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    Dear user:As the number of Bittorrent Speed users grows, so does our dedication to security and safety of our users' assets. As a result, and while we are working on improving our protection mechanisms, we decided to limit the BTT withdrawals to a 2,000,000 (2 million) token supply to be delivered among our users daily.We are diligently working on the Exchange service status and will make sure to keep you posted on the progress.Feel free to visit our Help Center at https://help.utorrent.com/support/home for updates, or raise any questions you may have by submitting a ticket here: https://help.utorrent.com/support/tickets/newWe thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.Regards,The Bittorrent Support Team
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    https://tronscan.org/?fbclid=IwAR0EzdrbPKFCmqXcoA7AsVwtGE6s-d0-Xu0QleX0bLxBfykVQh9cXZ6glVY#/address/TTZu7wpHa9tnQjFUDrsjgPfXE7fck7yYs5/transfers At random time of a day you can see 2mil btt coming in and out in a matter of minutes.
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    µTorrent Stable (& LAA flag) [size reduced to ~2MB, maybe this will help to avoid deletion by Win Defender... ] To stay with the LAA flag - It's recommended to disable auto-updates in Pref. - General , and update manually ... Edit: New tip: "V" in my guide - how to improve/reduce cached RAM size..
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    The tokens in the new one, literally evaporate in less than 20 seconds. You'd need to be really precise and super quick, most likely using a script to have a chance to move anything at any point. As for the latest under the hood update this code poped up: I wanna say the integration is on the way, but when ... who knows.
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    In that wallet there are 4 million BTT, I still can't withdraw anything.
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    46090 < 46096 so, an older version...
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    Now blocked as a default by Win 10: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/potentially-unwanted-apps-will-be-blocked-by-default-b9f53cb9-7f1e-40bb-8c6b-a17e0ab6289e Also, the LAA version cannot pass signature verification, so it is reasonable to block it...
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    [updated for release 3.3.x] >>>Click here to subscribe to this thread<<< A new Help Website for uTorrent 3.x.x is HERE Having crashes, or memory related issues on a 64 bit PC ? try the LAA release (latest in my sig): * NEW> Latest stable with LAA flag - for using >2GB with x64 Windows - >uTorrent EXE with LAA Flag< or >from Here< <NEW * Have you upgraded lately from a uTorrent older - 2.x/1.8x - release to the new v 3.x.x ? A new install of uTorrent ? Having some memory issues ? CPU load increase ? Router/Internet are overloaded ? Cannot reach the speed you used to have, or having a fluctuating/crappy speed ? Want version v3.x graphs to look & feel like in 2.2.1 ? Go on, try and read this, it might help! Most tips are also valid for the 2.x releases. Oh... and if it did help you, please post below - what and how. Thanks! My mini-guide/suggestions for the 3.x user: Contents Background O. Quick fix/"install" (adding also an enhanced search engines list) ... 0. If nothing works for you... 1. An updated help file for v3.2.x/3.3.x <--- *** NEW *** A. For fixing CPU-load/Memory/Disk overhead/stability issues B. For improving low speed issues C. For improving Internet choking / router issues D. If you feel your multimedia player throttles your speed (Win7/Vista) E. For minimizing possible "privacy invasion" issues F. Bypassing known bugs G. When the speed is going over your set limits H. For problems downloading the "help file" I. For possibly faster one-by-one downloading of multi-files in a torrent J. For auto-extracting files after download completes uTorrnet v3.x Specials... K. How to revert 3.0 graphs to 2.2.1 look & feel L. A "backup" copy of the languages pack file M. Smartly using of the RSS auto-downloader - avoid fake torrents N. How to Control uTorrent "Offers" (Enable/Disable Ads/Promotions) <--- *** 3.2.1+ *** P. Make pref->bandwidth->"Alternate upload rate when not downloading" work "better" Q. Solve the 'missing tray icon' on XP on 3.3.1+ (plus - a replacement icon) R. How to bypass auto-update into %appdata%\utorrent, and use any other directory <---***3.3.1+*** S. "Disk overload"/"Cache overflow" warning - what is it and how to try to overcome <--- ***fixed in 3.4.1+*** T. Making auto-backup for your settings files U. How to auto-map a label to a folder (3.4.1+) V. How to reduce memory/cache consumption (Windows) O. Quick fix/"install"... Good luck ! 