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  1. Even though Averill's message described almost all complaints I have, so I'll try to present them in a different way. We do need to remember this is a beta release, which is supposedly here to help developers track down issues in new features they have implemented. I do not expect a bug-free version nor a clean and tidy user interface for such a build, but rather new experimental features. I personally believe -maybe I'm wrong- that a lot of users decide to use utorrent because it's lightweight, got most of the functionality they need, and is customizable, which is basically what is similar to the "selling points" of the utorrent main webpage. So in a bug-report way: - UI: (P3) it's impossible to deactivate the integrated apps/search feature. Motivation: it should be possible to deactivate new features introducing memory/speed overhead. - UI: (P1) the new icon set is not customizable (well I didn't manage to change it at least). Motivation: utorrent UI should stay customizable on new releases. - UI: (P2) the actual default icon set is really hard to read and is very confusing. Motivation: utorrent should stay easy to use, and therefore require descriptive icons. Example: it's easy to differentiate downloaded torrents from a RSS feed with the old icon set, very difficult with the new one. - Installation/First startup: (P1) new features are enforced by default. Motivation: when introducing new features, the installer or the main program should ask the user what he wants to activate (instead of using default new settings) when upgrading - General: (P2) the antivirus check is automatically done, but should be customizable in an easy way. Motivation: most of users do expect a torrent program to only download but not process anything else, so they need the choice of using whatever security system they want (installed antivirus, virustotal, etc). - General: (P1) the antivirus detection seems broken (cf earlier posts) - UI: (P2) name of RSS feeds is not customizable nor readable. Motivation: users should be able to configure how a RSS feed should be displayed, i.e. using the label, the label+feed url (or part of the feed url), feed url, or custom name. - Documentation: (P2) it is very unclear how safe the integrated browser / new apps API is. Motivation: a lot of hacks/exploits are to be expected with any new browser/API, (power) users need to know what the risks are, and some implementation details to decide if they want to use the feature or not. Hope that helps, /k