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  1. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Here is my suggestion for you: do not "install" uTorrent, just copy and replace your existing exe with the new one. No need to go through any "installation" process. As I said, try the custom defender scan on uTorrent folder, and see if it picks up anything. It didn't for me.
  2. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    >Windows 10 immediately kicked up a fuss about wacapew.c Which a/v software detected this? I have tried Windows defender custom scan - with no detections.
  3. In uTorrent you need it in KB/s, so 17600Kbps=> ~1900KB/s
  4. 17600/8 * 0.9 = ~1900KB/s will be ok, 1600 is also fine ...
  5. 90% of the upload what you ISP connection is can provide (check you plan). Hard to believe it is only 20kbps...
  6. No ads, and good speed...
  7. " My v3.x quick-fix >"Best Practice" settings.dat file< (^ see tip #O) " and by replacing you own settings.dat.
  8. Or... use my settings file (@ my sig...)
  9. Test servers open and close at will. Just check your speed with speedtest.net -> MULTI mode, and enter it manually...
  10. File write-permission issue? Try to run it as standalone (copy the exe + settings.dat to another disc-location).
  11. Check for open ports; https://check-host.net/
  12. If your directories and torrent files location - stay the same (including the drive name-letter) "force-recheck" can help.
  13. If there are no seeds, nothing will help. If there are - check for open ports Check server: Check host
  14. Yes and no, P2P will be difficult (when DHT is disabled) , but if you enable DHT - it can help as a workaround .
  15. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Nothing happened to it... BTW, it is ~5MB in size...