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    Main window columns' headers -> right-click -> enable availability column.
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    Try to use the LAA flagged version (see my sig) . It might workaround memory related issues ...
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    I have tried installing uTorrent web, uTorrent Classic, BitTorrent web, and BitTorrent Classic but every single one seems to fail when I try to install it. I started off with downloading the file as usual but when I run the install files a download bar appears for a millisecond then disappears and nothing happens. I take a look in task manager and each one off show that their doing nothing. In the Temp folder the files for the install Wizard are their but they never launch after the initial installer downloads them. I have also tried disabling firewall, antivirus and unblocking the file. Simplified Version: after the initial installer is run the actual install Wizard does not run. <== What the installer downloads but doesn't do anything with. <== This install wizard from a YouTube video does not appear.
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    Yeah, that's why you want to use the 2 mb size version without the wrapper-installer. Just rename the small guy to utorrent.exe and overwrite the old with the new and launch it directly from its normal location [%appdata%\utorrent], it'll self-update with no fuss at all. If you launch the small guy from another location it will redo its [minimal] install , asking a few questions before overwriting itself, and you might loose a few settings but not many, it preserves your setup. But it's easiest to just overwrite it yourself and avoiding any sort of install at all. BTW, to find the small guy inside of large one, open the large one with 7zip; you'll see within a file called "carrier.exe", that's the small guy, everything else is "the installer" crap, which often offers up shareware...just extract carrier.exe, rename to utorrent.exe and do the overwrite - voila...you're updated...with all your settings intact [important if you turned off all the ads.] I've been overwritting for years and never once seen an ad or any shareware... Always look for the 2 mb size, or extract it yourself from the 4mb wrapper...
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    uTorrent v3.5.5 build 45842 Beta http://ll.download3.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent.45842.installer.exe File Size: 1,88 MiB (1.972.952 bytes) / MD5: 674FD080FEA6E2AB5103AFACD4AEB6B0 Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 01 December 2020
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    µTorrent Beta http://ll.download3.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent.45840.installer.exe File Size: 1,88 MiB (1.971.928 bytes) / MD5: B2EF50DFAB77543BCD306C5AED4EA338 Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 24 November 2020
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    Ok so I've used Utorrent for a long time and its worked fine. i use 2.2.1. 3 days ago it wont download with a VPN in place anymore. i use nord and have it set up right in utorrent with a proxy server. the settings have remained the same for about 3 years. The other day it just stops working. if i got from Socks5 to none under the proxy settings, it starts up. if i go back to Socks5, it maye keep one file going and all the rest go red. its got 0 nodes on DHT. im really far from a pro on this stuff, so i don't even know where to start on trying to fix it. any help would be awesome.
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    Your Gig speeds aren't related to torrent speeds those are two different metrics. Torrent speeds are based on swarms and seeders that determine upload and download speeds. And since there is no screenshot of screen comparison on each computer no one can know what is happening. If torrent speeds are megabits it doesn't go gigabits because you have a gigabit connections.
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    I'm using utorrent web and for the past few weeks i was receiving a pretty awesome download speed (somewhere around 1-3 Mb/s). But from the past two days the download speed suddenly decreases to 0B/s. Today there was an increase in the speed for few minutes when the download speed increased to 3 Mb/s but it has again dropped to 0B/s.
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    I have had an issue many times where there will be 30 peers and 1 seed. you will be 90% complete when that 1 seed will disappear and never return. Would it be possible to set downloads so that they download the least available pieces first or at least make the least available parts a higher priority. It would mean that the files are more evenly distributed across the peers and you have a lower chance of you being stuck getting unfinished torrents. it should actually lead to there being no "least available pieces" as the moment one slips into that range someone else should pick it up.
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    Your files list lower panel has been dragged too far up from the bottom. Resize your window so that you can drag the separator back down.
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    Update with new flags.bmp too (newly added countries: BL (Saint-Barthélemy), MF (Saint-Martin) - both french outhorities. Now removed is TP (no entries, now is TL) and outdated is AN (still exisiting in the flags.conf). So please also update your flags.bmp with the new flags.conf! If you have done it corret the special "?" flag is now yellow on black. Update 2020-09-20: http://www.should.keepfree.de/flags.zip How to use / description: http://www.should.keepfree.de/Readme_FLAGS.html 127-7-16-223-on-nets.com|HK 25h8.com|UA 48ft.com|US 5july.net|SE bereg.net|RU centrynews.com|US cijber.net|FR cmclbd.com|BD creativelink.net|PA cruzio.net|US drycellstore.com|US dunetechnology.com|ES dynv6.net|DE earthlinkbusiness.net|US fatigue-tools.com|DE fiberhub.com|US freedominter.net|US greektor.net|US hometelco.net|US hostmutt.com|CA hostzone.net|US intlsalesforce.net|CA ipxon.net|US keramir.com|RU lou-bada.net|FR m-sv.net|RU magteek.net|MA mahall.net|TR mivocloud.com|MD njalla.net|KN npbnl.net|US open5g.com|KR pithyphrase.net|US protonvpn.com|SE repagencement.com|SG supersonicbroadband.com|SG swedisonorary.com|US taibjeeconsultants.com|US truelifeservices.com|US unixcat.net|US upitertele.com|RU vpnunlimitedapp.com|US vps28-isoftersolutions.com|US
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    Yes it would be nice to know. I’m sure that there are experts who know the answer. Here’s hoping they come on here!
