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  1. Hmmm… that doesn't happen to me. If I click on a multi-file torrent directly and choose "open containing folder" then yes' date=' it goes to the parent folder (h:\torrents) in your example with \torrentfolder selected. But, if I'm doing this from one of the files in the "files" tab, then it opens \torrentfolder with the correct file selected. I don't see anything wrong here.[/quote'] It indeed works like you described there Chichipio, but if it was intentionally changed, I think it's silly. If a downloaded torrent consists of a folder, I want to see the thing that matters to me: the contents of the folder and not the folder itself.
  2. Appended .!ut extensions don't get removed anymore when a torrent finishes automatically. You need to manually restart and stop the torrent to make it remove the extension.