0. If nothing works for you... : No downloads, no seeding , active torrents are in red, no green net-status, in trackers' tab - none are connecting... check this: [1] If you have a router - check that your port is still being forwarded and is opened [Control-G->setup guide] and for both TCP + UDP [2] Check that you have enabled/excluded the new release in your Windows firewall/3rd party firewall (replacing the old rules). Try uninstall ZoneAlaram if installed. 1. An updated help file for v3.2.x/3.3.x The current uTorrent help file is "compatible" with version 2.2. Here is an updated help file for v 3.2.1 and one for 3.3.x. It is is not 100% complete, but I believe better then the older one. 1. Extract utorrent.chm from the zip file into your settings directory (either local, with the exe, or at %appdata%/utorrent) 2. Now, for example, for version 3.2.1 Rename the file to utorrent-<version#>-<build#>.chm [example: utorrent-321-28086.chm] Note: starting from v 3.4 (build 30553) the help file name changed to utorrent-<version#>.chm [example: utorrent-340.chm] And you are all done! An 'enhanced' new RSS tutorial is in there too @chapter 2 - Basic Guides. Feel free to post here comments/syntax-errors/more info you think should be included A. For fixing CPU-load/memory-issues/Disk-overload/stability: [0] Set Pref.->Advanced net.low_cpu - true [1] In pref.->advanced->Disk Cache Make sure : 1a. ->Override automatic cache size... - is checked 1b. ->reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed - is unchecked [2] Make sure pref.->advanced->gui.transparent_graph_legend is false [3] Reduce disk overhead by also enabling pref.->general->pre-allocate All Files [4] Win7 users might experience uTorrent process not closing properly. It is suspected to be caused by a Microsoft IPV6 issue. Those command lines can assist by disabling IPV6 in your system: In Windows - go Start->run->cmd, and enter those two commands: netsh int 6to4 set state disabled netsh int teredo set state disabled ATTENTION: these commands will disable IPV6/teredo. You might need it for other applications, and M$ Homegroup on Win7+ NOTE: to re-enable: > netsh int 6to4 set state enabled > netsh int teredo set state default [5] Win7 freezing on you - you can also set the new advanced setting: net.disable_ipv6 = true and pref->connection->Enable uPnP Port mapping = unchecked. That might prevent it. B. For improving low speed issues: [1] Make sure your upload speed limit is correctly set as follows: 1a. Set the upload limit to about 80-95% of your connection's maximum upload-speed/cap. This is required so to accommodate for 1) + 2) above, limiting the total of upload-payload + download-acks-overhead You can test your connection speed @ http://speedtest.net or use the options->setup-guide (control-G) 1b. Set "Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to transport overhead" to enabled (very recommended) - 1c. Set "Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to uTP connections" to enabled (very recommended) 1d. If you have "Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to transport overhead" - disabled - set the upload limit to 70-80% of your connection's maximum upload-speed/cap. This is recommended in this case, but not required, though. You can set it to as low as the actual seeding-payload speed you like to have. In both cases you can use a different upload speed limit setting at pref->bandwidth->"Alternate upload rate when not downloading" Test your download speed again now with this (test torrent...) This step should be enough for most users that upgrade! Important notice: It seems that there is an issue with v3.x upload limiter with high-speed connections (upload speeds > 500KB/s) . uTorrent upload limiter fails to limit uTP connections correctly! It seems to limit them to about ~500K . So, unless you want to just not use the limiter for uTP (un-check/disable "Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to uTP connections" ) or just not use uTP (un-check BitTorrent->Enable bandwidth management) here is a tip how to overcome this: * Set any download limit you want * ! Strangely, this seems to help bypass the upload limiter issue Remember: this is ONLY for very high speed UPLOAD rates! and for the time being, till they'll fix the upload limiter [2] Settings that might improve (reduce) your overhead: 2a. Set pref->advanced->net.uTP_dynamic_packet_size =false 2b. Set pref->advanced->net.utp_initial_packet_size = 8 (use MTU size, actually 1440...) [3] Set pref.