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    Hello! My monitor resolution is 1920x1080. I've also tried uninstall and reinstall uTorrent. Same result. There goes the screenshot: Thank you
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    As there's no stable thread... 3.5.5_45798 magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5B3CF2C29198C64E994E438349DAB36657D9CA5C File size: 2.01 MB (2,117,080 bytes) / MD5: 29F2007F7E9E5C5D214ED6E205746DCA Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 25 August 2020 20:41:08 No changelog at time of posting. Instead of filling to topic with the same inane question for each new release, try posting the version yourself.
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    @MIke: seems to have the wrong file - build 45776 ...
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    Please fix this. It is impossible to use utorrent.
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    Hello. The program version 3.5.5_45776 still has a problem with the toolbar. This problem started after version 3.5.5_45724. The system used is Windows 10 2004 19041.388, screen resolution 1920 * 1080, no decoration applied to the system. 45776 45724
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    Here is my suggestion for you: do not "install" uTorrent, just copy and replace your existing exe with the new one. No need to go through any "installation" process. As I said, try the custom defender scan on uTorrent folder, and see if it picks up anything. It didn't for me.
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    @mike, you magnet link is another version, not the 45730. The one in your signature is correct.
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    @devs: new text " Peers • *" fails to translate --> problem with the • sign. BTW, the exe indicates as beta, the changelog as stable?
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    Magent was slow to start, but quick to complete. However... That bl**dy Adaware Web Companion POS is back. Wasn't in the last few updates - any reason why it has been included this time? There's no option to not install it, or notification that it is being installed.
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    @mike: your magnet link seems not to work Seems to be solved now
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    A simple trick for this is - scroll down so everything *above* "Torrents (1)" will be hidden, done. uTorrent should save this scroll position for the next run... XD
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    3.5.5_45648 magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D2EEBA1783E018AE478312F198BBB51ED17014A0 File size: 2.00 MB (2,099,440 bytes) / MD5: D0B06BFEB9FE669F67704E57F5BCA5EF Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 17 April 2020 21:26:29 No changelog at time of posting.
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    Update 2020-03-31: http://www.should.keepfree.de/flags.zip How to use / description: http://www.should.keepfree.de/Readme_FLAGS.html A lot new, not listed. Update: 71-8-253-113-on-nets.com|HK ddcdns.com|IN digitalm0nkey.com|US entiative.com|CA environmentalforesight.com|US etinw.net|US goforthmusic.com|US internetbangla.com|BD ip-144-217-180.net|FR ip-51-79-55.net|FR mindseyeit.com|US ontitel.com|ES opale-concept.com|FR penbasics.com|FI retiunite.com|IT routergate.com|TR saibabd.com|BD sfyrilato.com|FR telfy.com|ES ukbroadband.com|GB venustel.com|US web-hosting.com|US xtoweb.com|AR
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    from: http://utclient.utorrent.com/offers/beta_release_notes/release_notes.html μTorrent 3.5.5 Beta (build 45568) Febuary 10, 2020 Fix several memory leaks Dlive integration Fix bencoding parsing bug. - Thanks to Guy Levin for reporting Avoid crash for unhandled setting type by returning empty string Verify sig/cert if requested when attempting process attach Fix AV btindtall update progress
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    As there's no stable thread... 3.5.5_45574 magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6C87288433AB8C57926DAB09A1C42365AF3D55F3 File size: 1.97 MB (2,073,328 bytes) / MD5: 6C3895A4678CB4488BFC45D75F9FC023 Digitally Signed: BitTorrent Inc. 11 February 2020 02:28:50 Changelog: Fix several memory leaks Dlive integration Fix bencoding parsing bug. – Thanks to Guy Levin for reporting Avoid crash for unhandled setting type by returning empty string Verify sig/cert if requested when attempting process attach Fix AV install update progress
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    Update 2019-12-01: http://www.should.keepfree.de/flags.zip How to use / description: http://www.should.keepfree.de/Readme_FLAGS.html agedkites.com|PA alojandowebs.com|PE cfhcable.net|US cgvakindia.com|US citylinenetworks.com|IN cloudlix.com|LT innovatelco.net|US island42.net|NZ kd8hln.com|US larsmueller.net|DE linuxgsm.net|US n2starks.com|US nxvalley.com|US okanaganwebservices.com|US pilbbq.net|FR qwertyoruiop.com|PA salshome.com|CA sochi-online.com|RU sousatelecom.net|US sparklight.net|US thispool.net|US torrestelecom.net|BR wiredns.net|US zigarn.com|FR new ones: 18fss.com|US as20676.net|DE dhitechnical.com|PA greystonenetwork.com|US hellomouse.net|PA mixmedia-ua.net|UA netoip.com|IT norttel.net|SK tvcablelitoral.com|VE walkerservers.com|GB
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    Hello everyone, Please note that we do NOT support Pro (Paid) Members on the Forums. For Pro support please open a ticket at http://help.utorrent.com/customer/portal/emails/new Make sure to include the email you used to purchase your subscription and also your purchase reference number to ensure a fast response. Keep in mind that only Pro users will get support. The Ad-Free upgrade does not include Premium Support, those still need to post their questions at the forums. EDIT: If you have not been responded by at least 48 hours of contacting us at the link above, please PM me with your email and reference number so that I can reach the appropriate team to respond to your request as soon as possible. Regards,
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    That sounds like ISP throttle so unless you can do a speedtest without anything including torrent program running that will tell you what is happening. If the speedtest show good results but once you run utorrent it drops then that would be a likely candidate for ISP throttle when they detect torrent usage.
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    That would indicate ISP throttle issue with them detecting torrent usage and they throttle the internet for that reason.