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  1. If you do not do any change to the setting the torrent will auto-start after clicking OK on the options dialog. If you forgot to skip files, OR the metadata - has not been pre-loaded yet and you press OK - it might start before you can see the metadata (files list) and skip them, which would cause your problem. I believe you might have made that mistake.

    Check/enable  "do not start"  to be sure.

  2. Feels like Windows cache management related (or lack of...). Have you tried with a larger swap file? I have it set to a custom 16GB (in my case - on C, SSD).

    Windows caching has it's own setups, and also many RAM flushing/cleaning utilities you can try. One thing you can try, is to run it minimized, so to eliminate GUI leaks, which I don't believe it has now (or check GDI objects increase in task manager)...



    It is explained a bit more - here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/you-experience-performance-issues-in-applications-and-services-when-the-system-file-cache-consumes-most-of-the-physical-ram-9130b83c-aef1-9ed8-830b-07a2543a70eb

    There are utilities like RAMMap64.exe  which you can use periodically to "help" windows, or - https://thegeekpage.com/clear-ram-cache-memory/ ...


    13 hours ago, ecsjjgg said:

    @rafi, A new build is out uTorrent, Please do your magic on this one!

    All requests should be accompanied by a static-sustainable link to the build...

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