->advanced->bt.tcp_rate_control = false [4] If you want to try and reduce your ISP's throttling: Some ISPs are more "sensitive" to UPD (uTP) traffic. You can reduce the use of uTP by - 4a. Support only uTP incoming connections by setting pref->advanced->bt.transp_disposition = 29 4b. Alternatively - disable the use of uTP by pref->BitTorrent->Enable Bandwidth Management = unchecked [5] To improve availability of peers, you might want to clean up the bans uTorrent imposes on PEX peers due to 'message flood'. So, for torrents running/active for a long time, it might be helpful to perform every couple of days: right-click->advanced->reset bans right-click->advanced->clear peer list Finally, For users who like to experiment with uTP - try to reset it to UNLIMITED speed disabling the new: Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to uTP connections . The theory is that this will give you high speeds, w/o effecting other Internet traffic. Good luck with it ! and report back here ... ! C. For improving Internet choking / router issues: [1] First, make sure you have set a proper upload speed limit (B.1 above) and that your max # of connections/slots are per the setup-guide [2] Change setting per B.2a&B.2b above [3] Set your pref->advanced->bt.connect_speed = 10 [4] Set your pref->advanced->net.max_halfopen = 50 [5] Disable the DHT network [6] In pref->connection - Disable NAT-PMP port mapping. Make sure 'uPnP port mapping' is unchecked if you've manually forwarded you port in the router. [7] AMD Dual Core specific issue, choking when running on XP D. If you feel your multimedia player throttles your speed (Win7/Vista): If you've noticed this strange behaviour (mostly with high speed connections) when running a player/recorder/streamer app - blame Microsoft... and modify/create this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile\ Name : NetworkThrottlingIndex Setting to - FFFFFFFF will make it not throttle . Other values may adjust the amount per the above article. E. For minimizing possible "privacy invasion" issues: 1. Settings: Pref->general->send details when checking for updates - unchecked Pref->advanced->gui.report_problems - false (do not send crash reports) Pref->advanced->gui.bypass_search_redirect - false (bypass BT inc search server when searching) 2. To avoid installing of the TOOL-BAR make sure you follow this: Look here for some more advanced methods on how to uninstall it ... F. Bypassing known bugs: 1. For Win 7/x64 users - not being able to kill uT process - see A[3-4] above ... 2. Resetting Transfer Cap history - will not quit the "stopped" state , caused by the cap limiter. A bypass solution is here. 3. Sometimes you may notice a Chinese link on the toolbar. Here is how you change it to English, remove it you replace it with yours... : 0. Close uTorrent 1. Run BEendode-editor http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306 on your active settings.dat file 2. Search inside for "stitle" (no quotes) 3. Edit it (double click) and replace it with "Take our product survey" Now, rerun uTorrent see if that did the trick ... And for the bonus-extra-fun part: a. Search for "s_url" b. Edit in your own URL, like this one to this on-line TIPs/guide: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820 c. Per the above 'guide' enter as stitle: "Rafi's tips-guide..." G. When the speed is going over your set limits: a. See that your Perf.->bandwidth->Apply rate limit to uTP connections is checked... b. Optionally: Enable Preferences->bandwidth->Apply rate limit to transport overhead c. Enable Preferences->BitTorrent->limit local peers bandwidth d. DHT network can 'contribute' some upload rate. If you do not really need it, you can disable it, to avoid that: Either completely - disable Preferences ->Bittorrent->Enable DHT network, or for individual torrents - in properties of the torrent. H. For problems downloading the "help file" : - Get the latest copy from here or here - Extract to your settings *.dat files location - Rename to utorrent-<version-#>-<build-#>.chm For example - for release 2.0.1 build 19248 - utorrent-201-19248.chm for release 2.0.2 build 19648 - utorrent-202-19648.chm for release 2.2.0 build 23071 -utorrent-220-23071.chm --> Starting from v 3.4 (build 30553) the help file name changed to utorrent-<version#>.chm [example: utorrent-340.chm] I. For possibly faster one-by-one downloading of multi-files in a torrent: This tip will assist you in case you have multiple TV episodes inside a single torrent, and you like to download and watch the first episode(s) first. Here is how you do it conveniently and automatically - 1. Press shift-F2 + click preferences 2. Press shift-F2 + click advanced (if not already on advanced). ( http://is.gd/7nm3px ) 3. You'll see a new property: bt.sequential_files. Set it "true" You are all done. From now on - multi-torrents downloads will automatically set high priority to the first/top file downloading, and low for the rest. This way you'll get the top on the list the fastest way. Note: a. The downloads' order always goes by the position of the file inside the torrent. b. You should revert this setting to FALSE again, since the overall time to download multi-files torrents - will be LONGER! http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/901/80831709.png http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/1409/63494567.th.png J. For auto-extracting files after download completes: Use the following command inside