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    I upgraded to 2.2.1 and I couldn't be more happier. All the features acutally work.
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    I kept upgrading thinking that the newer versions would be better... but the last one was the drop that spilled the glass. I went back to the last installer i had on my machine (3.1), and I even might go back to a 2.x version if i find it.
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    v2.0.4.22150 It works great and is nice lightweight client for my needs. have tried many including v1.7.7 that many people use, I just couldn't get on with it. Would be nice to have the bugs for v2.0.4.22150 fixed in line with current UT. But remains lightweight no bloat and advertisements etc. It is sad we use the older version, it is nice you recognise this with hope make a super lightweight modern UT for us. Kept up to date in line with main UT. Of course needs not to be said, or maybe once more please no bloat and advertisements added as in newer versions. Since this is why we use these old versions