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  1. Damn, I don't use Large or Extra Large in Vista, make a good looking icon for "Medium" and I'll be happy. Hate the jaggies!
  2. Ohhh, I would love to test this on my main rig plus my laptop and also to see if it works via WAP on my phone.
  3. If you are the running the site I think your running then it doesn't matter if uTorrent supports UDP trackers as I'm able to announce to the tracker via http. So I'm all for the system wide ban.
  4. Can't believe that the language auto update is implemented, I suggested that ages ago. Woot! I still think it would be a better idea to have the parts of the UI that WILL NOT change (ie: "start" "pause" "options" "Stop" "remove" "file" "options" "help" "preferences" etc et) multi-lingual by default and integrated into the client so a person who doesn't understand english can use µT. Also, when a new version of µTorrent comes out which has some new text that is not translated yet a language file should be used and updated via the auto-update function which has just been implemented.
  5. Ahh good good, I hope that it gets implemented as I would use the WAP verion more then the normal web interface.
  6. Not sure if this has been answered, but will I be able to access the Web Interface though a WAP enabled phone?
  7. Can that message be changed without having to have the latest version? Meaning it's server side? Or is it timed?
  8. I would assume it would, until all the peers trying to connect to it time out and remove them (dead peers) from the list which in turn will be shared again next time it announces.
  9. ^You should set that in the options menu yourself. The program shouldn't go above the amount of peers you have set in the options.
  10. Alright! I didn't even notice that. I thought there wasn't any interest in it yet. I also like the UDP and magnet link features
  11. Ah ok, all I would wish for now is a Azureus compatible DHT implementation (In conjunction with the BitComet/Mainline one) and I wouldn't need to use trackers anymore
  12. Ahh cool cool, what about BitCOmet users? Will PEX work with both Azureus and BitComet clients?
  13. Will Peer Exchange be enabled by default in the next stable release? I'm also assuming it only works with other 411 clients right? And will there be a notification of PEX being enabled under "Tracker" in the "General" tab?
  14. These are the kinds on ratios people should be doing, without question!!
  15. Is it only where I'm (ie: crappy ISP's) that I'm not able to upload at 186KB/sec? I can do maybe 25 max, I set it to 20. But I kept all the settings for the torrents too see if it makes a difference with speed. edit: My bad, it's upload in kilobits. I got it right now. edit 2: There should be a "Default" option so to return everything back to normal.
  16. 378 is working good with the boss key except for 1 thing. If it's minimised to the system tray it no longer maximises when you press the boss key (good), but when you press it agian to bring it back it maximises it and doesn't keep it in the tray. The way it should work is like so: 1: If you have it maximised and press BK it should remove the window and the tray icon and bring it back (maximised) when you press the BK again. 2: If you have it minimised to the system tray and press the BK it should remove the icon and bring back only the icon when you press the BK. PS: The problem where if you have the options window up and press the BK it still keeps the options window active.
  17. A couple of things I have seen with the boss key: 1- If you have uTorrent minimised to the system try and press your boss key, it brings it up (maximises) instead of removing it from the tray. 2- If you have the options menu open when you try the boss key, the main window and the tray icon dissapears but the options menu remains. edit: Did everyone get the Merry Christmas message? lol
  18. - Feature: Added option to enable/disable internal tracker. - Fix: Upload a little bit more aggressively - Feature: Rate limit DHT traffic. I would also like an explanation of these 3
  19. HoochieMamma


    Ex BitComet user, ever since v.60 had the bandwidth issue I moved over µTorrent and have never looked back!