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  1. When I click on the EXE, all it does it open a window, white with 3 dots that just keep going from one to the other, and nothing ever happens
  2. Has anyone else used this LAA version? Seems to take an AWFUL long time to start up the install ....
  3. Well I tried 7 times and couldn't get anything but 460 ......
  4. Ah, ok .... so what actual effect does that have? (And yes, I see it on mine too)
  5. Never said they had gotten "everything" right, rafi There are only a few on your list of 20 that I would have concerns about, the rest are more annoyances. I notice you have an issue with the cache listed - could you maybe post a couple images of what a "good" cache usage would be vs what you're seeing as "bad"? I must admit, it's not an area that I've paid much attention to.
  6. Just fired up 30460, at least the categories are working now - and the status icons are back! That's two steps in the right direction. Haven't noticed any significant CPU usage (yet) - Win 7 x64. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. We'll see how it shuts down later, or handles a "crash" with the checking. As far as the Twit/FB icons go, at least they are small and pretty unobtrusive - I won't fault them for that - it's not like they'll be accidentally clicked on (at least I don't expect). I also notice that the Search box will now hold on what you have selected (for example, I *only* want the Filter Torrents active there - just to find something in my list, not search for new torrents). Now if I could just get my colors and Icons packaged right (yeah, that's *my* problem, but it'd also be nice to see that functionality eventually incorporated into the gui itself) Keeping my fingers crossed that this build continues to run this smooth - it's a VERY nice surprise.
  7. @Gwolf2u - noticed that issue the other day - it's been there since at *least* Build 30287.
  8. @ciaobaby - LMAO! I held back on a response
  9. Actually, I have to side with ciaobaby on these issues. Everything is an opinion until proven by facts.
  10. @Beasly - never said I didn't. As I said, as soon as something better comes along ......
  11. And that, again, goes to the point I made before, they do not have an EFFECTIVE project/program manager - there is *no* leadership with the development team.
  12. That really says nothing - I don't *have* anything in the clipboard.
  13. With any other build, I get THAT build #
  14. Feed URL: http://Build 30287 Subscription: Do not automatically download all items
  15. The Build # - 30287. Win7 x64.
  16. No, .torrent files are associated with uT, plus the association box is greyed out in the options. Also, the Open With default is uT. There are LOTS of "turtorial" on how to set up uT for RSS feeds, but not a single one to DISABLE it. I don't *want* RSS Feeds at all! I'd *LIKE* to be able to remove the option from even displaying in the left hand column.
  17. Ok, now I *think* I see where the "ADD RSS FEED" prompt originates - I tried a fresh settings.dat, and it started after the first time I added a magnetic link. Still no idea why - version does NOT appear to matter (as far as 3.4x goes)
  18. NOT just the labels are screwed up, ALL the categories are screwed up. I copied over my resume.dat from my current install and it wanted to re-hash/check everything! Again, another botched release. And this is supposed to be RC3???!!! WTF!? What planet are you devs living on? Why don;t you TRY running one of your builds BEFORE you waste everyone's time posting it? (No, I'm not yelling at the Admins who post the build, I'm yelling at the dev/manager who says that it's READY to be posted - that person is USELESS! Get rid of them and get someone who knows what they are doing!)
  19. so' date=' 3 months ago...[/quote'] According to *you* - as I said, *I* didn't find that version any more "stable" than any other version of 3x. You are simply quoting what has been posted by uT as being "stable".
  20. And these repeated issues, or issues that get fixed and then re-broken are all symptoms of a dysfunctional development team and a lack of leadership. Until those change, it will be the same thing over and over. When *was* the last time there was a REAL "stable" client? Anyone?
  21. @rafi - my point is that the people who WANT those things are already *paying* for them in the PLUS version - if they did not include them in the free version, then those who wanted them would *pay* for them. Including them for free does ZERO to increase any profits. If they, like you, actually think that, then you all need to take some business economics classes. An NO - *no one* has to "learn to live" with something they don't like - they may *put up* with it until something better comes along, but those are two entirely different things. And do not doubt that something better WILL come along - it always will - that is the nature of progress, one product/service will always be outdone by the next in line. Those companies who cannot (or will not) adapt to their user base, will a) lose the user base, and go out of business.
  22. @ezcry4t3d - you echo the sentiments of SO many users ...... uT needs to get back to what they USED to be. uT - you want to have all your other "features"? Fine - make them SEPARATE!!!!! Don't *FORCE* them on your user base - that is what is alienating them (or at the least, pissing people off!) Make them available for the people who WANT them. STOP trying to be everything in one bundle (look where that got Vuze!) Use some freaking COMMON SENSE! You know, it appears, from the outside, that their is either a) an ineffective project manager, NO project manager, c) programmers who don't speak to each other and don't know what the others are doing (otherwise there wouldn't be so much trampling going on - 1 thing fixed, 2 things broken), or a combination of the above. I don't fault programmers (in general) - they are *usually* competent and program what they are instructed to - I fault those who are charged with managing the project. (And yes, I *have* been professionally involved in major projects)
  23. One thing I just noticed (and it's probably been there for a while), is that when adding a torrent where files already exist, the folder name does not change to the navigated folder - meaning that the whole path appears in the SAVE IN, while the NAME remains whatever is in the torrent - therefore, without cut&pasting the actual folder name from the SAVE IN to the NAME boxes, it will create another subfolder - even if CREATE SUBFOLDER is unchecked, the NAME field is still populated. If (and I haven't tested it) un-checking the CREATE SUBFOLDER option does *not* create a folder with the NAME value, then (imho) the NAME field should be made BLANK when the box is un-checked.
  24. @AdamK - thanks for the nice Yule present (here's hoping RC3 is the "lucky 3") @rafi - do you know that there are a lot of (what appear to be) "your system-specific" folder locations embedded in your "Best Settings" dat? ex, D:\Program Files\uTorrent\uT 3.3 ; H:\temp\downloads\BitTorrent , etc .... It *might* be better to simply provide a simple list of all the settings (even in a txt file), or a batch of screenshots (jmho)