preferences->Advanced->Run-Program: or: cmd /c start /min IF EXIST "%D\*.r*" "c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" x -ibck "%D\*.r*" "%D" Were c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe - is the location of your Winrar program. Adding the '-ad' switch will also create a sub-folder with the rar file name. More details are in this winrar guide: http://acritum.com/software/manuals/winrar/ If you do not have Winrar on you PC, here is another nice utility that might help you do that :http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=114772 K. How to revert 3.0 graphs to 2.2.1 look & feel Here is a template/skin file I made, that supposes to give you the 2.2.1 speed-graph's colors. Try it out https://www.imagebam.com/view/ME3JJWD https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B1fLVXA8Va91MEJHcGFNVWpRX1U (rename to current.btskin) You just need to drag & drop it into uTorrent 3.0 or double click it. To get back into the original colors: close uT, and delete the generated current.btskin file, that should be were your settings.dat is (either at your exe location or %appdata%\utorrent) Have fun! L. A "backup" copy of the language pack-file (schnurlos's page) http://www.should.keepfree.de/utorrent.lng.zip M. Smartly using of the RSS auto-downloader - avoid fake torrents Those of you who are using the RSS downloader, know that uTorrent does not help in filtering torrents using their contents, but only by the torrents' name and episodes/seasons #. You find yourself auto-downloading fake torrents, that require some password to open them, using suspicious sites ! Here is a special RSS feed-site that can help you with better filtering: http://www.dailytvtorrents.org/ I found it very useful to eliminate those fake torrents. Here is an example how you can define it in uTorrent: Feed's link - http://www.dailytvtorrents.org/rss/allshows?norar=yes&onlynew=yes This will make sure there is no *.rar inside the torrents, and that only new releases are scanned. http://thumbnails70.imagebam.com/19141/0fec64191402276.jpg N. How to Control uTorrent "Offers" (Enable/Disable Ads/Promotions) Starting with uTorrent 3.2.1, uTorrent includes a few new "Offer"-links to a sponsored torrent showing only new offers and auto-disabled when you skip/select it's offers (visible just below the toolbar) and to uTorrent Plus download plus an extra promo page (visible on the left pane="rail"). All of those can be enabled/disabled using the Advanced settings (you can use "offer" filter). You can see those settings in the below screenshots and set them to true/false so to enable/disable each (for both 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 and above). In addition, there are two icon-links to uTorrent's Facebook/Tweeter pages at the bottom right on the status bar, and a "take out survey" link on the right side of the toolbar. Those cannot be removed. 3.4.x offers' related settings will be listed when it is stabilized (probably @3.4.3) . Till then you have those links for 3.4.2: http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/88607-34x-stable/page-44#entry494405 3.2.2+ settings 3.2.1 settings http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/21957/1513bf219563124.jpg http://thumbnails106.imagebam.com/21957/4a93a2219563126.jpg P. Make pref->bandwidth->Alternate upload rate when not downloading - work "better" The "Alternate upload rate when not downloading" seems to be sensitive to very small on-going download rates. The reason is this special setting called ul_rate_download_thres that is set to 0 by default. You need to increase it a bit: - Press shift-F2 and Preferences - Press shift-F2 and advanced ( http://is.gd/7nm3px ) - set ul_rate_download_thre to 5K or more Q. Solve the 'missing tray icon' on XP with 3.3.1+ (plus - a replacement icon) Since v3.3.1, people running Windows XP have noticed that the tray icon might not show up. This is due to uTorrent now using a compressed format for the icon, that XP seem to not support. Following are 3 alternative icons-files that you can use: http://105.imagebam.com/download/G6pFK7NTEAlCTyJ9ZcunIw/26626/266258635/tray3.3_48_tn.pngIcon with 3.3. style: https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0B1fLVXA8Va91TDFjUVJYU3ZuREU&export=download http://103.imagebam.com/download/7Ws2vjWIUR8w7sdCgXeyCw/26626/266258622/tray332_64_tn.pngIcon with 3.3.1+ style: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B1fLVXA8Va91ZjZidUM5ZUZKams&export=download http://104.imagebam.com/download/H9zhUhYF5JalmdhEGHEsOg/26626/266258630/trayPopular_256_tn.pngAnother popular icon style: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B1fLVXA8Va91d0tvVXFFQjlteEE&export=download And do the following: 1. Download and rename to "tray.ico" 2. Place where your settings are (with the exe of in %appdata%\utorrent) 3. Re-run uTorrent You are all done... R. How to bypass auto-update into %appdata%\uTorrent, and use any other directory Since 3.3.1, uTorrent is auto-updating and installing the exe into %appdata%\uTorrent . People that have previously some kind of "standalone" install (exe + settings), have installed into c:\program files\uTorrent, or simply want to install in a flash-drive/DOK might find their uTorrent install - relocated, and sometimes will even temporarily loose their old settings. Until this issue is resolved here is how to trick windows to put everything in any directory you like: 1. Start->run->cmd and open a command window 2. cd %appdata% 3. If you already have a sub-directory .