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  1. PIII , intel 440BX, old CNET pro200 (realtek based) NIC
  2. I know, I have mine set to 512. The crash is right on program startup. Going back to V 1.2.2 . It runs fine...
  3. I tried running this beta on my Win98 SE (4.10.2222A) . It crashes right on startup with this "illegal operation" message: UTORRENT-1 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 019f:bff8b0ff. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=019f EIP=bff8b0ff EFLGS=00010213 EBX=00000000 SS=01a7 ESP=8314bf3c EBP=8314bfc4 ECX=ea1518c0 DS=01a7 ESI=81b21bec FS=4327 EDX=bffca320 ES=01a7 EDI=0044519c GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 89 18 e8 6d da 00 00 85 c0 74 0d 80 4e 14 20 8b Stack dump: 81b21bec 81b598b4 81b53578 00560020 bff8b2ac 81b598b4 00000008 81b53578 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
  4. I can say from personal experience that uT is not the first application that will be using this Unicode DLL on Win 98 . I had this file on my PC for ages... and I really cannot say for sure which app. has put it there... I don't think downloading this DLL should be a concern. But since I'm curious in nature, let's try a quick survey in the "general" section - of how many have it allready...
  5. Of course but we were counting on you to make it work on Win 98 as well using this ... What happened ? So is there a real reason for Win 98 users to update from V 1.2.2 yet ? BTW - I see that the notification thread is working well...