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  1. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Why? One trick I think works is- to zip it first and unzip it... Maybe I should have it zipped... Edit: Replaced it with a zip file, just download it as is and extract the exe. Link is unchanged, I've also set the High DPI Scaling property to be controlled by the Application, not Windows. I think the fonts/text looks better this way...
  2. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    It is correct, utorrent.exe is indeed 32 bit, and always has been ... Allow it (or unblock in the exe properties). You can compare to the original posted here by mike, only a flag in the header is changed...
  3. You can try this change in properties. It may not help with the issue, but you might be able to use smaller font scaling since the fonts might be sharper...
  4. You can try this change in properties. It may not help with the issue, but you might be able to use smaller font scaling since the fonts might be sharper...
  5. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    I've added a link to utorrent.exe that I've embedded an LAA flag into (Large Address Aware Flag) . This should avoid some hangups caused by cache filling up , and better utilization of free RAM on x64 based systems ( possibly x86 32bit too). Rename the exe to utorrent.exe, unblock it and make it read-only if needed, and replace yours... Give it a try... Latest stable with LAA flag - for using >2GB with x64 Windows - >uTorrent EXE with LAA Flag<
  6. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Thanks! @Mike, how about just posting the direct links to llsw.download3.utorrent.com ? It will be much simpler to download!
  7. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    @MIke: seems to have the wrong file - build 45776 ...
  8. If you see it in your browser you should see it in uT too. Try run as admin and w/o your A/V and Firewall, maybe they are blocking uT. BTW, I am using 45776/helper on Win10
  9. >Could you confirm that we can add multiple Magnet URIs through MiniUI to utorrent, if so how please? Never used it, so no. Was moving/reusing the resume file not good enough ?
  10. >it showed a fully-populated list of available torrents from RARBG s Yes. Do you see the RSS feed in your browser?
  11. So, for those not-started magnets, you can use the old resume.dat after you re-install/locate utorrent (if you still want to download to the exact same location) . *IF* the download location has changed now you will still need to left-click "change download location" on each one. The problem will be with the rest of the downloaded torrents, that you might need to either delete in uT or take care that the the old .torrent file and the downloaded file for each is in the exact same path as before BEFORE you run the new uTorrent for the first time. If not, it will warn you of "torrent/file-not-found".
  12. The question is - do you want to move only the magnets (.torrent files) , change only the download directory for the future downloads from them, the whole utorrent installation-place, or all?
  13. Show an example of one that you've added.
  14. As a possible workaround (for the next time it might happen...) - you can try using my settings file (@my sig) ...
  15. Works here... http://www.imagebam.com/remove/1351869158/90f33f7c4e279cbe0aa26b67790368d5