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  1. I don't think that matters, but I will try to relocate the exe to %appdata%.
  2. This is me. Cannot live with constant UAC nags . Dialog seems a bit different tho(Win10 1709 B 16299.371 x86)
  3. Where from? How can you use it to keep this settings? I don't think it works if you have admin privs in your account...
  4. My Utorrent pane suddently went from 2 panes to one.. and I did every trick in the book to fix it, including deleting the settings.dat file and regenerating the default.  That didn't fix it. 

    What DID fix it was downloading Rafi's settings. dat file.   That fixed the problem and also improved other things quite a bit.  I am now tweaking Rafis settings to suit my own needs. 

    What puzzles me is.. I have no idea what settings are in Rafi's settings.dat file that make it work right.  I don't see anything about pane controls.  I have seen dozens of people posting about the same problem for years.  

    I would like to know how to fix that problem instead of having to replace my settings with a transfusion of Rafi's settings. 

    1. rafi


      Glad to hear it helped you. Screenshot (including menu->options)? Usually F4->F7 control the panes. Two monitors setup can sometimes be an issue...

    2. joshace


      Thanks for the tips, but it wasn't any of that.  

      One of these days I will compare the defective settings.dat file with the one you posted.  You made some other improvements in the appearance that I can't find in the settings.  I backed up the defective one.  I think my cat screwed up the settings when he was stomping on my keyboard.  

      One setting you have set, which I did not like is that torrents don't start downloading automatically.  

    3. rafi


      >One setting you have set, which I did not like is that torrents don't start downloading automatically.  

      I like that  since I start them automatically using RSS downloader or using Medusa TV app . But I think you might be right, it is better to set to auto-run for other users. I'll make a note to change it on that file... 


  5. How did you check that in fact it does so (since uT is disabling it now)?
  6. 3.5.x Beta

    Ok, k ...
  7. 3.5.x Beta

    I've downloaded both files from the stable link before you, and yours, they have different sizes... Can you please explain your counterfeit ?...
  8. 3.5.x Beta

    A bit too large... I wonder if the changelog will cover all the new features/content... ;p
  9. Why do you need this setting, are you sure it is fixing the issue with uT? I don't see it "blurry" for a long time now after setting to 125% font scaling, using this fix - http://windows10_dpi_blurry_fix.xpexplorer.com/ and some adjustment to the colors in Windows.
  10. utorrent tracker function don't work

    Does it happen with too? Is the exact same port working in that older version ? Maybe you are being blocked by your router NAT, not set to forward the port for UDP traffic, only TCP ...
  11. uTorrent first file in directory corruption

    You can see "PS3_GAME" at the top here (1st piece) when it is should be a directory (there is no such file in the list). uTorrent creates a file with that name, and so, fails the rest of the writes. To fix it you need to physically delete this wring file, so to be able to create a folder wit the same name. I didn't understand you example with a simple file torrent, not clear wit the correct file name is.
  12. uTorrent first file in directory corruption

    Confirmed here too. Sadly I'm afraid this has been in the client for years now Trying to focus the exact use-case it is when the first "file" is a folder. There is a way to "recover" form this - after it fails to download, just exit and re-run the client. It seems to fix itself...
  13. utorrent tracker function don't work

    If your is your external IP? I think they are using udp tracker now. Try udp:// and udp: . I am not sure if you can connect to your own EXTERNAL IP from your own PC due to router loopback limitation, or a firewall. Using 3.5.3 44366 beta:
  14. utorrent tracker function don't work

    How do you test to see that the tracker operation has stopped working? BTW, when it did work, have you noticed if the tracker was correctly relaying your external Internet IP to others, and not your internal/loopback IP (such as, or )?
  15. uTorrent on the way out?

    All I was saying is that a "community" is best at helping itself, and now - less people are visiting the forums. This is both good and bad - it shows there are less problems in the client, but also - less help for those who needs help. And true enough, the devs presence/support here is and was minimal. When (if) they will release 4.x with plenty of bugs - this would be the time to be her...