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  1. The desktop and laptop are using Norton Internet Security 2011 and the "bt.graceful_shutdown" property is set to "true" on both. Even doing an uninstall and reinstall on both gives the same result.
  2. @Rafi: On my desktop which is using the 32-bit version of Windows 7 the 32-bit version of uTorrent DOES NOT terminate when closed. On my laptop which is using the 64-bit of Windows 7 the 32-bit version of uTorrent DOES terminate when closed. Maybe that can point the developer(s) in the right direction.
  3. I've recently noticed that uTorrent does not terminate when exiting the application. I have been using build 25460 but then noticed this evening an update (build 25583) and installed. It did not fix the problem.
  4. Still getting the "Error: Invalid access to memory location" error with build 25345. Same scenario as before. I chose the sample file. It finished downloading. I viewed it for quality and was satisfied. I then selected the full file, gave it NORMAL priority and immediately when it started to download got the mentioned error.
  5. No. Here is my configuration for "Directories": NEW DOWNLOADS: F:\Download\Incomplete COMPLETED: F:\Download\Complete Also, I got this error tonight using latest build (25327): Error: Invalid access to memory location I selected only one file in the torrent. After viewing the sample I selected the full version and gave it a priority of high and got the error mentioned above. I get it even when doing a "Force Re-Check".
  6. I just had something VERY weird happen. I started a torrent this morning before leaving for work. I set uTorrent to quit after the download was complete. It was a 3.05 GB file. After returning home from work this evening it showed to be done and complete. I streamed it to my Blu-ray player and watched about 35 minutes of it before having to stop it to run some errands. I just added a new torrent. However, the 3.5 GB torrent I mentioned above started completely over. It's as if it never downloaded. Weird. UPDATE: Actually, after looking further the original is still in my COMPLETE folder. But it has started downloading a new copy of it to my INCOMPLETE folder. Very strange indeed.
  7. In the current change log I see: "- Change: Display build number and platform in titlebar for alpha/beta builds" I'm not seeing this. Is the feature toggled on/off somewhere in preferences? All I see on the title bar is "uTorrent 3.0". No build number.
  8. Yes. It's a torrent that contains a band's discography. I skipped several years (folders are grouped by year).
  9. This should be fixed in today's release (25303). I had this happen again with the 25303 release as well. I did a "Force Re-Check" and it downloaded for several minutes and then gave the "Error: The Data is Invalid" message.
  10. With the latest beta I'm getting errors on some torrents. It will be in the middle of downloading and then an error will appear that says: Error: The data is invalid If I do a "Force Re-Check" and restart the torrent it will eventually finish. On some torrents I've had to do this several times in order for it to finish.