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  1. sounds troumatic... I know the feeling ... If I was BC, I would snub you too ...
  2. here too about 20 hashfails in a 1M pieces (300M file) and ~10 fails in a 128K pieces file.
  3. How about 2.4 ? Az compatible...
  4. Thanks Martin. I was aiming at a case of a single file (avi). Do you think that such a feature ("prioritize pieces closer to start-of-file", IF added to uT) will cause degradation in performance ( = DL speed) ?
  5. That was a theoritical question and for Martin... It was not a request (yet...) . A second opinion will not heart anyone, right ? It's an open forum...
  6. Martin, thanks for the good explanation! Let me ask your opinion , if I may, about another case: Let say I want to be able to pre-view a DLing file ASAP. Do you think it is possible to have a BT client try and download pieces (almost) sequentially ? or at least try and give priority to pieces "closer" to the beginning of the file ?
  7. As I said - nothing bad about it, except that it does not show/remind you of your filter , like good old Kazaa (bellow) may be it is possible to display it on the title like: [All-traffic] [Downloading] [Completed] and so on... Just an idea ...
  8. Not a very friendly UI - not knowing what you are looking at ... if ludde wants to leave it so - he should at least change the window's title to reflect the selected category. I think back to "all" - may be better
  9. Just one problem with this F7 selector: when you go back to the regular view (no categories) and you've selected any of them - you still cannot see the rest of the lines. Ii should be switch back to "all" when categories-pane is NOT active, as before...
  10. and I'll agree with Stone ..... and unsubscribe from this thread ...
  11. Previewing next beta shows those categories: all() downloading() = DLing, paused, stopped completed() = "v" , seeding ------------ No Label() labels... What's "that RSS behavior" ?
  12. Two other options: 1. Just drag the vertical divider to the leftmost position - should close it. Or like in Word's split screen - with the little vertical bar you can drag closed: opened: 2. Get some ideas from the VERY nice one of Getright here: Closing it by simply draging the divider to the right:
  13. Bug: [b 424] - the categories viewer - is blank in Win98 Also - "seeding" should inlude ONLY the "^" tasks, amd if possible - add a "V" category - for finished tasks... thanks
  14. Firon mentioned that it does not default to "enable" PE (for outgoing). It is not clear about incoming. I might upgrade/install the new version and see... Edit: OK, a I understand it - in Azureus it is like this: OUTGOING -Encryption INCOMING ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disabled/ Default disabled (unless Enc. requested ) enabled (when requested) enabled** enabled* (unless Legacy requested) enabled* (when requested) notes: * by selecting "enable legacy..." ** you can also select either header encryption or full. You can also specifically NOT allow fall-back-to-legacy for input connections and/or also NOT allow initiating fall-back-legacy outgoing connections Description here: http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/Avoid_traffic_shaping So, when I selected "forced PE" - the default Azureus 2.4 client supported my encryptions.
  15. Just to let you guys know, my latest RSS auto-download - the SG1 ep16 was done with Protocol Encription set to "forced" . It just happened that Azureus has also just released their new version - 2.4 that also supports "our" PE... I seems that B 421 was handling well ~ 200 peers as you can see in this screen-shot. http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/9137/utazpeers6fy.jpg So, now is a good time for guys that are being capped by their ISPs - to try and see if PE really helps them. I suggest to try first - pref->others->PE-outgoing="forced" And see if it helps If not - try also - pref->others->PE-incoming =disable "allow incoming legacy" ...and report back here... good luck!
  16. It's not. I got "Lost..." from "lost*" ...
  17. Seems to work fine here. I thought it was supposed to move the line up or down in the list, right ? or only the # in the DL queue ? Edit: some explanation: In my case - the list of torrents is a mixed one - DLing as well as some that were already downloaded. The up/down arrows - seems not to effect the downloaded ones, and cannot help in sorting this mixed list - as I would like to. We should have something for just moving lines around in the list!
  18. B 412: "Feature: Ctrl Up/Down to move up/down a torrent" - it does not seem to work...
  19. [off]... can you add nod32(free) and antivir(free) to your equation please ?
  20. no. does the freeware version have some support for emails/outlook ?
  21. Thanks. Looks like my Antivir - does NOT
  22. does it check Emails as well ? outlook ?
  23. I think it's about time to mention a few praises... I have been using BC for a long time, and was watching the progress of uTorrent development. As it was adding features (RSS, etc), and getting better and better mainly in performance, I gradually found myself using almost ONLY it. True, there is still some stuff missing (wider DHT support, Peer Data exchange, uncontrollable self priority) , but it IS now my client of choice. Being able to run it (small footprint, no install...) smoothly on an older and weaker P-III CPU with Win98 on it, and non-English file-names-fonts - is a big plus for me. Many thanks to the devs and moderators. I'll keep giving you feedback on problems specific to my Win98 platform, hoping you'll keep your support for it. I know, that not many of "us" still arround... Keep on the good work!
  24. I've just noticed, that there is no easy way to move-link from here - the forum - to the home page. Maybe there should be here a link for that...