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  1. Well we have been getting indirect links to lots of them for months and it has been reported many times. Read the many posts, emails etc. If we are not supposed to get a link to then remove the links. They cause a lot of confusion and sometimes damage.
  2. It does so... You keep insisting that this fault does not exist. I guess all the people that report it are dreaming!
  3. For What its worth here is my download history for the last several weeks Note: That the last three releases are all the same size Date Time Size Atttempted Actually to Download Downloaded 13-10-26 15:07:36 1,274,192 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta.exe 13-10-26 17:35:51 1,065,296 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-aa(30269-Beta).exe 13-10-30 18:20:55 1,278,544 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-ad(30262-Beta).exe 13-10-30 18:26:15 1,274,704 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-ae(30271-Beta).exe 13-10-30 18:28:41 1,274,192 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-af(30267-Beta).exe 13-10-31 8:11:46 1,274,704 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-ag(30287-Beta).exe 13-10-31 21:26:28 1,274,192 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta.exe 13-10-31 21:29:46 1,274,704 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-aa(30287-Beta).exe 13-10-31 21:35:07 1,278,544 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-ab(30262-Beta).exe 13-10-31 21:42:43 1,065,296 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-ac(30269-Beta).exe 13-11-03 10:46:47 1,065,296 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-ba(30269-Beta).exe 13-11-03 10:48:43 1,274,704 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-bb(30287-Beta).exe 13-11-03 10:50:23 1,278,544 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-bc(30262-Beta).exe 13-11-03 10:52:27 1,274,192 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30272-Beta-bd(30272-Beta).exe 13-11-07 9:06:21 1,274,192 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30304-Beta.exe 13-11-07 9:07:22 1,273,680 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30304-Beta-aa(30296-Beta).exe 13-11-07 9:12:15 1,274,704 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30304-Beta-ab(30305-Beta).exe 13-11-07 9:19:07 1,278,544 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30304-Beta-ac(30262-Beta).exe 13-11-07 9:20:46 1,066,832 .a.. utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30304-Beta-ad(30300-Beta).exe
  4. Would be great if this was the only problem. The real problem is' date=' the new features they add are extremely sloppy, amateurish. They don't know how to build a proper Windows application. I have all the latest version in my users/roaming folder while the auto update never worked. When I press to install the update it found, the window just closes and nothing happens. They can't even give us a proper installation path, things you learn the first day you start developing. Files that cannot be deleted etc. Given the millions they get, you'd think they'd have true, professional developers backing the project at the very least.[/quote'] Totally Agree
  5. "- Change: Twitter and Facebook icons remain after clicking"
  6. They sure make it easy to work out which Build they want comments on PS: A quick way to check the Vers.Build information (if you don't already know) is to use Explorer in "Detailed Mode" and activate the "Product Version" Column for the directory where you store the versions. Download into this folder and the info automatically appears
  7. Actually one now has a random choice of 4 downloads when trying to DL Build 30267 and another 31/10/13 08:22 PM 1,274,704 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-af(30287-Beta).exe
  8. Actually one now has a random choice of 4 downloads when trying to DL Build 30267 In list below second Build number is what was actually downloaded. 26/10/13 03:07 PM 1,274,192 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta.exe 26/10/13 05:35 PM 1,065,296 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-aa(30269-Beta).exe 30/10/13 06:18 PM 1,065,296 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-ab(30269-Beta).exe 30/10/13 06:20 PM 1,278,544 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-ad(30262-Beta).exe 30/10/13 06:26 PM 1,274,704 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-ae(30271-Beta).exe 30/10/13 06:28 PM 1,274,192 utorrent(32)_3.4.0-30267-Beta-af(30267-Beta).exe
  9. They did... Plus you can count how many times "update" is mentioned in the changelogs... ;p I meant about the unpublished versions, all the same size, that don't work. I haven`t seen any mention of them
  10. I suspect that it would complicate their fancy update system, but its not my field.
  11. I agree but it would be nice of them to warn us. I have asked uTorrent several times, but the silence is deafening
  12. Has anyone seen this happen with automatic downloads??? I have not
  13. Ummmmm, that seems pretty screwed up ........ especially given that they can't even bother to put the version in the name (and I don't see why that can't *easily* be done). I mean really, you can't even tell WHICH build you're getting then, UNTIL you run it - and you better be sure you're running it as a stand-alone, or you're probably *really* screwed ..... I download then check the size, OK) size Approx 1244 kB Explorer; 1274 kB absolute and slowly increasing for the present builds NOK) size Exactly 1041 Explorer; 1,065,296 B absolute I have seen this for the last 5 builds, but it might have been occurring earlier You can run the exe as an install and the Build Number will appear in the initial install window, then cancel the install, but size is the fastest way.
  14. For each new published Build uTorrent one can randomly download another Build, Typically 2 but up to 4 (to date) higher than the latest published uTorrent with a size of 1,065,296 B; 1041 kB Explorer). This uTorrent usually does not work. Build 30269 is one of them If this happens you must re-download until you get the uTorrent with with the latest published Build number