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  1. Sola, did you find a solution to the "invalid request" problem? I have the same issue now. Solution: remove NaN from the Restrict Access... under WebUI settings at the client side.
  2. TrondS

    WebUI v0.315

    Which file contains information about the fonts used by WebUI? I tried altering the stable.css/style.css file, but I cannot see any of the changes I've made. I wish to use the Calibri font.
  3. TrondS

    WebUI v0.315

    First of all, great addon for uTorrent! When will the beta be finalized? Feel like I've been running 0.310 for over 1 year now? Maybe there is a new release already? Is there any way I can remove unused columns in WebUI? I've tried to minimize them, but 'Label' won't go under 10px width or something? Thanks.