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  1. Magnet links still don't seem to work. Not a complaint, just a statement
  2. To me personally this error do not have a very bad effect. All it does is forces me to move my files manually, but they do get downloaded. I can't seed anything however since UT is unable to find the file, no matter if I keep it where it is, or move it to default folder.
  3. Something has gone wrong with new beta. It won't move the files from download folder to the one for finnished files as before. And as soon as it's supposed to be moved UT shows an error message that the file do not exist. Preventing any further seeding. I tried entering the folders again and restart UT but that makes no difference. Will it be fixed soon or can I somehow roll back to previous beta? Edit: I now see I can't use magnet links anymore. That only results in UT trying to download an empty file. That has nothing to do with the above problem tho, that remains however I try to download a file.
  4. I'll just quote DeadWringKnight (was that right?) "I think you missed a setting. Preferences - directories - always show dialog on manual add. The same setting EVERYONE ELSE WITH YOUR PROBLEM MISSED." The setting is there "Options - Settings - UI Settings - Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent". But it does NOT work. It just starts to download right away, no window as before. This is a really bad bug for me. Plz fix it soon.