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    @techster When will the exchange be working again? We cant whitdraw from in-app to on-chain. We have 2 months waiting for a clear answer. Please check this post:
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    Speed is a dwarf compared to the 2nd biggest decentralized storage space platform. Which against begs the question, who are these thousands of people who rent for free and have been renting for free for the past 2 months.
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    If you do not see, this project is thrown to the trash ... Seed if you want to help the community but throw away all your hope to try to get out the earnings via so called - BTT SPEED. Proof for my words - go check the last 2 weekly reports - not a single fucking word for BTT SPEED. Says enough from TRON
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    Justin Sun is more into BTFS scamm nowadays, if you check Bittorrent's Medium and Twitter you will see that they don't give a fuck about Bittorrent Speed....
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    nice post! sadly, nobody will come and challenge your statements: this forum has been dead since last May
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    hi admin @techster my btt stuck 4days ago, please fix, thank you wallet address: TX6swL2T8n7e6wMcvwDnNFd9gyA3pbAprH