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  1. My primary complaint is the new large graphics in the left bar. "Find Content" is huge and I would rather the searching be kept to the mini search bar on the top-right (where it still remains). Also, the categories are now spaced out a lot more. I would like the spacing between lines to be reduced heavily. The icons for the torrents in the main window are OK. I also like how the Labels can be minimized and hidden. I feel the "Labels" section should be separate from the general "Torrents" so I can have the Downloading/Completed/Active/Inactive categories collapsed, and the Labels expanded at the same time. The biggest thing that bugs me though is the huge spacing. I like the simplistic, compact & minimalistic look and feel. The icons in the left bar could be smaller too (probably needed for tighter spacing). Also, the left bar apparently is very wide and has a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom for what seems to be a very large section of white space. I think it is due to the horizontal separators extending too far to the right, and not dynamically adjusting. I also noticed that all my settings are not fully imported from the old 2.0.2 versions of uTorrent. Namely the display settings for the torrents (it reverted to the default columns and sizes for the columns). Otherwise, keep up the great work! I really do love uTorrent, but for now still prefer the styling of 2.0.2 over the 2.2.0 look.