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    why is there such a difference between earnings and in app credit ? And why are BTT deducted even though I have disabled the option ? It is very frustrating. I've been seeding for 2 weeks to earn ~1000 BTT and every now and then 100-200 BTT are suddenly gone. Image
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    I agree with almost all of what you said 100%. I would disagree that 158mb is not a lot. The entire Holy Bible is 3mb when converted to a ZIP file. My resume.dat file is 31 mb.. which is STILL the equivalent of 10 bibles. I have roughly 8000 torrents. That comes out to about 4000 characters worth of information for EACH torrent! That is clearly a problem. There is no reason why a single torrent should be more than 100 bytes, which would result in a Resume.dat of 800k.. less than 1mb! It could be.. that they have allocated far too large of a fixed size for each record in the DAT file. In your case, each torrent is using roughly 20,000 characters worth of information. But that gets back to the big problem.. it doesn't seem like anybody is listening!