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    Finally found the culprit to be the new ReFS.sys driver... It has been updated in KB5003690 to the version 10.0.19041.1081... I've installed the update on July 3rd, and that's when the weekly memory leaks started... It happens every week at the same time, right after Windows performs its scheduled maintenance, and creates a restore point... Surprisingly, I don't see this issue on a different machine with a similar ReFS volume... 7 effin' gigabytes!.. The registry change to uTorrent did help with the RAM usage a little bit, but the main problem was not that... UPDATE after one month: The ReFS.sys driver has been slightly updated, but the issue is still present, and I don't see it reported by anyone else (not many people use it, I guess)... I was able to automate the preventive measures by triggering "Free Working Set" command (EmptyStandbyList.exe) when the amount of free RAM drops below 1gig... Somehow that lets the ReFS driver release all the RAM it took...