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    As some have previously pointed out in this thread, there seems to be a deep anti-µtorrent feel coming from I used to think that their articles were good, but lately they've been having far too many factual errors for me ... so now I don't really consider them as a good news source as they used to be..
  2. bleh


    Damnit chaosblade, you took the words right out of my mouth
  3. bleh


    You know, after all this controversy, I'm actually glad it happend because if it hadn't been for all this idiocy stuff, I never would have found out that bluetack is an organisation of dictators. Now, if only slyck would write up an exposé of bluetack, I'm sure they've banned lots of people who got on their "wrong side" in the past, just take a look at their forums and you'll see what stalinist methods get's used in there.
  4. bleh


    Alright, that does it, I've always thought that bluetack were the good guys, turns out that they're infact the n00b guys, until the phoenixlabs guys get their lists up, I'm refusing the bluetack lists on the basis that they're completly inaccurate. Anyhow, Ludde, I can only speculate wether or not it has any significance that you lied about knowing about the company (maybe you were incredibly embarrassed?) but I do know one thing, you've done so much for the BT community with this client that we do owe you the benefit of the doubt as end lusers. Now, I call upon everyone who thinks that bluetack is wrong in this to spread the word about it, let everyone know exactly how INSANE these guys are! Blocking a proven bad adress is one thing, ASSUMING that an adress is bad is just idiocy! I wonder how many honest people I've accidentally blocked using these faulty lists... geeze.. makes one shudder at the thought...
  5. bleh


    Now, if µtorrent was indeed spying on us, I'm fairly sure we'd be detecting that already, nah, I'm sure that ludde just made a bad deal, unknowingly.
  6. Yes, I have to chime in here for once, µtorrent is a masterpiece of programming IMO. It has a nice basic range of features, but doesn't get the cpu's nor the ram memories panties into a twist Thank you ludde !