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  1. In case you have free space on your OS SSD, you might want to try with setting a fixed 16000:16000MB swap file size on C: . It might help with utorrent caching ..
  2. Looking in this screenshot here: It does seem strangely low ratio... Should there be some known ratio to be expected?
  3. Why is it showing here 0? -> https://www.imagebam.com/view/MEECDW
  4. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Thanks. uTorrent 3.5.5 Build 46020 + LAA flag updated...
  5. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Link/copy? Not going to waste time trying my luck with their server... Also, there are no *real* useful changes , since most of them are related to BTT , so there is no rush...
  6. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    You have a *good* A/V program, it checks for invalid signatures...
  7. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    False positive... Exclude it in your A/V .
  8. rafi


    No, this is as expected. If you look at the details-tabs->info->availability (or add the availability column) you will see 0.712 (==71.2%), which is what all your seeders have ... You'd need to wait, or find another better seeded torrent for that movie.
  9. rafi


    Put your exe (or my LAA exe @ my sig) in any directory, create an empty text file, rename to settings.dat and put it with the exe. Done.
  10. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    46016 beta - uTorrent EXE with LAA Flag
  11. uTorrent sees it as "corrupt" (bad checksum). There is no log. A likely root reason is some problem during saving it (like crash, or shutdown of the exe). You can try to open the .bad with BEncode utility and save it again. Maybe you will get lucky...
  12. Too late for you... Just make sure you delete both .dat and .dat.old when you test with another renamed file..
  13. search your PC for resume.dat or resume.dat.old. If you are lucky and installed into a new path, exit, and use the old file instead. You torrents' list is in there...
  14. What about the torrent *files* (*.torrent)? Are they also still there ? If so, someone is deleting/corrupting your resume.dat file, where this torrent list is being saved , and updated by uTorrent. One more option -> look under labels and see if those are possibly "hidden" under the "hidden" label. If so, remove this label from them...
  15. <- using the standalone version 3.5.5 with no crashes... ever.. What would be the advantage of using the web version over it ?
  16. Define "loosing" ? How long after download ?The physical files are missing or the torrent from the main view? Version/build? how long after the download is complete? Screenshow with the sidebar (F7) ? Is your AV * Defender disabled/excluding the download path?
  17. You'd just need to exclude it in Defender https://www.windowscentral.com/how-exclude-files-and-folders-windows-defender-antivirus-scans
  18. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    How to exclude uTorrent.exe path in Windows Defender: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-exclude-files-and-folders-windows-defender-antivirus-scans
  19. rafi

    Totally confused

    Replacing hardware will not help you. I can't help you any more if you do not know how to search for a file and replace it. Contact someone *else* who can help you with this *software* related task.
  20. rafi

    Totally confused

    Some older versions of Windows Defender used to detect utorrent as "malware". I believe this is no longer the case. Anyway, to avoid this - just exclude utorrent.exe or it's path in Windows Defender. Simple. And if you do set an upload speed limit to about 80% of what you have with your ISP, you should be fine (or use my settings @ my sig as an example/base).
  21. I don't know about your wallet issue, and can only assume the 12 recovery words will revive it... To get utorrent o default settings, exit, just create a 0 bytes text file , name it settings.dat, delete your setings.dat and settings.dat.old, and replace them with this empty new one (should be at the same path the exe is).
  22. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Done... PS: My guess is that all/most of these newer builds are for fixing issues with "BT Speed" (BTT tokens), which is a complete nonsense, that you can live without, IMO...
  23. Go ahead, ask Tron for a refund!
  24. No , it would not cause issues, if you make sure no one else uses it (consult with someone who knows , how to set DHCP exclusion up in ypur router) .
  25. I am trusting my settings. With 20Mbps, and 90% of that as an upload limit, there shouldn't be any problem. And 4 half open is definitely not good, also per my settings.