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  1. Good to hear that 99,879,369 users have no issues worth reporting ... My random stats on a single torrent - Out of 150 connected peers : - 103 uTorrent/BitTorrent [~70%] ------ 80 - >v3.1 [~80%] ------ 10 - v3 ------ 15 <v2.2.1 - 27 Transmission [~20%] - 7 Azureus - 13 others I'll stay with the <2.2.1 gang thanks.....I see no benefit to me to run anything higher than v 2.04 TBH. And I am sure as shit gunna stay away from the 3.x versions 'till the developers can get back to making the basic stuff work first, BEFORE they add crappy features that the majority of users neither want nor need.
  2. I just 'updated' to the latest version 2.2 Beta 21145 and now there is no "open window on manual add" option. Where'd it go? I've read the changelog and where it says it has gone to does not exsist. I'll head back to 2.03 until this major oops is sorted. Thanks. MaX