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  1. Yes i prefer the flags to be displayed the old way too. Now i have to click on the peer tab for each torrent and wait for it to be displayed if i want to check it out. Why is this change? Can anyone tell me what's the difference between "Stop" and "Pause" the torrent?
  2. ....which is still pretty high. Make it finished at around 105% and i'll say it's fixed
  3. How do you rename it? What's the purpose for this? Can you export the torrent now?
  4. I can't connect to SecureIX too. Keep getting the Error 800 as well :/
  5. Did you guys also encounter the frequent site timeouts and torrent issues or just disconnection?
  6. Have tried the free (a noble act in these times) VPN service Mouse provided and here's my feedback The first 1-2 days Works like a charm, able to maxed out my download connection all the time with no problem in surfing or any disconnection. After those 2 days The VPN connection started to d/c a lot, sites have to be refreshed a few times and having problem connecting to peers in torrents which resulted in low download speed. The end results is really surprising, I can't explain the sudden deterioration of service. Anyone experiencing the same thing?
  7. Maybe it's the "Who Got the Highest Hashfails" Contest. Should put this into another thread
  8. How does 61 hashfails look to you?
  9. build 428 doesn't look too me to me either, 10 hashfail within the hour.
  10. argggghhhh.... i had 42 hashfails within 16 hours out of a 4GB torrent. Can't be poisoned as i noticed a lot of hashfail from all the torrent since the last few betas.
  11. How do you know whether your ISP is doing traffic shapping? Is there any clear cut way to identify it?
  12. So turning PE on will reduce DL speed? Is this for sure or just a possibility?
  13. Still kinda confused after reading the different type of Protocol Encryption The purpose of this function is only to prevent throttling of p2p traffic by ISP right?
  14. do u happen to run Outpost firewall? Nope.