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    AFAIK you have to install it in Admin for it to show up in standard user. Otherwise you would have to create a shortcut on standard users but also make separate folder to store them on the Standard user setup to it so it doesn't cause issues with the Admin setup of utorrent when saving torrents or finished torrents.
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    I would not say it is "abandoned" but it would be nice if the developers / programmers would acknowledge the problems.. and ask for more details about the problem so they can fix it. I used to be a super programmer myself (I gave it up because I got very little appreciation for my efforts financially or otherwise). It is extremely difficult to fix bugs in software, especially if the code was written in a cryptic coding language such as C++. It is usually easier to write new code from scratch rather than try to debug existing code. This is not only true about trying to debug someone ELSE'S code, but even trying to debug one's OWN code (probably because one is not likely to find their OWN mistakes).
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    This is not info that can be analyzed to trace the root cause... Disc overload is cased by utorrent capable for writing to your storage device at a rate that is lower then the download rate. So, it fills up the RAM cache first (time when everything seems to work OK) and then struggle to write to disk causing overload and slowing download. Look for a slow HD for random-writes (can test with Crystal disk checker) , or unlikely, relatively very-very fast Internet connection...
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