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    UI hangs and becomes unresponsive as long as bandwidth usage is above ~180mbit, webui stops responding, crashes. IE: Just now, the UI hung for 5 min straight until speeds dropped below 100mbit. And then it crashed. Another bug. Even if connected to cached peers ie: 97/146, it will not download anything if utorrent thinks tracker is reporting 0/0. Have watched cached peers go from 0 to 60% without being allowed to download anything. When utorrent displays tracker status as 0/0 why is the "update tracker" button greyed out? Edit: 1 hour and 14 min, UT has managed to download 8mb. Still can't update tracker. UT thinks the tracker has reported 0/0, while there's 0/163 peers, and it is connected to 63. In reality the tracker reports 660/63 and any chance there was seeding anything on it is now gone. Because it has downloaded 8mb, i now can't just delete the torrent and have to download the remaining ~23.4gb.