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  1. DonGato, there IS sort for Favorites (strangely implemented though...). Try it in B 431 - just drag the items up&down ...
  2. Maybe so - but couldn't it be something you could have as an option ? e.g. Either display settings the same for all categories (as it is now) or separate settings for each category. I know people with xga screens that struggle to display stats efficiently & I imagine this could make the GUI much crisper for them. No one likes having a horizontal slider ! You are not with me... Simpler=to the dev ! I like that idea too, but let ludde get the stable official PE+PEX out first. Why don't you put it in the features requests thread ? So it will have a better change (= to get berried... )
  3. this is against the "keep it simple" rule...
  4. @Stan: F3... just kidding... future enhancement...
  5. ludde notified me that he fixed it . I reDLed it (154K...) and it's Ok now! thanks. BTW - RSS's EZTV's 24 E10 is out...
  6. on B 430 (pre-view version) - all status/categories icons are missing (Win98). using a local BMP file - seems to help. On 429 it seems Ok though. Is happened once in an earlier beta and was fixed by ludde.
  7. No warries, the tabs icons seems to be interchangeable: From IRC: [21:41] <Pelo> ludde, the group would like to know if the tab icons are/will be customizable ? [21:42] <rafi> what "group" ? [21:42] <dAbReAkA> me and Pelo [21:42] <Pelo> my cubscout troop [21:43] <ludde> Pelo: yes [21:43] <ludde> Pelo: tabs.bmp [21:43] <Pelo> thank you ludde
  8. 'cause it is not there yet... too bad... From IRC: [20:20] <rafi> Firon: does B 429 include the new block-replacement algorithm ? [20:22] <Firon> ? [20:24] <rafi> F: The one you mentioned ludde was working on to reduce synch problems & bad hash [20:25] <ludde3> rafi: no that won't be implemented in 1.5 [20:25] <ludde3> i can't add it without big risk of bugs
  9. @Ultima - no one has suggested that. Only - to disable the outgoing... (+ optionally the PEX+DHT)
  10. I got it on untill yesterday. The only reason to set it off - is bugs, and thus many hash fails (Az). No, I don't. So I suggest you push on releasing the hash-bug by-pass / optimized version ASAP... I promise to turn it back ON again then... Anyway - my poor 96K UL will not help you much...
  11. On a ~5000 peers' swarm (SG1 ... ) you can leave them off and, as I mentioned, I think contacting other PEX/DHT should comply to your disable flag too...
  12. I said *reduces* not eliminates. And yes, canceling PEX and DHT as well - may reduces it some more. In the event of PE=disabled - I'm not sure it should be so. It you initiated the PEX - you should NOT use PE. And, iIt is a by-pass, not "cure". It helps me .
  13. I thought hash-checks are done per-block (chunk) and not per piece ?! aren't they ? If so - this would have come naturally and not as a by-pass.
  14. Right. BTW - I heard ludde may be fixing some bypass for it already. I believe disabling PE helps since it it reduces significantly the amount encrypted messages coming from Azureus to uT.
  15. Yes but when you download, I believe YOU initiate the connection to other peers, and depending on your protocol (PE or not), the remote peer answer and sends the data. If you do not initiate Encrypted protocol, the peers will keep to legacy protocol for ALL your downloads. For seeding/UL it is a different story, but this is not your problem... @_GuaRdiaN_ - the Az V 2400 (this is the buggy version) peers is endless. Such a list will never cover most of them...
  16. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=58002#p58002 No, what I did was to disable the "network->PE->outgoing" .
  17. A possible solution (temporary) - disable PHE ...
  18. are you, guys, talking about stuff related to the non-public (private) beta ? since it is confusing, I suggest to note it clearly... (BTW - I don't have/use it, until it is released to the "public" )
  19. Well, nothing much to add to the above quote (except I told you so... ) Development of new communication protocols/encryption is not a simple task. Being compatible to both a standard as well as each other - was achieved remarkably fast. Glitches are expected, and will be resolve in time... Touché* for ludde !!!
  20. Why don't you try some DLing from a public tracker (I know u don't like it...) . You might find that more people there, and more peers (~3000-4000 for some torrents). SO the chance to get stuff from a peer with a buggy version (?) is bigger there.
  21. I'm just interested in speedy downloads. Hush fails - slow things down. *IF* they are due to a bug - my interest is to fix this bug. If not - we can live with that. It looks like there were reports of increasing fails lately, and we are talking beta AND a new protocol implementation (PE). It is best to get rid of such bug ASAP (before it spreads! ...)
  22. I don't know... we should ask ludde or read a BT protocol guide ...
  23. I believe that it may come from many peers And back to the hash-fail problem - My guess is that it has to do with the new the Protocol Header Encryption . I tried to disable it - and it seemed to almost totally eliminate the hash-fails !!! I suggest that you guys, do the same and report back here. My theory is - that one of the Az or uT versions (either the current ones or an older one, like uT B426...) might be causing the problem. So, even if YOU are OK, you may be effected by the other side. So, help the swarm and report back!!!