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    Ok so I've used Utorrent for a long time and its worked fine. i use 2.2.1. 3 days ago it wont download with a VPN in place anymore. i use nord and have it set up right in utorrent with a proxy server. the settings have remained the same for about 3 years. The other day it just stops working. if i got from Socks5 to none under the proxy settings, it starts up. if i go back to Socks5, it maye keep one file going and all the rest go red. its got 0 nodes on DHT. im really far from a pro on this stuff, so i don't even know where to start on trying to fix it. any help would be awesome.
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    Your Gig speeds aren't related to torrent speeds those are two different metrics. Torrent speeds are based on swarms and seeders that determine upload and download speeds. And since there is no screenshot of screen comparison on each computer no one can know what is happening. If torrent speeds are megabits it doesn't go gigabits because you have a gigabit connections.
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    That sounds like ISP throttle so unless you can do a speedtest without anything including torrent program running that will tell you what is happening. If the speedtest show good results but once you run utorrent it drops then that would be a likely candidate for ISP throttle when they detect torrent usage.
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    That would indicate ISP throttle issue with them detecting torrent usage and they throttle the internet for that reason.