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    Update with new flags.bmp too (newly added countries: BL (Saint-Barthélemy), MF (Saint-Martin) - both french outhorities. Now removed is TP (no entries, now is TL) and outdated is AN (still exisiting in the flags.conf). So please also update your flags.bmp with the new flags.conf! If you have done it corret the special "?" flag is now yellow on black. Update 2020-09-20: http://www.should.keepfree.de/flags.zip How to use / description: http://www.should.keepfree.de/Readme_FLAGS.html 127-7-16-223-on-nets.com|HK 25h8.com|UA 48ft.com|US 5july.net|SE bereg.net|RU centrynews.com|US cijber.net|FR cmclbd.com|BD creativelink.net|PA cruzio.net|US drycellstore.com|US dunetechnology.com|ES dynv6.net|DE earthlinkbusiness.net|US fatigue-tools.com|DE fiberhub.com|US freedominter.net|US greektor.net|US hometelco.net|US hostmutt.com|CA hostzone.net|US intlsalesforce.net|CA ipxon.net|US keramir.com|RU lou-bada.net|FR m-sv.net|RU magteek.net|MA mahall.net|TR mivocloud.com|MD njalla.net|KN npbnl.net|US open5g.com|KR pithyphrase.net|US protonvpn.com|SE repagencement.com|SG supersonicbroadband.com|SG swedisonorary.com|US taibjeeconsultants.com|US truelifeservices.com|US unixcat.net|US upitertele.com|RU vpnunlimitedapp.com|US vps28-isoftersolutions.com|US