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  1. "The build version is not a secret, it's the latest version, 45395. " ^ and, this is NOT the latest version. Use my LAA exe + settings both at the SAME path + a screenshot of the main screen after, and the build # you see.
  2. You didn't say quite a lot of things you were asked about...
  3. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    I am using this function often, probably not massively as you are tho... Never had real GDI related issues after those actions. It is a minimal leak. I'd let it be, have the devs focus on more important issues, like easily reaching GUI overload (not GDI related) when reaching 40MB/s rate or so over time... It is poorly designed (process-wise).
  4. Yes, forum members registered to the the beta announce thread. There should be no "install" involved, if you just replace your previous version. It's recommended to exclude it in Windows defended and your A/V software.
  5. 0. Build #? 1. "80% of memory" - is how many MB on your system? close to 2G ?? 2. And how much of it have you, yourself, defined as cache size in your pref->advanced->disk-cache? ... 3. using 32/64 bit OS? 4. 200 torrents that are utilizing how much DL/UL network speeds? Anyway, to try eliminate memory related issues - try with my LAA flagged exe (@ my sig), and better yet - with using my example settings in there too (after backing up yours) .
  6. Even if you turn off the monitor for couple of seconds? Version / build #? of active torrents? OS version ? 32/64bit ?
  7. Build #? Define "locks up"? With how many active torrents?
  8. I don't think BT inc publish old versions. You'd need to use those "other" sites...
  9. You are using my flagged version (@ my sig) ... No, since it is NOT using any large RAM for re-check (I guess it is a bit slower...). It calculate hash one piece at a time, about ~10 checks/sec, which you can see in speed-graph->disc stat->hashing.
  10. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    What I am sure of, is that the previous leak , which was root caused to the new BT Speed (so every refresh of that icon leaked) - was fixed . It does not mean there aren't any other leaks, just that manual operations like you are describing - will never reach 10K, so the related increases are not that important...
  11. Where is it displayed, In your browser? Why not just ignore it? Anyways, you are welcome to try with my settings.dat file (@ my sig)...
  12. Just out of curiosity (related to all of the above posters...): how much speed are you all gaining/increasing by using BT Speed? When I try to enable/disable it (in Pref->Bittorrent->Enable-protocol-enahcements) - I cannot see that there is any change in speed . Am I missing something? A lot? ...
  13. pref->UI settings->When adding torrents->Show options to change...
  14. Disable pref->bittorrent->enable protocol enhancement
  15. Best way around this - disable ads. Just backup & replace your settings.dat with mine (@ my sig) and see the light...
  16. Settings file updated for v3.5.5 and Windows 10.
  17. Which exact build are you using? "over time" - how long would that be? Like it was mentioned before, something is likely blocking connections (FW, AV, ISP) A quick test you can try: disable the new BT speed feature (pref->bittorrent->enable-protocol-enhancement ) I might post a reference test-torrent for you later...
  18. Well, your Eset, your problem.... With my settings # of peers might be even larger. So with those other two newer but smaller ubuntu torrents (together) you can even reach 200 connections . https://ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads https://releases.ubuntu.com/21.04/ubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ubuntu-
  19. You have 41 seeds in qBT. Show the seeds & peers columns (or just select it to see them in details tabs->info) in uTorrent too, to make sure you are connecting and not being firewalled. If you can try with my settings, you should at least reach my speeds...
  20. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    LAA flagged stable version updated as well. Size is: 2,133,032 From μTorrent 3.5.5 Beta (build 45986): April 23, 2021 Fixed GDI leak issue Fixed IEframe related hang Fixed invalid Pro license bug.
  21. Test with this ( http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php ) : http://www.slackware.com/torrents/slackware-14.2-source-dvd.torrent ( http://www.slackware.com/torrents/slackware64-14.2-install-dvd.torrent ) ... preferably with my settings (@sig), and even more preferably - with my LAA flagged release... Edit: BTW, utorrent is *intentionally* throttling speed when using uTP to give some bandwidth to other apps, You can just not use uTP to override this behavior ( disable pref->bittorrent-> Enable bandwidth management [uTP] ) With burst/over-subscription a 200Mbps connection:
  22. @PiusX: Upload rate limit is irrelevant to the GUI being frozen. There is a guide in my sig if you have "no idea". I suggest you update with your build #, the results using my flagged exe, and using default settings (or my recommended one). Also, you can upload a dump to here when stuck (using task manager) , and the devs might have a look. Keep in mind that utorrent INTENTIONALLY throttle speed when using uTP. You can disable it in pref.->bittorrent->Enable bandwidth management[uTP] BTW, how many torrents are on your main view list, and how many of them are active? Demo (over-provisioning/burst with a 200Mbps connection) :
  23. Which file exactly? The exe ? - yes, it is mod off the latest version. The internal memory management is different.
  24. I am saying that this should not happen, and there must be a reason. Could be insufficient space on disc , a corrupted settings and so on... Yes, leaving it be for a minute to see what happens next, or set a default settings (or use mine @sig ) can just help to isolate. Is the build # a secret?...
  25. What is the version & build # , and the file size? It sometimes just takes some time to allocate the file. If you want, you can try my modded version with the LAA flag set (links at my sig).