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  1. i got "not enough CPU" downloading few torrents with 2.2 with my Core 2 Duo E6650
  2. exactly, i had all those, acdsee, nero etc, but got rid of it all for sake of light free ones, they are faster and better. don't want to see uTorrent becomes another All-in-One 10GB program
  3. probably now in distant future
  4. why does Version 2.0.3 (build 20664) sends Completed event to tracker sometimes when i start to seed already downloaded torrent? i believe it wasn't like this in 2.0.2 stable + it sends Completed flag just for 1st tracker out of 3 which are in tracker-list for torrent, for rest 2 it sends no event at all, not even Started one which it should? so i stop torrent and start it again and now it sends Started event for 1st tracker and still nothing for rest 2 and it sends Stopped event like it should for all 3 trackers in torrent bug?