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    Hey folks, So when I open up uTorrent I have a white square partially blocking the screen and I'm unable to remove it or interact with uTorrent. It still allows me to download torrents but I just can't click on anything within uTorrent. I've gone on to Task manager and closed anything that looked like it might relate to the square but no luck so far.
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    Yes it would be nice to know. I’m sure that there are experts who know the answer. Here’s hoping they come on here!
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    Some suggestions are here https://www.vpntorrent.com/alternatives-yts/ but is in French. Anyway it's helpful.
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    As there's no stable thread... 3.5.5_45798 magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5B3CF2C29198C64E994E438349DAB36657D9CA5C File size: 2.01 MB (2,117,080 bytes) / MD5: 29F2007F7E9E5C5D214ED6E205746DCA Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 25 August 2020 20:41:08 No changelog at time of posting. Instead of filling to topic with the same inane question for each new release, try posting the version yourself.
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    @MIke: seems to have the wrong file - build 45776 ...
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    >Could you confirm that we can add multiple Magnet URIs through MiniUI to utorrent, if so how please? Never used it, so no. Was moving/reusing the resume file not good enough ?
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    So, for those not-started magnets, you can use the old resume.dat after you re-install/locate utorrent (if you still want to download to the exact same location) . *IF* the download location has changed now you will still need to left-click "change download location" on each one. The problem will be with the rest of the downloaded torrents, that you might need to either delete in uT or take care that the the old .torrent file and the downloaded file for each is in the exact same path as before BEFORE you run the new uTorrent for the first time. If not, it will warn you of "torrent/file-not-found".
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    The question is - do you want to move only the magnets (.torrent files) , change only the download directory for the future downloads from them, the whole utorrent installation-place, or all?
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    I uninstalled using the Windows 10 uninstaller and installed version 3.5.5 build 45704. The only feed I use is RSS and it's working fine. Every once in a while Iobit software updater wants to update Utorrent but I always cancel
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    Please fix this. It is impossible to use utorrent.
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    Thank you for report. We do see the problem and working with our partner on fixing it. Sorry for inconvenience.
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    Hello. The program version 3.5.5_45776 still has a problem with the toolbar. This problem started after version 3.5.5_45724. The system used is Windows 10 2004 19041.388, screen resolution 1920 * 1080, no decoration applied to the system. 45776 45724