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  1. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

  2. You can set your ratio in preference->queuing->minimum ratio, and also override this in a torrent preference.
  3. Sure, just r-click "Force start" on that torrent to initiate Forced-seeding. It will be forever...
  4. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Maybe a currupted settings file? If so, you can back it up (make sure you note down you port, psyhes, and other specific settings), and replace with my settings file @mysig. Tune it again to your needs.
  5. >Yes, but the system writes the new updated exes in that folder so changing the access could block updates... Not if you leave the write permission enabled...
  6. Here is another option, which may not require re-setting - adjust the update folder security setting for "users" (or add only your username) to NOT include "full control, read & execute, modify".
  7. >but utorrentie.exe is just recreated by the program everytime you run utorrent. I am aware of how to block exe files, but this will have to be done again and again , and I thought your idea was to block a process and was to avoid that repetition. Maybe I misread... Will this block that exe in placed another location too?
  8. How do you block a *process* by name in Windows firewall?
  9. Maybe best solution is not to have it (utorrentie.exe) at all in the first place...
  10. Not happening with my setting file (@sig) ... Try it. >Im on windows 10 May 2020 (v,2004) feature update in case that is somehow relevant ^ Is it stable or still buggy?
  11. So, why aren't you sharing the non zero dmp file? By overall do you mean - ACTIVE/downloading torrents?
  12. What do you mean "history? And why do you need the torrents' *history*? They used to keep it in settings.dat, and the current state in resume.dat, not sure it is still in setting.dat. Anyway, just backup all the *.dat files near settings.dat.
  13. Just backup yours and try using my setting file (it's clean from any "history"...) , if it solves the issue, tune it to your needs (port/directories/etc) later on.
  14. Try the latest stable 45672?
  15. Have you tested if your port is open for access from the outlside (green network status icon)? You are welcome to use my setting file (below in my sig) make sure the port you define is open (no firewall no router NAT blocking it)!