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  1. Try to set your properties->UI->Don't start download automatically (so you don't need to stop+restart). Make sure "use partfile" is selected. Does it happen with this as well?
  2. Can you be more specific, and describe - when exactly you have skipped/selected files - before starting to download at all? What was the torrent state when you did - stopped? Your PC-OS? What was the previous versions you've used where this was OK? Is that specific to this one torrent or happen to all? A link to this torrent can help, maybe you settings file too.
  3. no peers loading no info

    speed is below 100kbps my net speed is 1.5mbps

    Screenshot (5)-min.png

  4. Hi i'm using utorrent version 3.4.6 and my netwrk speed is around 1.5mbps speed . For last 5 days my speed is drastically dropped to around 100 kbps sometimes to 4-5 kbps . Earlier the speed was around 1.2-1.3 mbps . I tried my options like degrading it to 3.2.2 and changing settings bt failed. The speed is not going up from 150kbs instead goes down to 30-40 kbps and sometime 4-5 kbps. Please help me

  5. Great... I don't think that 'Windows Update' checks properly for drivers' updates, especially if they are done by the HW vendors and not certified by M$... After upgrading to Win 10 you'd expect *everything* to be updated, and it is not always the case.. I had too to manually check for update on several drivers...
  6. Have you checked for updated network adapter driver?
  7. Works fine in 3.5 .
  8. Why not try the latest (unofficial) stable build here, see if this has been fixed by any chance? ...
  9. Which 100% bug? During torrents' startup? The other two - help yourself, just do whatever you like to using your own script that uT can 'gladly' activate for you ( like I do) ...
  10. Strange, that it is marked as "stable" so soon ... (maybe due to lack of any significant changes...)
  11. Wow, changelog in sync with a release... So, defused a time-bomb-like bug...
  12. All seems back to normal now...
  13. I am having some issue, not sure what it is,

    When I download a torrent, it shows fully complete, but then seems the torrent is not fully downloaded,  (come to know after force recheck)

    Some of the torrents that I downloaded completely all of a sudden show 0 bytes.

    Can you advice some solutions?

  14. Downgrading to 3.4.9 (last 43388 stable) seems to help...
  15. Yes, I know a about the delays. I was suggesting to wait for those delayed changelogs, no rush... But I guess we'd miss all the "fun" that way...