\uTorrent - rename it to _uTorrent: >ren uTorrent _uTorrent 4. Set a logical link into the directory you want the install in (with quotes): >mklink /D uTorrent "<your_install_full_path_name>" 5. Copy uTorrent.exe (and your other settings/torrent files if needed) from .\_uTorrent to your install path as well You are all done! S. "Disk overload"/"Cache overflow" warning - what is it and how to try to overcome Some users observe a "Disk overload" warning on the status bar. This is observed when: - Downloading at higher rates (usually over 8MB/sec) - Downloading of multi-files torrents (files there are not aligned to disk blocks) - Downloading of larger files >4GB - Using a slower hard drivers (slower USB connection) - Using an AV software that interferes with the download - Having access permissions in the download location The good news is: this issue was greatly improved in release 3.4.1, so I suggest to first try and upgrade (backup your settings first) and see if it helps. This release should have no issues up to speeds of ~12MB/sec (~100mbps) when using my settings file) In principle, this warning is when uTorrent cannot write the downloaded data as fast as it downloads it. It then throttles it's own speed to compensate. Things to do that *might* help (beside improving the above root causes) : - Use my recommended settings file - Try to run-as-admin - Checking Pref.Advanced->Disk Cache->Write out untouched blocks every 2 min. might help a bit with not accumulating of completed pieces in cache. - Optional: Set pref.->advanced->diskio.use_partfile = FALSE (might result in "skipped" files being downloaded) - As a last resort: try to also change my settings to Pref.->Advanced->diskio.sparse_files to TRUE (Warning: this increases HD fragmentation) Good luck! T. Making auto-backup for your settings files Settings files are sensitive to crashes (not using a proper exit command). You might find yourself "loosing" your torrents, if resume.dat is corrupted for example. This is a cmd file that I recommend to run uTorrent with, so to be able to recover if required, using the backup settings: copy /Y resume.dat.save resume.dat.save.old copy /Y resume.dat resume.dat.save ! Can copy here the other .dat files, like settings.day start /D "D:\Program Files\uTorrent\uT 3.4" utorrent.exe /recover U. How to auto-map a label to a folder (3.4.1+) Starting with 3.4.1, you can ask uTorrent to auto-select (map) for you a destination download path and give labels to torrents/files you "add" for downloading. This feature is now limited in functionality (works only it "Add torrent" dilog is being used) and still has some bugs... Here is how: 1. Make sure you have Pref.->UI setting->"When Adding Torrents" section - Show options to change the name and location of the torrent data - Enabled 2. In the new pref.->Labels->"Label-Directory Mapping" section (lower) - make a list of your labels, and their desired destination pathes (use the "+" to add) 3. In the new pref.->Labels->"Auto-Label" section (upper) - enter the *exact same* label, and the text sub-string in torrents you'd like uTorrent to find and associate with it (use the "+" to add) 4. Do not enter and wildcards (*, ? ) , and remember to ENABLE the feature by checking the box "Use Label and directory Rule" at the top Limitations/bugs: a. The lower "-" (delete) does not work, do be careful.... (can still be deleted using BEncode utility on the settings.dat file ...) b. No wildcards for "abc*cde" type strings c. Does not work when not using the "Add" dialog d. You cannot change the default set for video/music, so, do not touch if you need them... Example for newer movies that includes the year in their name ("yyy 201x zzzz"): http://www.imagebam.com/image/3db7e2325810863 And the result for this test torrent: http://www.imagebam.com/image/ac41b3325810857 Good luck! V. How to reduce memory/cache consumption (Windows) Run this registey settings-file to reduce priority in Windows' cache sub-system to 1 (minimum). This should allow Windows to allow other applications in the cache over utorrent if needed. Other troubleshooting related links/threads: - Speed related issues: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992
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    Another question is: why is Windows Defender deleting utorrent.exe?!
