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  1. Build 376 (Win98) Editing of existing feeds/favorites strings - looks fine. great ! Some small bugs: 16. Label - favorites-> label-pull-down list shows the word "test" and not a selection of labels you entered... 17. when you enter the "releases" tab - it does not show the first "(all)" list-item but the next/second one - your first RSS feed. 18. also - last columns' sorting is not being saved/remembered for next activation of RSS config.
  2. Well, users like first to try out a new client, so I don't like this idea. But - you CAN probably give an option to do so, that will default to disabled.
  3. BTW - why not put this option in either "folder" or "torrent"->other categories ?
  4. thanks. Do it also for the RSS feeds' strings. BTW - shouldn't you "warn" users who upgrade to this beta - that they might "loose" all on-going downloads and should rename them to .ut! ?
  5. [Win98] Edit feeds/filter name bug: I probably should have explained better, but I thought is was obvious and common to all platforms.. 1- I click once on the text 2- I change it inside the line 3- I press enter 4- the previous text "returns" like nothing was done Notes: - Same thing happens in feeds tab - When you move a torrent from favorites - it IS being moved with the correct text (still can't change it...) - In feeds tab - I CAN put any text using the "add" dialog I guess it is a Win98 related bug, so - if there is any other WIN98 user around - please try it and let us know! to (1) - I see. Still - I suggest to be able to change it in a later version, and limit it to a minimum of, ~ 5 min. so not to hammer the trackers to (2,3) - well, I was thinking of "history" as "log/status" that should display (optionally, per user selection) info like: - Errors (e.e. feed's URL related - wrong URL address, off-line/timeout) - status per-update (total #nn torrents found on all feeds) - more status per feed (feed's name, #nn torrents retrieved) - actual download (like now) This way the user has more feedback to what his problem is. SO if the user whats to see the log - he will not have to move between tabs - if you just put the update button near the timer/close. OK, now that I hope this is clear, my notes on some other things [F- feature, B - bug]: 1. feed name - allow spaces between the name and the URL (e.e. "name | http://...") so the list will look nicer in the tab [F] 2. when using multi-select in favorites - delete all the selected items not just the first one [b/F] 3. allow multi-select in feeds tab for delete [F] 4. change releases->right-click 'open' to 'download' [F] 5. mark the right-bottom RSS dialog with those strips (like uT dialog) to show that it is resize-able [F] 6. save RSS dialog's last size & position for next activation 7. user option: to notify when a new episode was found during RSS scans - by either a pop up dialog, or - like TVTAD - a balloon pop-up near the tool-tip [F] 8. user option: select the action desired - notify , download or both [F] 9. add to the releases list a status flag (again, see TVTAD, TVCR) to show DLed items, new items (say - from last scan, or last XX hours) [F] 10. user option: since the RSS required interactive user action/viewing let him chose between model and non-modal RSS dialog [F] 11. full logging, history/errors/DLs (see above) 12. multi select in history - with cut&paste, so logs could be copied to the forum [F] 13. in Favorites->save-in always show a path starting with the default torrent location/path [F] 14. reposition update button (see above) [F] 15. make the first RSS scan - when uT is started, and not (like it seems to me ) 30 min. after startup... Non RSS related: 100. !ut extension - since I was alway for it - thanks! I just suggest to follow BC example and make it - "ut!" or better yet - user definable... so that uT can easily continue/finish other clients' downloads Thanks for listening...
  6. Thanx Rafi Edit: I had been looking for a 'Delete lable' option..lol. I wasn't thinking' date=' he delete the title in new label. Not the way I am accustomed to changing/removing labels.[/quote'] It's 'the uTorrent way'... U R right - it is more natural to use "delete" . Ask for it in the "new features" section...
  7. V 1.3.1 Beta: Bug #1: RSS "new filter" seems not to be editable on Win98... and stays always as "new filter" text . Critical bug... Q #1 : were can you set the update delay time ? we need this for testing, so at least - put it in the advanced setup Q #2 : shouldn't "update" button be available also for the history tab ? may be just put it at the bottom - near the timer ? Q #3 : should it be logging the results in the log tab as well ? (post it here...)
  8. right-click->new-label->delete the current label text... or eliminate the complete labels column right-click on the gray columns headers line
  9. It's probably only 150 torrents with a typo... or a mistake in counting them ...
  10. No, since they are not "moved" but stay mixed with other finished files. I didn't mean "BT standard" but "Windows" standard-convention - having the file extension indicate what application should be used to open it. ??? yes, but not if it is with *.BC! extension... IMO it is not a feature it is an option. u CAN use it , u don't HAVE to. Seems to me like a useful one!
  11. For what purpose? ... Here is an example-purpose ... - a. When you want to easily move unfinished torrents from another client to uT (example *.BC! ) instead of renaming them, you can just take care of a common extension for both. b. I have setup a script/macro that is being activated on PC startup, checks for unfinished torrents (ones with *.BC! for example) and then activate the client if required. So - it is a plus if you can distinguish between a regular AVI and an unfinished AVI . c. Since they invented 'file extension' just for that - file association - it is only natural to stick to the standard and use a special extension for the unfinished ones (=Torrent 'format' intended to be opened with torrent clients) Does this make any sense to you ? It should be optional so you wouldn't HAVE to use it... this is my 2 cents...
  12. Should we update one more time ? ... @Firon - you are double-posting ... http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=27866#p27866
  13. [off topic] Let's take a commercial break ... I've just checked the TVTAD program with uTorrent - V 1.3 - and it works great! It uses RSS feeds to detect new torrents and download them. So for whoever wants to auto-download TV shows whenever they are out - try it! A new and improved version should be out tomorrow!!!
  14. Want to try it with the torrebt I mentioned here ? --> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=27218#p27218
  15. I'm trying to use the NEW build 361. I've just noticed on the logger tab - that I have about 3 messages every minute of "PIECE XXX FAILED HASH CHECK" . It might have already been in previous versions... Can you guys check and see if you have such messages too ?
  16. I noticed this message too (Maxthon). uT is NOT associated with .torrent (the button is not grayed).
  17. I will, @ 120 pps (pears per seconds...)
  18. Regarding the Beta Build 360: the new BT.connect_speed = 30 What dose the # mean ? higher is connecting slower of faster to peers?
  19. do I understand correctly - and all the BSOD crashes are now on none Win98 platforms ?!
  20. What is the port # you've selected in your uT ? Try to choose another one. May be it is allocated to another application and uT does not check it ?
  21. OK, I thing it is false alarm... This version runs OK: ParseCommandLine InitializeUnicode SetupApp InitEnglish ParseArgs StartupStuff StartupStuff1 StartupStuff2 StartupStuff3 StartupStuff4 StartupStuff5 StartupStuff6 StartupStuff7 StartupStuff8 StartupStuff9 StartupStuff10 StartupStuff11 StartupStuff12 So I re-downloaded the beta, and it was OK too. Probably somthing was wrong during it's previous download. Sorry! Please ignore the email I sent (unless you want to try a nice free HTTP file-server...)
  22. Sorry, no. I can try runnig my file server on my PC, and email you the link to upload if you like. See if this might work...
  23. Yes it crashes immediately when I click the exe . No- I do not use IRC. But You can email me files (or links to them using yousendit.com to yourself for the DL links) ...
  24. Look at my post above. In my case it was not BSOD but page fault. I'm not sure, but suddenly - I get an extra message (after the page fault) - "restrictions: this application has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your admin" . This is you , right ? ... We are talking Win98... what restrictions ... This is now the same with or w/o those two files Edit: BTW - they have been regenerated by V 1.2.3