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    Hi I have this error Who helps me, please? Indicates that it has not reached the server to calculate my bandwidth and therefore does not affect uTorrent's performance?
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    @mike, you magnet link is another version, not the 45730. The one in your signature is correct.
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    Hi all, I am on a 100/40 FTTH connection - speedtest.net I sync at 95Mbps and I can download from Apple at 11.5MB/s. When I torrent from my private tracker I can't get more than 7-8MB/s stable even though the torrents have >1000 seeds and <10 peers. If I have 1 torrent downloading it will be @ 7MB/s, if I add another torrent they will both download at 3.5MB/s, 3 torrents will download @ around 2.6MB/s each etc. I've also noticed that torrents will only connect to a max of 75 seeds per torrent - is this normal even though I have much higher connection limits set? I am using version 3.5.5 https://www.speedtest.net/result/9445861740 Any help would be great!