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  1. Steps I took: Opened Clicked on first magnet link, µT Add dialog popped up (upper picture half) and confirmed it. Clicked on second magnet link. µT Add dialog popped up (lower picture half)
  2. I've checked again. It looks like it only happens with magnet links. If I open torrent files, the correct path is remembered afterwards (i.e. the one I chose). But if I open a magnet link, it will remember the path I chose plus "magnet (****)" attached as a subfolder (i.e. <PathIChose>\magnet (****) ). Which will be the first suggestion for the next torrent I open.
  3. Hi, are there still going to be some changes for the "Add new Torrent" dialog? It currently seems a bit broken to me: While I like the directory/file path separation into two text boxes having them side by side is not ideal (at least for my use cases). When I add torrents (I open a torrent/magnet link on a website and the dialog pops up) I want them to download into different folders depending on its content. Before the dialog change I used to click into the path text box and used the mouse wheel to alternate between my different folders. Now the folder text box is so small, that when I click into it, only the last parts of the folder path are displayed. Which renders me unable to differentiate between the different folders. Which brings me to my next point: Every torrent now seems to create a new subfolder even if it is a single file. Which is kind of annoying but ok if that is intended. But µTorrent also remembers that path and suggests that path for the next added torrent, which leads to unexpected results when one is not carefully observing the destination path. I already have a lot of: D:\My Stuff\Downloads\µT\magnet (***************************************)\magnet (***************************************)\magnet (***************************************)\magnet (***************************************) And my last point: The handling of magnet links. It would be great if µTorrent would first download the magnet link data in the background and then pop up the "Add new Torrent" dialog, enabling me to select the files I want to download right there. Since I guess many wouldn't like waiting until the magnet link data is downloaded until the dialog pops up, another idea might be: Popping the dialog up directly while loading the magnet link data in the background and update the dialog once it finishes. EDIT: After reading the forum a bit more, I learned that the magnet link handling is being worked on, so I revoke my last point