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    WebUI v0.315

    ICleolion: yup. Readme suggests to press Esc while right-clicking and it isn't working for the Opera in any order I do it (Esc+right, Esc then right, right then Esc). Also the left+right doesnt work, because it is BACK/FORWARD in Opera (and also in FF for that matter). BACK is right+left and FORWARD is left+right.
  2. .mrt

    WebUI v0.315

    Ok guys, if all "betas" would be more like that, then testers really would have nothing to do. Took 5 minutes to install (WinXP SP2 + Firefox / Opera 9.00) and 20 minutes to blog it. I found that in Opera the "right click functionality" doesnt really work. Also the TorrentSpy search doesnt seem to work (displays some MS IIS error) and the Point-Blank seems to want some donations, but none of those are really Your concern now are they.. Anyways, Respect Directrix and the team!
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