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  1. instead of adding all that unwanted and unnecessary crap to uT why don't you put only a single, small, unremovable and useful ad on the top right taking the space of the menubar plus the toolbar
  2. how do I get rid of this?
  3. did you guys just put software implants from NSA in uT?
  4. just lost my settings. now uT looks unusable with lots of crap on it. thanks.
  5. work on uTorrent never ends through billion of bugfixes. why's that?
  6. Does this magnet link work? magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E3811B9539CACFF680E418124272177C47477157&dn=ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso& update: all new magnets work... I deleted the 2 bugged ones
  7. it was released yesterday (2013-12-16: Version 3.4 (build 30428) RC1) how come?
  8. Does this magnet link work? magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E3811B9539CACFF680E418124272177C47477157&dn=ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso& yes ... weird
  9. 30345 and 30428: stuck in "downloading metadata"
  10. is available. where? can you give a direct link to download it? because i only get 30304 when i try to download it is not that will fix the stuff you need
  11. with these new versions I noticed high hd usage after adding a torrent.. I'm assuming it is something related with "pre-allocate files". before these new versions it was instant..
  12. what is the good in "automatic updates" when the updated versions breaks "automatic updates"?
  13. looks like this version was released to improve advertisement code and fix all bugs you introduced from it
  14. is it safe now to test the beta version?
  15. stuck at "checked 0.0%" I know this program is free but please test the main function (downloading torrents) before releasing an update edit: I rolled back to the stable version and all my new torrents are still stuck.. will I have to re-add all of them ?
  16. yes it worked. when I turned up my PC today it was updated. ty! Could you leave uT up for 24 hours' date=' or restart? we only do the check for new version at certain (not frequent) intervals. Thanks for the report.[/quote']
  17. hmm hey 29335 came out but I'm still on 29301.. auto-update isnt working? yes I have both "auto update" and "update to beta" on
  18. 28918: still having the bug stuck on "Downloading Metadata"
  19. 28918: PLEASE could you please fix the updater bug I've been having for a very long time? After clicking YES in the update window (the windows that says "new uT version available"), client freezes, no update is done and I always get this:
  20. I need to rollback to a previous version.. I'm afraid of 3.2.x cuz my settings are for 3.3. Where can I get 3.3 on a previous build than current? Edit: rolled back to 28830 and the bug I mentioned above is gone
  21. 28910: stuck on "Downloading Metadata" on all torrents
  22. 28830: - "Whole peer list" option not persistent - flags not showing up anymore when enabling "Resolve IPs" - bad tray icon
  23. Can anyone tell me what/how this "Distributed Cache" feature is/works? PS: is it called "Distributed Cache" or "Distributed Share"?
  24. sorry for the spam, but why did the overhead increase so much out of nothing?