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  1. Thanks for the continued updates to the 2.0.x branch, it's appreciated - I felt the need to say that after registering almost solely to moan about the 2.2 branch. It's quite reassuring, after I was getting a bit worried about the future of µTorrent development.
  2. There's not much point in having a discussion forum if people always stick with rhetorical answers that don't contain any information.
  3. Well that's pleasing in some way, good to hear 2.0.x isn't dead. Cheers for the reply.
  4. Just a quick question: Does the fact that the beta downloads are now from the 2.2 branch mean that there will be no 2.0.x betas offered? Or will there just be more 2.0.x stable releases? The latter doesn't make much sense if the beta-testing userbase is dramatically reduced. As posted in the 2.2 thread, I don't like it - so am eager to know what will become of the 2.0.x line.
  5. I agree completely with this, so I'd like to say that I'm another long-time user of µTorrent who registered on here just to post how disappointed I am with the direction 2.2 is taking. Unchecking the toolbar installer every time is acceptable to me, as it takes about a second and presumably provides the developers with more resources, but this is far too much. I think that whoever made the decision to go down this route underestimated an awful lot of µTorrent's users - most of its initial user base, at least, switched to it because it was a refreshing change from other clients - other clients like 2.2.