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  1. About the diskio.sparse_files option: I understood from an old wine bug report that in windows sparse files are opt-in. Creating a file and also writing the last byte pre-allocates the file fully and truly (enough blocks are reserved). However in ext3 and similar filesystems using sparse files is default and the only way to claim all required blocks seems to be by fully writing out the whole file with zeros.
  2. Someone who says it sounds like a contradiction instead of claiming it is a contradiction already at least half-way understands how it is not...
  3. @mcdonald: Excelent! Thanks a lot for the perfectly detailed info
  4. Q: When exactly does finish_cmd fire? Is it when a torrent is downloaded (but still seeding) or when it is finished (downloaded and stopped)?
  5. @vinay1994: See Accessing WebUI here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=33186
  6. killykirkthirsksk: Those are found (and set) in the µtorrent preferences in the Web UI section.
  7. tifaff take a look at the Accessing the WebUI section of this post. Especially the red text directly below it might it shine some light on your issue: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=289488#p289488
  8. @thany: Use a rewriter instead: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=55908 Or replace all instances of /gui with your prefered word (/utorrent) in the webui .js files.
  9. By default the webui shows 50 torrents per page. You can go to the next/previous page with the arrows in the lower right corner of the torrent list.
  10. Detailed errors and .torrent removal are not available in the Web API atm. The µtorrent devs are working on a improved Web API for µtorrent 2.1 (Falcon) but whether these two things will be in is unclear.
  11. @3o3: This has to be done by the BitTorrent, Inc. devs in the Webui backend of µTorrent itself which means it doesn't have a high priority.
  12. @crunkdoily: That often indicates a software firewall blocking the webui.
  13. From the OP: I'm pretty sure this is fixed now And I can add RSS feeds (and they show in µTorrent) but Falcon doesn't list them yet. Also the webui.cookie has disappeared from the action=getsettings list and action=setsettings&s=webui.cookie&v={STUFF} results in an invalid request now. Both still work in 2.0.
  14. traderjoe you can't even do that with µTorrents own GUI.
  15. There is a WINE bug that surfaces when you try to add a torrent through the webui in µTorrent 2.0 and later because µTorrent uses a flag in a API call that WINE doesn't support yet. See/vote: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21156
  16. Are you running µTorrent in Linux+WINE by any chance?
  17. @Southrop: I got a popup in µTorrent telling me my username didn't exist and asking me to register. I clicked Yes and that solved the issue for me.
  18. @Gostrex: 2.0 is released maybe that helps with your issue. @zbeast: They (or we) are probably gonna need a HijackThis and Process Explorer (in DLL mode) list because the issue you describe is usually caused by incompatibilities with other applications or their hooks. See the bottom of this post for more info on how to provide this.
  19. Same file. Only now you have to search and replace /gui (without trailing slash) and there should only be one instance. Good luck.
  20. @SpeedyGreen: Look at Using feeds that require cookies* here http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/rss In the cookie field of add-url you need to put the uid and pass thingies like this: uid=1234;pass=asdjh12378912y3lkj * In Fx 3.5.x the Show Cookies button is replaced with a "remove individual cookies" link, it is still in the Privacy tab though.
  21. rlmicrosa try the miniui. It is also a lot easier to use on hand held devices.
  22. Nothing, unless you try to add an url that links to a private tracker (i.e. one that requires you to login).
  23. Btw do the new Falcon builds tie the auth token to a GUID cookie? Just want to know so that I know if I have to adjust my webui API projects. (also kinda cross-posted this here)
  24. Yeah but the iframe loads a php page from your server right? With the code to access the actual API? In any case, we're going slightly off-topic here. But feel free to start a new topic about the coding aspect (of the µTorrent panel in ur server app) or poke me privately (email or IRC). I don't often have time but I am willing to think about problems and offer suggestions.