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  1. What are the paths of your temp and complete? Might be an issue (bug) with renaming/deleting the !uT file to the complete path if those are on different drives, especially network ones.
  2. Check if Pref->general->append !ut to incomplete files - is unchecked. I remember having some issues with this option in the past..
  3. Sounds like Windows UAC related weirdness... You can make sure if is not still trying to install itself - by renaming the utorrent dir in your %appdata% path (if there is one). Just make sure your download/torrent paths are not located in there... Other than that - this is not uTorrnet issue, so you might want to use one of the Win tricks from here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/8d8e10ec-f438-41b3-aef7-c260fc20efbd/approving-programs-to-run-without-prompting-uac?forum=w7itprosecurity
  4. Yes - means you've checked the settings files are there, or you have deducted this from using the older version there? Anyway, if all files are local there is no need for /noinstall. It shouldn't do that.
  5. Is your settings.dat (and the rest of them *dat files) located in that same d:\torrent path where the exe is?
  6. Application in AppData folder

    It doesn't here, I guess, since it has never been "installed" ....
  7. Application in AppData folder

    Well, I don't remember a "step" to change anything in the registry, there is no need (you could have even un-installed after copying if you wanted to)... So, spending hours - is your fault... You can report bugs in the bugs section, I doubt if it will be a priority. Anyways, just replacing the exe to any newer version manually at the new location will be good enough...
  8. 3.5.x Beta

    So, is it from a reliable source? .... ;P
  9. Application in AppData folder

    Well, I'd do that in three simple steps: First - make sure you have defined *all* your have .torrents and downloads paths in the settings, to avoid confusion. Even if they are now empty (default) set it to the exact/local paths. Exit uTorrent. Secondly - copy the folder where the exe (and all setting files *.dat) plus auto-created subdirectories to where-ever you like. Thirdly - rename the original utorrent path to say _utorrent (as a backup). Theoretically, when you will run it in the new location, it will just run as before, since it will take the local settings, and still use the torrents/downloads as before. Good luck!
  10. Improving the recheck process

    +1... Regarding #2 - there IS a periodic backup file - called resume.dat.old. You might be able to "End task" in task manager to uT and re-use/name it to avoid re-check.
  11. Application in AppData folder

    You can still run as "standalone" (exe + setting anywhere), tho, updates might not work for you...
  12. RSS filter help

    A *mandatory* second word - *prelim*second* An optional one (or-er phrases) *prelim*|*second* PS: There is an rss guide in the help (f1) with an example
  13. RSS filter help

  14. 3.5.x Beta

    As I said, try my settings file (modify as needed), see if it helps, then find out what you've missed...
  15. 3.5.x Beta

    Luckily, everyone else who hate ads, unlike you, are disabling them inside uT, thus do not see any AV warnings...