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  1. I registered to fill my complaint when uT offered a new update to 2.2 this morning (I have update to beta checked). I thought it was cool and all and obviously updated. To my hungover self it presented a version of uTorrent completely different from what I was used to. Now, people have a hard time adjusting to changes, but sometimes it's easier and sometimes it's harder. This time it was hard. Very, very hard. 1) The new icons. It's obviously an attempt to make it look flashy and more up-to-date, dare I even say web 2.0? When was that anyway, 2001? Well, cool story bro, but they look like crap and are hard to differentiate between. And you even have to expand certain categories now (for whatever idiotic reason). From a users point of view it's horrible and I'd really like to know the designers reasons behind choosing them. Yeah, let's make the new icons all the same color and in a minimalistic design, that makes it easier to see the different categories! Wait...... Oh, while we're at it, let's make completed torrents blue, cause that's what people associate completed stuff with.... 2) All of the settings have been reset, in terms of how it should look and how it has looked for the past year(s). New labels have been introduced and I can't even fathom for what reasons a link to some media player has been introduced (it obviously doesn't even recognize one when I have several installed). This is truly an idiotic way to introduce new labels to people. Why not a pop-up, when prompted to update, what's new in the version presented? 3) Again I had to expand the RSS "icon" to see my labels (wsup wide side pane). Not even does it have a bullshit icon, but it also has the whole URL in the label title. I now have a 30 mile wide scroll bar down below. Thanks, but I don't really need to see the URL when I already have a label for my RSS feed. 4) "Apps." Well, I don't even know where to being, but it's apparent you try to be like everyone else (I wont say any names or fruits) these days and force-feed your users with useless programs no one actually needs. I'd *really* like to know the reason behind why this was introduced in a TORRENT APPLICATION. No, I don't like them. No, I don't need them. And no, I most certainly don't want them. Especially when you try to force-feed me them and when I already use a program designed for one thing; torrenting and nothing else. 5) Anti-virus. It's funny, you want users to get or install an AV. That's cool, I guess. If it actually worked. Now you introduce an icon that tells its users to get an AV while we already have one. I guess the one I have isn't good enough? You want me to get some of your partners AV to make some money off of us? Where is uTorrent heading? Anyway, I noted 3.0 looks the same as 2.2 and behaves in a similar matter. Hopefully you will keep the 2.0 branch alive for a while so we don't have to bloat our torrent clients with useless stuff completely unrelated to torrenting. uTP was a great addition since it actually helped torrenting, but what you're introducing here - whoa... I recognize I'm just another user amongst millions (I suppose), but I hope you can take some of this criticism/ranting into consideration and think from a users point of view. We do not want a bloated torrent client, we currently use uTorrent because it's just that - a simple torrent client stripped from bloat. Haters be hatin'