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  1. I've had Azureus who could download from me at full speed, as well as utorrent 1.8.1 ones (I use UPC/chello hungary too). It is worth noting however, that the utorrent user also used Chello, in Austria. But what badschandau said is generally true, I have a 30-40k global torrent cap, except for rare, seemingly random cases.
  2. How can I turn back the 1.7.2 style directory lister on torrent adding? I found it more useful.
  3. Here's a feature suggestion for future versions: ability to set up download uptions (download folder, label, speed limits) per tracker. That's one thing I'm really missing in utorrent. It's still the best client out there.
  4. It seems theres still a memory leak, I'm getting 75mb memory after 2 days of usage. Build 2585.
  5. >> this is intentional after having been requested by many in another thread I like it, its really helpful. The mirc script will get updated to accomodate it anyway.
  6. Small problem - it seems that when no upload or no upload is being done, the download/upload columns are empty (older versions just displayed 0k). This screws up the mirc plugin i use for reporting utorrent, since it'll count the column nonexistent if it doesnt display anything. It's not your fault but I felt like reporting this (in fact I like the no-display better). Using Essence v. and latest mirc.
  7. I use latest Netlimiter, and NOD32 as well with file monitoring enabled. I pretty much upload only at a constant 50k. Winxp sp2 with latest fixes from windows update. using Zonealarm, some older version (6.0.something, later versions constantly crash with some mscvrt error), free edition.
  8. Netlimiter is superior also utorrent is now at 142 megs, didnt reboot or shutdown since last post.
  9. Memory leak is still not fixed in the latest beta, its just slowed down. After 24 hours utorrent eats 82 megs and its slowly increasing.
  10. I'd like to mention that the "show filetype icon in the open torrent dialog" isn't working under XPSP2. I get the default icon for unknown files, everytime, for everything. latest beta.
  11. UPX compressed version also has memory leak (got it up to 60 megs since last post).
  12. I'm getting major memory leaks in the standard beta here. Using the PECompact compressed normal ver, build 1137 shot up to as much as 450 mbytes when minimized (after a half day of running it). Build 1170 had same problem, nuked it after it reached 100megs. I've switched to the UPX version, will report back later.
  13. oink is a totally gay site you know. With that color scheme...