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  1. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    So you did not try with disconnecting the Internet connection? Another test is to just move away your resume.dat file, and try with an empty list (instead of 16K). You can copy it back after .
  2. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    This is not it... Pay attention... http://download-lb.utorrent.com/endpoint/utorrent/os/windows/track/beta But I don't believe it will make any difference...
  3. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Seems OK too. And no, latest is 3.5.4. 44488 from yesterday... (See the beta thread.. .)
  4. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Seems OK. >Post screenshots of the queueing -? Why aren't you trying the latest beta? I have a feeling this maybe related to some issue with specific/fake peer being connected to (see the log). Try disconnecting the PC form the Internet, then - start uT, so it will not make any connections during startup.
  5. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Post screenshots of the queueing & advanced disc cache to make sure. But than, anything is possible with 16K torrents...
  6. Utorrent Crashing randomly

    Impossible... Unless you've changed some queuing/cache related settings, or using another copy of settings file (local vs in %appdata%.). BTW latest now is 3.5.4 beta build 44488.
  7. 3.5.x Beta

    just check the date of that old exe file, see when it was installed...
  8. 3.5.x Beta

    Just replace the exe, and you 'r done...
  9. 3.5.x Beta

    The previous build was close... 44484 ... http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://utclient.utorrent.com/offers/beta_release_notes/release_notes.html
  10. utorrent 0% downloading

    You should also see in uTorrent log tab (with my settings) this message (when VPN is connected): [2018-06-09 22:35:20] Changing IP address from to Do you?
  11. utorrent 0% downloading

    Right, my comments were related to : "FWIW, I don't think uTorrent should simply timeout and not try again (or maybe it keeps trying but with a short timeout - the result is the same, nothing happens). Ideally it should give us some control over the timeout interval and how often it retries. That's pretty basic stuff." As far IP connectivity, as I think has been mentioned, uTorrent relies on OS/Windows routing. It simply uses your gateway for Internet connectivity. Since I don't see any issue with my VPN, I suggest you consult your VPN provider. Anyways you are welcome to try with my setting, maybe there is something related hidden in there...
  12. utorrent 0% downloading

    It does retry (in TCP), and gives delay control in uTP: pref->advanced->net.utp_target_delay and net.utp_receive_target_delay Also, you are welcome to try my settings (@sig), where I setup to use the maximum packet size (no change to those delays). BTW, what IS your delay (ping) with&w/o the VPN? You surely understand that there is no way to get passed some maximum speed (physical limitation) with a certain delay.
  13. 3.5.x Beta

    Seems like labels are no longer being removed when there are no torrents marked with them (0) . They are there forever... no way to delete a label?...
  14. I cannot remember I've ever seen my Win defender alert me about anything in real time...
  15. A false positive. Just exclude it in the A/V app and report to them .... Its fine with Avast...