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    I can't get any version of Utorrent to install! EEEEEK!
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    I have been using Qbittorrent almost exclusively for roughly a year, but I needed to find something in my Utorrent archives today. I was surprised to find out that all of my executable Utorrent files are GONE! I don't remember ever getting a warning that they even contained a virus. Something has just decided to gobble them up and remove them! I'm sure that there is no real virus in Utorrent, many years ago I wrote commercial software which certainly had no virus in it, yet it got tagged as being a virus and put me out of business! Basically, if any software is not microsoft "certified" it gets tagged as being malware. The way to get certified is to submit your source code to Microsoft to analyze. Gee, it's it funny how Microsoft manages to come up with their "own" version of every software made?
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    Please @rafiDo your magic... Yes, you've already done it I see...
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    You first have to install with Admin/Owner account and then create separate folders in utorrent folder corresponding to each user name so they can setup each their own downloads. After that you need to start each account and start utorrent and create folders for each users. That how you get utorrent to be able to use for each separate accounts. If you don't do this the Admin/Owner account will not allow the other accounts to setup. This is a involved process so you need to do this yourself step by step for each accounts.
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    uTorrent v3.5.5 build 46084 Beta Beta Download *multiple tries may be required* http://download-new.utorrent.com/endpoint/utorrent/os/windows/track/beta or http://ll.download3.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent.46084.installer.exe http://download-new.utorrent.com/uuid/6abee9f7-3448-4a3e-9416-24ca7bf43526 File size: 2,19 MiB (2.297.896 bytes) / MD5: 53bc7fea82ea38987b6b82c2d1b8e5d3 Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 02 September 2021
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    My condolences ... Request a refund
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    BTFS is fixed and all functionality restored. BTFS node should be visible now. Thank you.
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    There is an UI issue found in the latest BTFS build. Team is working on fix. No BTT assets are affected. Thank you.
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    Not a big deal, it's just a link to here: https://speed.btt.network/gui/index.html?port=1800#/dashboard
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    Pref- Pref.->bittorrent->Enable Protocol Enhancements
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    uTorrent 3.5.5 Build 46074 Stable Download *multiple tries may be required* http://download-new.utorrent.com/endpoint/utorrent/os/windows/track/stable or http://download-new.utorrent.com/uuid/9420e92c-ab03-47b8-b94c-20f39a3ab681 File size: 4,76 MiB (4.995.464 bytes) / MD5: 8d0124a14d7620023eeb21ad773f14c0 Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 17 August 2021
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    Well, there are software updates, so they are simply not responding to forum messages.
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    Scroll up, it's ABOVE torrents....
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    And have you clicked the "Speed - Download torrents faster" button (left pane) to see the related info? Or you are expecting it to be somewhere else?
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    What do you mean missing?
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    According to a mod in their discord grp, they've set up a daily limit and once a day they fill up a dev wallet with 2-4M tokens that get depleted in less than half hour.
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    Once in a while wallet balances reconcile and that may lead to earnings looking like some BTT "disappeared" or BTT balance increased. Of course, users do not complain about the latter We are working on making the interfaces reflect the actual earnings instead of projections. The patch should be delivered this quarter.