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  1. Just tried to test 2.1 again and still no cigar. I'm not seeing "Disk overloaded" message anymore, but based on speed measurements only overhead/DHT data is transmitted (less than 1kb to either direction). Here's a dump file created from task manager.
  2. Just tried 2.1 again and it seems it just won't work properly on my system(Win7 x64). By looking at the speed graph, the client gets data for few seconds and then stops for several minutes and gets data for few seconds again etc... The client also messages on the statusbar "Disk overloaded 100%", and because 2.0 (and 2.01 mostly) work fine I'd imagine that it's a false message... My hard drives (Intel RAID0 on 2x 1Tb Western Digital Caviar Blacks) are working fine and at full speed. The Disk overloaded message might come from the torrents that are located on network file server(my old linux machine with samba shares). The machines are connected over a gigabit network so the speed really shouldn't be a problem and as said 2.0 works fine with the same torrents. I guess I should next test out all the Disk Cache settings... [edit] Just disabled all the cache settings and the client started downloading just fine. But it seems the client still isn't uploading anything. Just disabling utorrents own write caching allows the client to download and the disk overloaded message disappears. But disabling read caching doesn't make upload work. I guess I'll need to downgrade back to 2.0 until this bug is fixed...
  3. The few times I have tried 2.1 on my Windows 7 x64 it either doesn't start, or the client seems to be unable to upload anything. If I try to add downloads i just get popup informing uTorrent seems to be running but not responding and uTorrent not so suprisingly crashes.