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  1. Likely a driver issue, try to update it. Regardless, it is a bad idea to download directly to a network drive. You should better to some temporary local drive, and auto move it after (there is a special setting for that).
  2. Set up a speed limit , or if that does not work, do that with the regular utorrent client .
  3. rafi

    Using a VPN

    Send your complaint to your VPN provider... https://www.imagebam.com/view/ME1YLG9
  4. IMHO, best way for multiple users, is NOT to install at all. Just put the exe + an empty settings.dat file anywhere accessible for all users , and run/link to it from all accounts.
  5. Backup your *.dat files, and copy them back after.
  6. Why do you think this is broken? Have you tried with ubuntu/slackware torrent?
  7. You can add a "hidden" label so to hide any torrent you like.
  8. Maybe simply no one is "interested" in it ?...
  9. If you do not do any change to the setting the torrent will auto-start after clicking OK on the options dialog. If you forgot to skip files, OR the metadata - has not been pre-loaded yet and you press OK - it might start before you can see the metadata (files list) and skip them, which would cause your problem. I believe you might have made that mistake. Check/enable "do not start" to be sure.
  10. Interesting. Please update with your findings. BTW, this has been mentioned in the forum 6 years ago already...
  11. Is your Pref->UI->When adding torrents->"Don't start the download automatically" - enabled?
  12. To be honest, it doesn't work here w/o a VPN as well ...
  13. Why don't you click it yourself to see what others see?...
  14. Screenshot with your downloaded torrent availability when it drops.
  15. You should probably just not use this tool with VPN. As you said, there are other tools you can use...
  16. Feels like Windows cache management related (or lack of...). Have you tried with a larger swap file? I have it set to a custom 16GB (in my case - on C, SSD). Windows caching has it's own setups, and also many RAM flushing/cleaning utilities you can try. One thing you can try, is to run it minimized, so to eliminate GUI leaks, which I don't believe it has now (or check GDI objects increase in task manager)... Edit: It is explained a bit more - here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/you-experience-performance-issues-in-applications-and-services-when-the-system-file-cache-consumes-most-of-the-physical-ram-9130b83c-aef1-9ed8-830b-07a2543a70eb There are utilities like RAMMap64.exe which you can use periodically to "help" windows, or - https://thegeekpage.com/clear-ram-cache-memory/ ...
  17. I don't see this behavior (10 seeding torrents). Try with my settings file.
  18. You have a copy in my sig. Get it, its better with memory....
  19. Just compare your list one-by-one to the files...
  20. You have skipped that file *after* starting the download. Try force-recheck and id not working, delete the torrent, re-add, skip, and force-recheck
  21. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    All requests should be accompanied by a static-sustainable link to the build...
  22. It mightl also help you if you find out why the DHT is not being connected to. Smells like A/V / Firewall / Router / ISP blocking ...
  23. good luck Maybe there is some dump-log generated that you can share.