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    When I start uTorrent v3.5.5 (build 45672) I now get a "We respect your privacy!" screen. I never used to get this on previous versions. Can this be stopped?
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    I am trying to reproduce that bug with no success here. Would you guys mind to help me with some info please? 1. In which country you are? (privacy window appears for certain countries only) 2. Does window appears on computer restart or just program restart? 3. When you close "privacy" window, which option you are using? ([x] button, agree, etc...) 4. On which version of the utorrent you are? 5. Did you modify any settings, if yes, which settings are changed? Thank you in advance .
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    >Yes, but the system writes the new updated exes in that folder so changing the access could block updates... Not if you leave the write permission enabled...
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    Hi chip33/Shadey/PinguJohn, Just until this bug is fixed, try changing the security permissions on utorrentie.exe. Go to the security tab and edit the permissions for SYSTEM. Change all the permissions from Allow to Deny. Leave the permissions for your own user accounts alone, you only need to change the SYSTEM user. This stopped the pop-up on bootup for me on uTorrent 3.5.5 build 45672. Once the bug is fixed, you can change the security permissions for SYSTEM back to Allow again to comply with the relevant legislation as per SergeyQA.
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    Getting this nag screen at every client start as well, even if decline the choices. 3.5.5 build 45660.
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    Sorry for bad experience. By the law we should show that message. If user accepts or declines the message, we do not show it any more. If user just clicks on {x} button we have to show it on every restart until clear answer is given. Again that is by the the law and we have no control over it. But if you do declined or accepted the message and it appears again - that is a bug.
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    Same. Every single time I turn on uTorrent, the dreadful pop up appears! Seems like uTorrent can't remember our preferences (some sort of clear all data at exit-thingy like an Incognito mode, must be because we've deactivated all the ad/offers in Advanced Preferences and this is uTorrent's way of getting back to us?)
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