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  1. I want an option to choose whether I want to use this new app system right at the first start-up. Like an opt-in. Because this has nothing to do with downloading torrents. I am also very concerned about the security implications this has. I don't want another program with third-party API support that has internet access. I got a couple of question, maybe someone is nice enough to answer. 1. Which browser engine does µtorrent use for this app system? IE's one? 2. (How) can I deactivate the app system entirely? 3. (How) can I remove this icon for the "Anti Virus Software" check? 4. Couldn't the sorting order and what sort-fields were active been saved and correctly transferred? On an additional note: Nagging me with an icon, that I have no AV software installed is arrogant and a step way over the boundaries for a program that manages my torrents. Notifying this is an OS job. Let me remind you µtorrent developers of something in return. µtorrent is one little program between very many on my computer. I have it for the sole purpose of downloading files and expect it to do nothing else. In my opinion that is what makes/made µtorrent so successful: Focus on executing one job simple and efficiently. UI and useability-wise the 2.2 beta is a step back. But to test this out is what betas are there for ... I for my part, don't want to use this new µtorrent.