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  1. Wow, changelog in sync with a release... So, defused a time-bomb-like bug...
  2. All seems back to normal now...
  3. I am having some issue, not sure what it is,

    When I download a torrent, it shows fully complete, but then seems the torrent is not fully downloaded,  (come to know after force recheck)

    Some of the torrents that I downloaded completely all of a sudden show 0 bytes.

    Can you advice some solutions?

  4. Downgrading to 3.4.9 (last 43388 stable) seems to help...
  5. Yes, I know a about the delays. I was suggesting to wait for those delayed changelogs, no rush... But I guess we'd miss all the "fun" that way...
  6. How about not posting any new build/link before there is a changelog for it?...
  7. I wonder, if the irremovable "Games" node in the tree - is the only new thing here
  8. I guess it has been removed, for further testing..
  9. You, Mike? with all those links in your sig?... ;P
  10. Why not use the newer stable?..
  11. Been there, and nada ...
  12. Found any changelog?
  13. Maybe Windows (which one?) is "quirky"? ...
  14. The gray in beta is as (poorly) designed... I believe you can uncheck(disable updates) in stable, exit, and just replace the exe and run the beta-exe. Then, it night never update...
  15. If this is a beta version - check it up using the latest stable.