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    Main window columns' headers -> right-click -> enable availability column.
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    I have tried installing uTorrent web, uTorrent Classic, BitTorrent web, and BitTorrent Classic but every single one seems to fail when I try to install it. I started off with downloading the file as usual but when I run the install files a download bar appears for a millisecond then disappears and nothing happens. I take a look in task manager and each one off show that their doing nothing. In the Temp folder the files for the install Wizard are their but they never launch after the initial installer downloads them. I have also tried disabling firewall, antivirus and unblocking the file. Simplified Version: after the initial installer is run the actual install Wizard does not run. <== What the installer downloads but doesn't do anything with. <== This install wizard from a YouTube video does not appear.
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    Yeah, that's why you want to use the 2 mb size version without the wrapper-installer. Just rename the small guy to utorrent.exe and overwrite the old with the new and launch it directly from its normal location [%appdata%\utorrent], it'll self-update with no fuss at all. If you launch the small guy from another location it will redo its [minimal] install , asking a few questions before overwriting itself, and you might loose a few settings but not many, it preserves your setup. But it's easiest to just overwrite it yourself and avoiding any sort of install at all. BTW, to find the small guy inside of large one, open the large one with 7zip; you'll see within a file called "carrier.exe", that's the small guy, everything else is "the installer" crap, which often offers up shareware...just extract carrier.exe, rename to utorrent.exe and do the overwrite - voila...you're updated...with all your settings intact [important if you turned off all the ads.] I've been overwritting for years and never once seen an ad or any shareware... Always look for the 2 mb size, or extract it yourself from the 4mb wrapper...
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    Hello! My monitor resolution is 1920x1080. I've also tried uninstall and reinstall uTorrent. Same result. There goes the screenshot: Thank you