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  1. Feed providers tend to change URLs. Best to check it up with a browser, and copy back the exact new url. uTorrent does not know to auto-redirect addresses.
  2. I think it the same, but stable. Link is in the beta thread.
  3. The information you provide - is not enough for any help. Also you are not answering my questions (like if my .torrent file worked for you or not). I suggest Record a clip like I did, since it is obviously something you are doing different, or your file system is broken/not-in-sync with uT.
  4. >We certainly are out of sync. You keep showing files that are being downloaded. Before you start uTorrent go to the actual .torrent file. Rename it with spaces Sorry to see that my test-clip was not good enough to demo exactly that. Unless you post your own clip showing the issue with the new version, and a different behavior with an older release, using the exact test torrent file I've posted as well, I am done. Good luck working-around your issue!
  5. I guess we are definitely out of sync. Why is it at all important how to download the torrent file from the internet if you claim uT just cannot load a .torrent file with spaces in it;s name? Take any .torrent on your HD, file, rename it and show it fails. I am showing it does not... : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18yeUShg1XhOoR792tBNo3ivgZIiFzJGK/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zzbWu0nsXuoULJwawZ9jWmjKLNL5LaJl/view?usp=sharing ^ Here , just try with this torrent.... BTW, I don't think you've even posted/uploaded the error message you see ... Also, at least with Firefix, uTorrent does is not being auto-activated after you save-as the file... Maybe some setting in your browser is special.
  6. It does. Look again, "1." shows "3.5.5_45341.exe - Copy.torrent" is the TORRENT file.
  7. Well, as you can see in the screenshot, it works find here, WITH spaces...
  8. rafi

    RSS Options

    Good idea, I forgot about the "?" wildcard...
  9. When did it start? With which version? Looks fine wit the latest beta release (Latest Win10): http://www.imagebam.com/image/cc4a001314386909 I have never changed the torrent file names, and almost never look at them. I delete everything using uTorrent "Remove", and it knows the name ...
  10. Looks fine with 250% and 1080p monitor. You can try to use this Windows setting and exe DPI properties: http://www.imagebam.com/image/5eed141313056889
  11. What do you mean "torrent *files*" ? Where can you change the file names? Or do you mean the torrent JOB names?
  12. No issues here (latest W10/uT, old C2D cpu). Instead of 96 unknowns, check with 1 good ubuntu/slackware torrent first ... Also, you can try with my optimised settings file (@Sig)
  13. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    You can try put the new exe at the location of your settings.dat file (if in a different place), see if that helps.
  14. Strange. Yead, you can try to just backup your settings.dat, and replace it with a 0 size text file (this is like resetting to default settings).