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  1. Ditto here. Silent upgrades aren't cool, popup ads are super-uncool.
  2. For the record, I dislike the new fluffy interface changes, and abhor the idea of 'Apps'. Apps seems more like something malware would have integrated than a clean, efficient BT client like utorrent. Please, stick to what's important, not integrating &*^*&^ Raptor The streaming feature isn't terrible, although I'll almost never use it. What I'd LIKE to see is more automation functionality. I'd like to be able to define behaviours based on Label groups, pre and post actions (so I can write scripts to rename files to my favoured format, etc), a better RSS Downloader interface (and WAY better documentation for it) I know this is probably falling on deaf ears (if being read at all), but if I don't voice my complaints it seems there's zero chance that utorrent would become the client I wish it was.